Reason #86 Why Boscia Rocks

Oh Boscia. Oh Boscia, how do I love thee? Boscia is so on my list of Top Favorite Natural Skincare Brands. They rock so hard and they’ve been doing so for years. Like that Detox Mask? And that Black Mask? Still in love. I’ve also been known to keep their blotting liners in my makeup bag.


And now they’ve got an adorable set that makes blotting oily skin even more…fun. Because it is fun,right? 😛


Before I discovered blotting papers, I realized that those paper toilet seat covers in public restroms could be AS good as blotting liners. And they’re free. But do they work? I guess it depends on your skin but I’ve found Boscia’s Blotting Liners to 10x more effective and more hygienic (obviously). And let’s face it, they are just more attractive. And I’m sorry but you can call me vain or whatever but I like attractive things. Just sayin’… If you’ve been wanting to try Boscia’s Blotting Liners, this $22 kit is the best way to give ’em a whirl. You not only get 100 Sheets Green Tea Blotting Linens and 100 Sheets Fresh Blotting Linens but a pretty little linen holder as well.



…and the pretty holder.



The holder is no larger than a cell phone or wallet and will fit nicely in a makeup bag, purse or shoot…even your pocket. I love these so much, y’all. You might even catch me usin’ them even when my face isn’t oily. Yeah, I’m weird like that. And the funny thing about the Green Tea Blotting Liners is – they actually SMELL like green tea.


I’m not even lyin’. You’ll have to buy them and sniff ’em to see what I’m talkin’ about.

*sigh* Boscia stays winning.

  • Joy Johnson

    I love these blotting sheets over some of the more “luxury” ones. I think I spotted the peppermint scented Boscia blotting sheets in Sephora and MAMA LIKEY!

    • Brittany

      Ooooh, peppermint? I’ve gotta get my hands on those. Peppermint would feel so refreshing on the skin.

  • I can’t imagine not having blotting papers living in Florida.

    • Brittany


  • Can we talk about what a GREAT idea a carrying case for these sheets is? Because the packaging of any blotting sheet always get destroyed in my purse and end up flying all over the place!

    • Brittany

      Exactly! They should have come out with this awesome case a loooong time ago. 😉

  • I’m a fan of blotting papers. Those look great.

    • Brittany

      You’ve gotta grab them. They are so awesome.

  • Rachel

    I bought both the kit pictured above AND the peppermint blotting tissues. Sephora has the peppermint ones on sale for half off–$5.00 for a pack rather than the usual $10.

    • Brittany

      Ooooh! I didn’t know that they were on sale. Thanks for the heads up! Woot!