Baby Clumps: 34 Weeks


Yep. I’m still pregnant. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and yet people keep telling me I still have such a looooong way to go. Which just annoys me. Basically I’m cranky pretty much ALL the time.

But I try not to look it. In fact, I try to leave the house looking as fly and gorgeous as I can. Just because I feel like crap doesn’t mean I should look like it, darling. Mama Clumps taught me this and it’s a rule that I think everyone should follow. Unless you’ve got a migraine. It’s okay to look like hell if you have a migraine. Yep.

Here’s what Bean is up to,

“Your amazing baby is on the move! Until now, your wee womb-squatter’s been living fairly high up in your poor stretched-out womb – blithely compressing your poor lungs and internal organs. This week your baby’s going to pack their tiny bags and make the epic shifting move to your pelvis – commonly referred to as the time when baby “drops”. If you haven’t noticed it already, you’ll be feeling the weight shift indicating your baby is most likely out of breech position with their head now resting on your pubic bone. In developing internal-organ news: although not quite fully formed, your little poop-factory’s liver is now capable of processing a certain amount of waste.” (source)


I’m pretty sure she has dropped. I can’t tell by looking at my belly but I am peeing a lot more and I just feel “heavy” down there. Fatigue is constant yet my workload continues to pile up so I can’t get much sleep. I’ve become incredibly lazy after work and have a hard time doing chores. I’ve had a few bouts of sadness and yeah, I’m putting it out there because pregnancy isn’t all sprinkles and longer hair and nails. I’m not even in the Christmas spirit (soooo unlike me) mainly because I’m too tired and lazy to decorate. Esposo’s work schedule has been crazy so we’re both always coming and going.

I’ve finally realized that I kinda sorta look pregnant (took long enough) and can’t do everything but then I feel bad when I can’t. Ah well.


Health-wise, my blood pressure is down! Woo hoooo. I’m still drinking my 90oz of water. I’m not eating super healthy but whatev. My fitness is practically non-existent because walking for too long hurts. I suppose I could be doing some prenatal yoga and stretching though. I had all of these plans for what I wanted to do while pregnant and at this point, just getting up and going to work each day seems like a challenge so I’m doing the best that I can.

The nursery/beauty room is still a hot mess…



And I’m all like…


…because I literally have no idea where to start. And you know it’s sad when your own mom has to send you a To Do List of things to do before baby arrives. I know. I’m a mess. A stressed mess in a dress. Eeek!


Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs

Symptoms: Morning sickness, fatigue, irritability, stuffy nose, nightly leg cramps, insomnia, back pain.

Bean’s Activity: She’s crazy active. Some days she moves for hourssssss at a time.

Food Cravings: None. But don’t ask me to go to the grocery store. I’ll only come back with cookies, candy and ice cream. 😎

Last Day of Work: Don’t have one. I plan to work up until I go into labor. Crazy but hey, maternity leave in the U.S. sucks. Gotta get what you can while you can.

Christmas shopping?: I haven’t done any. None. At all. Like…none.

Baby Name?: Yep! Bean officially has a first and middle name. It won’t be revealed until after she’s born though. Only close friends and family members know.


Is it crazy that I don’t have much done and this baby could arrive in the next month? Got any tips for me? Oh…and as far as that cloth diapering thing – yeah, no. I’m going to go with disposables for now. Maybe I’ll do some part-time cloth diapering but as a working mom, I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle that.

  • Michelle

    Girl, you look amazing. Hang in there!! I’m 39 weeks now and starting to get contractions and stuff (midwife says “You could walk around like that for ten days though!” so I’m trying not to get my hopes up).

    I don’t know if it helps you or not, but I definitely feel like weeks 33 til now FLEW by. I feel like it was just a week or two ago I was beginning the third trimester and here I am, fully cooked and waiting for him to show up… I barely had time to get any pictures taken (I had literally ZERO pictures of myself pregnant until about a week ago, oops). Everything just seemed to sneak up on me so quickly. Barely got any Christmas shopping done and ended up at FedEx yesterday making sure my sister’s gift gets to Colorado by Monday ($32 later!!!).

