It Smells Like…The Holidays!

Seriously B? You’re doing a post on a room air freshener on your beauty blog?


Yes, I am! And you better not be judging me for it either. 😎 Okay, fine…judge me but if I could somehow emit this scent as you read these words, you’d understand WHY I’m writing about this Febreze Noticeables. First of all, it smells freaking phenomenal. But yeah, that’s a given. It is also getting me a bit more in the holiday spirit. And with  a few days left before Christmas gets here, I kinda need that.

You see, I don’t even have a Christmas tree set up. No decorations. Nothing. And this is sooooo not like me. Baby Clumps’ impending birth + chronic fatigue has me out of the holiday spirit so far the fragrance from this little decorative fragrance wall plug has been one of the only things to get me to feel…jolly.


And this means a lot because I am totally one of those people who like to go all out for the holidays. But whatever, if the most I can get this year is pleasant vibes from this Cranberry & Frost scent, then I’ll take it. Proctor & Gamble gifted me with this sample and I just felt so inclined to share my love for these things. I can’t wait until they go on sale so I can scoop up more. I mean, they last forever so it’ll be well into February before we need to re-up from this one.

Cost: $5.99 or less
Where to buy ’em from: Any drugstore, Target, Walmart, select grocery stores

‘Excuse me while I go back in the living room and catch a whiff. Don’t worry. I’m not doing any hardcore sniffin’ of it. 😉

  • I’m not gonna judge, I’ve been burning my christmas-y candles all day! ;D

    • Brittany

      Your house probably smells wooooonderful!

  • Cosmolude

    I’d judge you if I hadn’t bought this same air freshener refill a couple of weeks ago. I was too lazy to get a tree and put up Christmas decorations this year so I decided to buy this instead. I like it, but I find myself having to turn it down because it smells too sweet at times.

    • Brittany

      So glad to hear that I’m not the only one filled with Christmas laziness. 😉 And yes, I always put these things on low. I find that they still make the room smell good AND they last longer.