Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette – Wild Thing


My girl Hello Kitty is still struttin’ her sexy self up and down the beauty aisles. I’ve been super excited about the Hello Kitty beauty line ever since it first debuted at Sephora a good 2 years ago. The brand seems to consistently come out with new products and palettes with adorable packaging. Like this new Wild Thing palette…




Pretty, uh?

The palette contains 6 eyeshadows. 4 here…



…and 2 here.


I’m not sure why the eyeshadows at the bottom are larger. I thought for a second that they were face powders or bronzers but nope, these are definitely eyeshadows. They appear to be best fitted for placing under the brows. Oh, and speaking of the pigmentation of these shadows…



They aren’t the best. So so quality is the norm with the Hello Kitty beauty line. I’ve learned to deal with it because I am more attracted to the actual packaging of the products than the performance of them. Crazy, I know but hey…only a true Hello Kitty fan would make sense of these things. The line is really best suited for the younger beauty lover as I would imagine that they wouldn’t care much about the quality of the products.

Of course, you could really make these work but packing on the color and using an intense base but the longevity isn’t long lasting. But is the palette adorable to look at? Um yeah. It’s Hello Kitty.

Cost: $38

Where to Buy: Sephora and Sephora.com

Hey Hello Kitty lovers, have any of you tried the HK beauty line?


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  • I think the pigmentation isnt THAAAT bad, but the problem is the price, you can get better pigmentation with (for example) W n’ W

    • Brittany

      Agreed, my sister.

  • Anne

    the packaging is so adorable! :O but the price is sort of ridiculous considering the actual quality of the product :(

  • I’m like you, I’d go for the packaging! So stinkin’ cute!

  • I was thinking of getting this one, but it’d definitely be a purchase for packaging. I have the Memoirs of a Kitty palette and I pretty much only use one of the blushes.

    • Brittany

      I’ve got that one too and the blushes are beautiiiiiful.

  • I love hello kitty! Why doesn’t my Sephora have this?

    • Brittany

      Really? I thought all Sephora locations have these. :( Well, they are all definitely online.

  • Victoria

    I would be a sucker for that adorable packaging!