    As for work, I am a public school psychologist so today is technically my last day (and I took a day off today feeling too exhausted). We have two built-in weeks of vacation right now, and this baby will definitely be born in that time frame (oh gosh… I HOPE!), so my FMLA leave won’t kick in until January. I am going to be able to stay home until April 1, but you’re right, the leave rights in this country are terrible! Yeah, I get twelve weeks at home, but ZERO money! You can bet I signed up for short-term disability insurance this last open enrollment period, yikes.

    Anyway, you are going to get a rush of energy in a few weeks and want to get EVERYTHING done. That’s what happened to me. And so what if you don’t? Is the baby going to have a safe home to come home to? Of course. Do you have some diapers? Yes. Do you have a rocking Hello Kitty car seat? YES. The only other thing she needs is her mama, so if the rest of it sits around for a while, so be it.

    My only recommendation is (if you haven’t already) to go ahead and select a pediatrician now, just in case you go into labor early. At least here in Texas, midwives and physicians really frown on sending a patient home with a new baby that has no pediatrician assigned to follow up in a few days. While you’re in the hospital or birthing center, it doesn’t matter so much because they’ll have someone see her, but they really dislike having you go home with no doctor specified.

    You are going to be an amazing mommy!!! It’s going to fly by and she’ll be here before you know it :)

    • Michelle

      OMG I just saw the size of these comments. I’m really sorry!! None of my IRL friends are pregnant though so I have to let this stuff out somewhere 😉

      • Brittany

        Don’t you apologize for leaving me comments, woman. :) I don’t have many mommy friends either so I totally understand.

    • Brittany

      I’m so excited for you! Jealous? Uh yeahhh…but excited too! Hopefully the weeks will fly by for me. I certainly hope so because I’m ready to kiss all over baby girl’s face and get my freaking body back. And isn’t that nutty? 12 weeks of ZERO pay? We’ve saved up for my absence but I’m hoping 4-6 weeks after babe is born, I can go back to work full-time…from home. Sounds crazy but being pay check-less for that long terrifies me. Eek!

      And yep, I was actually responsible enough to get a pediatrician about 3-4 weeks ago. And we LOVE the facility. You’re so wonderful. Thanks so much for the positive vibes!

      • Jd

        Congrats! I have so kids myself, almost 8 and almost 2. For babe #1 I delivered on my due date and babe #2 came 3 weeks early. I had just planned maternity leave with my hr person and that night my water burst! Moral, plan ahead!
        I’ll skip my rant on the pathetic maternity leave policies of the us, which is one of the three lowest in the world (equalling Sierra Leone I think). I don’t know what you do professionally but for babe #2 I worked (still do) for a super company that let me telecommute almost full time, going I to the office for 4 hrs a week. Now I go about 12. What helped it work was a great website I found called “go Rowe” which talks about a results only work environment which talks about results vs warming a seat in an office. I’m not part of this site, but it’s helped me and I talk about it a lot. Without it, I’d have had to make some tough decisions, and now I feel I can mother and be a great worker.

        Final tip: bring your own pillow to the hospital! The weird plastic ones they have are annoying!

        I love your blog, I found you through nouveau cheap.

        • Brittany

          Oh yikes, I’ll be in real trouble if my water broke 3 weeks early. Eek! So right you are – I definitely need to plan ahead. I’ll check out go Rowe. I’ve been managing to work effectively full time but only working 4 hours a day actually AT work. The other 4 have been at home and my work productivity is still fantastic and my job doesn’t have any complaints. Surely I can do the same full-time, right?

          And yep, I’m adding a pillow to a list. Thanks so much!

          • The irony of the first sentence right there <3 Just…

            I'm so glad Elle is healthy and happy though :) I can't wait to see how you pulled the nursery together!

