Mascara Monday: Pixi Large Lash mascara


Yay for me reviewing Pixi for the very first time ever on Clumps of Mascara. I’ve seen this brand several times in Target stores and while I’ve always bee captivated by their pretty packaging, I never really gave the products much of a chance because they were a bit of on the expensive side. Even for a budget-friendly place like Target. But alas, here we are with Pixi Beauty!



Price: $18 at Target stores and at
Packaging (brush wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What It Claims: “Specialized, buildable formula along with oversized brush delivers extreme volume & intense colour in one sweep. Separates, lengthens, and plumps each lash for a false lash look without clumping. Smudge-proof. Water-resistant.” (source)

The Truth: I wouldn’t call it Large Lash mascara.

What I Loved About It: It’s a very natural mascara. Meaning if you prefer wispy and not so dramatic lashes, it’s a great steal.

What I Didn’t Like: It didn’t give me enough volume.

Overall: From packaging and what little research I’ve done, I like the Pixi brand. I do, however, think their prices are just a tad bit steep for the Target market and I would love to see more versatility in their foundations as they only seem to carry 3 shades. But, the brand fits the au naturale market and I ain’t mad at that. Most, if not all, of their products are cruelty-free and paraben-free and so I know that’s a big perk among many consumers. Large Lash mascara is their most recent mascara and it totes some pretty hefty claims. And a hefty wand too.


If you know me, you already know how I feel about this wand. But I had a feeling it would be this large. After all, the tube is big AND the name of the mascara was a bit of a giveaway. I’m not a fan of the big fluffy wands unless the formula of the mascara is on the thicker side. Mascaras with thick formulas can handle these bad boys. Mascaras that aren’t as thick generally don’t help the mascara. And that was the case with this baby.

The formula was just so so. It wasn’t thick and it wasn’t thin but it wasn’t thick enough to really sit on that mascara wand. Because of that, I was unable to pick up enough of the mascara. And what I did pick up really didn’t provide much to my already short and stubby lashes. This mascara would likely be a better fit for someone who already has long lashes and just wants a tiny bit of poof to ’em. But for ladies and gents like me who love those drag queen lashes? Yeah no. It just doesn’t make the cut.

I would have loved to see more length as well. It gave me just a little but I expected more after 3 coats. More than anything, I just saw more defined lashes which is great but it was just a subtle definition. But on a good note, despite how lightweight the mascara is, at least it held around for more than a few hours. I always feel like lightweight mascaras seep away off of my lashes for awhile but at least this one stuck around. I admire the Pixi brand and what this mascara is trying to do but it just wasn’t the best fit for my lashes.


Bare Lashes


Lashes after 2 coats



Do I recommend it?: Sure. It didn’t work for me but I know many mascara lovers can appreciate lighter mascaras like this one. It doesn’t suit my fancy but good thing for options, uh?

Have you tried any Pixi Beauty products before?

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  • Celine

    I agree thats expensive for something that doesn’t even live up to it’s claim.

    • Brittany

      The good news is, a lot of their other products are pretty freaking fantastic. Stay tuned for those reviews. :)

  • gio

    What a shame it didn’t live up to its claims! I love very dramatic, voluminous lashes too, so I’ll pass on this. Thanks for the review.

    • Brittany

      I knowww, I hate when that happens. I think they’ve got another mascara and I can’t wait to try that one.

  • I think this is the first review I’ve seen of a Pixi mascara… ever. Which is awesome, because I do think this is a great brand, but I agree that the prices are just a bit too high, especially for Target. I do like natural mascaras sometimes so I would probably try this, if it were more typically drugstore-priced

    • Brittany

      Here’s to hoping that one day they will be lower in price. *crosses fingers*

  • Heather USA (fb: rosie areola)

    I was really curious about Pixi’s mascara, for some reason I thought they’d kill it with a mascara ..I guess not :(
    I do love the Pixi Luxe Radience powder thought and I want to try some of their blushes.
    Thanks for the review

    • Brittany

      Ooooh, I’ll have to try out their powder now. Thank YOU!

  • Samantha

    The packaging for this mascara somehow reminds me of the ones from the Covergirl Lashblast series!

  • Victoria

    I swear by the Pixi eye primer. I have very oily eyelids and this stuff holds my eyeshadow intact over a 12 hour shift at work!

    I also love Pixi Lash Line Ink, gorgeous cat eye!

    I’m hoping the other Pixi mascara will be better, I would invest in it if it gave great volume.

    At my Target they randomly put Pixi items on clearance and that’s when I scoop stuff up!

    • Brittany

      I’m making a list. I didn’t even know that they had a primer. Weeeee!!!

  • I voted!

    ps. great review! Never heard of this brand.

    • Brittany

      Thanks Anna!