Mascara Monday: Lancome Hypn么se Star mascara


I’m usually up on my Lancome mascara reveiwin’ game but man, it took me forever to scoop this one up. I read other reviews that weren’t so glowing and I think that kept me from reviewing this kid for so long. And as a blogger, that’s no bueno. I’m “supposed” to remain neutral until I’ve reviewed a product. Or somethin’ like that. 馃槑 Anywho, here we are with my very delayed review of Hypn么se Star.



Price: $28 at Sephora, and Lancome counters.
Packaging (brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall:聽3 out of 5

What It Claims: “This mascara dresses lashes in intense volume, unfolding a new vision of glamour inspired by Betty Boop and top model Daria Werbowy. The formula’s “black-diamond effect” imparts a glossy gel-like finish. The dual-action brush has a flat side for optimizing product deposit at the lash line while the rounded side separates, defines, and lengthens.” (source)

The Truth:聽I love everything about the tube of this mascara. All mascara tubes should have glitter thrown on them.

What I Loved About It:聽The wand is some kind of awesome.

What I Didn’t Like: It didn’t provide enough volume.

Overall:聽This mascara was inspired by the legendary Betty Boop and if anyone knows beauty and glamour, it’s that chick. I’ll tell you one thing, the wand on this baby is just amazeballs.


I mean, seriously…do you see that? It’s the perfect wand for separating, lengthening and volumizing. It’s also great for getting those inner lashes and lower lashes. It’s just an all around great wand. Other mascara brands should learn from Lancome because their wands are usually always perfection. I love those stiff bristles. So yeah, even if the mascara itself was lacking tremendously, the wand is just great.

Formula-wise, I’m not sure what Lancome means about this聽“black-diamond effect” but I didn’t notice much of a glossy gel-like finish. And I know a glossy mascara when I see one. The formula is much like traditional mascara formulas except it feels extremely lightweight. Not in a bad way ,but it’s something to notice. The formula does well on the lashes but as with most Lancome mascaras, I was expecting serious drama and volume and I just didn’t get it from this one. But what I did good was decent.

The separating and lengthening power of this mascara is dynamite and if that’s what you’re looking for when it comes to a mascara, you’ll love this one. It’s also a great buildable mascara so even after 3 coats, if you wanted to continue to push it to the limit, you can do so with minimal clumping. 聽On the down side, I experienced quite a bit of flaking with this baby. Even after a few hours, I would notice bits of mascara flakies under my eyes. No me gusta. So yeah, it’s not my favorite Lancome mascara buuuuut it’s not terrible.


Bare Lashes


Lashes after 3 coats



Do I recommend it?:聽Sure. Especially if you love a mascara that lengthens and separates. If you’re looking for extreme volume, you may not find it with this Lancome mascara.

Not a total bust but I’ve seen better from Lancome. Whatcha think? Have you tried this mascara?

  • I almost picked this up today but put it down. I just finished a tube of Hypnose Star. I loved it, but have read a lot of negative reviews. Who knows. I always seem to be in the mascara loving minority.

    Also, sad to hear this one flaked. It looks nice on you.

    • Brittany

      Hahaha, no worries….I tend to be in the minority A LOT when it comes to reviewing mascaras.

  • Celine

    I used to think I was in love with Lancomes Hypnose Drama mascara UNTIL I found Clinique’s new High Impact Extreme Volume mascara! That stuff is just wow, insane volume which is what I crave.

    • Brittany

      I love love love that Clinique mascara too. Their wands are always so awesome.

  • Pookie

    This mascara looks beautiful on you. I love this mascara, especially the wand/brush. For my scrawny lashes, I can get the ‘false lashes’ effect with this mascara and a lash primer.

    • Brittany

      Which lash primer do you use?

  • Victoria

    This looks very neat and pretty on the lashes but I’ll stick with my Hypnose Drama! I may branch out onto Definicils!

  • Cindy

    My Lancome Hypnose STAR mascara has a different tube. Hmmm. It’s smaller, cylindrical and has no glitter. Maybe mine was a sample? What I found is that it does ok with volume but it takes longer to dry than other mascaras which means I end up getting some on the skin around my lashes. Every time. :( Also, at the end of the day, my eyes are always red and irritated. Time to switch to something else, I’d say.

    I love your reviews.

    • Brittany

      Seriously? Yours has a different tube. Hmmm, how weird. Oh! Okay yeah, sometimes the sample sizes aren’t as fancy. Which sucks. Thanks so much for loving Clumps!

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  • I picked this up not too long ago and I love it. I love the wand, the formula and what it does for my lashes. I think it’s a good daytime mascara. Lancome is one of my favorite brands when it comes to mascara.