  • Michelle

    Oh one other thing–just for you to check out if you didn’t know about it already:

    We subscribed to the diapers/wipes bundles and so far are LOVING the convenience. I signed up a few months ago and we’ve been stockpiling Size 1 and 2 (baby is projected to be 10+ lbs. so I thought newborn size would be silly) for a while. Really, it seems to be a big money saver when I price-checked the brands I’d be willing to buy… and I love the philosophy behind the company. If you google them there are pretty good reviews for the performance of the diapers too (and omg, look at the designs!)! No nasty chemicals or anything. I felt like it was a good compromise with cloth diapering since I knew I’d have to return to work and… ain’t no daycare gonna cloth diaper my child.

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard of Honest and those designs are gooooorgeous. I’ve got a mess load of Huggies and Pampers diapers from my baby shower so I may scoop those up after I run out. In the meantime, you test drive them and let me know what you think. And you’re right, NO daycare is cloth diapering a babe. Another reason why I don’t think it would fit my lifestyle.

  • Your belly is so pretty and you look good!
    I’m a lurker, rarely cmment, but love reading all your updates!
    My baby is now 4 months old so being pregnant is still fresh in my memoies. I had the opposite of your emotions: I was sooo freakin happy all the time. If I see pictures of my last few weeks I just want to smack that stupid grin of my own face. I looked like I was high on drugs, really, while I had tons of things to complain about I never did and constantly smiled. Really really really annoying.

    • Brittany

      Yayyyyy! Thanks for coming to the light, lurker. :) And noooo, I’d much rather be happy happy joy joy than the emotional and frustrated and unprepared mess that is me.

  • T.R.

    Awwww B I feel for you. I’m not a mom and never been pregnant, so you can take what I’m about to suggest with a grain of salt. :O) How about for a gift/shower you and people get together and help YOU get together. You know like a fix up the baby room/makeup room for Bean’s arrival or some who likes to clean (YEP there are people like that out there) give your place a makeup over or higher someone.

    I don’t know, I”m all about gifts of love that help the person who needs it. I mean my gift to you would be help you get some things off your to do list that can be delegated.

    Anyway, I hope you get some rest. The assistant in our office if pregs too and is feeling the same way as your.

    But you do look absolutely gorgeous. :O)

    • Brittany

      That sounds like a marvelous idea! Let’s see if I can rally up some girlfriends in the coming weeks. Thanks for the suggestion, darling!

  • Scarlet

    Wow! Your belly is soo pretty!
    With both my pregnancies I looked like I was barely 6 months when I was due. It was a strange sight.

    As for tips; digital camera! Babies grow so fast and their appearance changes so quickly! My daughter is 2 months old now and already looks like her brother. He is almost 4 and there is nothing ‘baby-baby’ about him anymore..
    Also, I don’t know how it is in the US, but here in the Netherlands babies get vitamines after they’re born. A few drops of vitamine K and D each day. I give it in a teat instead of on a spoon, this way baby gets all the vitamine instead of spitting it out. Works quite well with any eventual liquid medication too.
    And if you decide to nurse, most prenatal vitamines are a good boost for mums when they’re nursing.
    Maybe most helpful just now: I was very, very, very cranky during my first pregnancy. And I just told people that. They reacted more understanding than I could’ve hiped for.
    Nice long, warm showers and baths helped. Focussing all your attention on one thing helped for me (I started collecting cookbooks and recipes, I now have 4 shelves filled with books and recipes). Cold towels for my swollen feet were an instant cure for my crankiness and a homemade warmthpack for my back was even better! But that was helpful for me, hopefully it could help for you too!

    If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the nursery too much now. Most mums I know have the baby in their own krib in the parent’s room for the first few weeks/months. My son went to his own room when he had slept through the night for about a month.

    I hope that these tips can help you. I’ve got loads and loads more, but I’ve no idea what you’d want to get tips about, sorry.
    Anyhow, good luck! You’ll be holding your wee one before you know it and when you do you’ll miss being pregnant.
    Also, happy holidays!

    • Brittany

      Thank you so much for the tips, Scarlet. I realllllly appreciate it. And yep, the babe will be in our room for the few months. And now I’m going to run off and take that bath you suggested. 😉