The Evolution of B: How I Went from Not Caring to Being Obsessed with Skincare



Confession: I didn’t get all that serious about makeup and skincare until my early-mid 20’s. While some little girls grow up dabbling in beauty stuffs and begging their parents to let them wear red lipstick at the age of 14, I was that girl that…just didn’t care. Toss me a lipgloss and I was good to go. I’d buy whatever skincare product looked pretty in the stores, use it and buy something else when it ran out. I was the Queen of No Fuss Beautification.

Until I turned like 23 or so. I went crazy over makeup. And then I realized it didn’t matter how extensive your makeup collection is if you didn’t take care of the skin too. So yeah, a late lesson learned but better late than never. So here’s how my beauty routine has evolved over the years…

I used to:

-Say “Screw it! I’m not washing my face tonight.”

Now I:

-Wash my face nightly. Or at the very least I use a cleansing cloth to remove makeup and daily grime.

I used to:

-Think any kind of skincare product would work.

Now I:

-Analyze  my skin and see what products work best for my specific conditions and the season.

I used to:

-Assume that I wouldn’t need anti-aging products any time soon.

Now I:

-Get myself in the habit of using them. If I start a regimen using eye creams to combat wrinkles, by the time I’m in my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, using them won’t seem too laborious.

See! I’m a big girl and my current skincare and makeup routines are a big proof of that. Has your skincare regimen evolved over the years or are you sticking to what has been working?



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  • Victoria

    I was obsessed with skin care as a teen because had terrible acne. Then one day in my early 20’s a lady at a Clinique counter sold me their soap and toner for oily skin and it instantly cured it!

    My new obsession is sunscreen. I never leave the house until I put my Lancome 50 SPF on my face and neck!

    • Brittany

      You and me both. Sunscreen is a total MUST!

  • I love that you called yourself a “big girl” for taking serious care of your skin now cause I feel the same way!!! I’m turning the big 3-0 next month and I was just telling my husband that it’s time to start building my arsenal of anti-aging products pronto!

    Hey at least, we’re black and we have the luxury of a very high probability of aging well! My hubs is a white boy and I always joke that he’s gonna look old and wrinkly while I still look young with fabulously firm skin! 😉

    • Brittany

      Hahaaa! Ooooh, don’t do the husband like that. Heheee!

  • My mother supplied me with Noxzema so early that I can’t remember how old I was. She stressed the importance of taking care of my skin. I was blessed with good skin, so I did slack sometimes. I’ve used Avon Anew, Mary Kay (which I LOVED), gone back to Noxzema, and now I use African Raw Black Soap and Cetaphil moisturizer. That’s all I need!

  • Good for you! I’m significantly older than you and can guarantee that you’ll be happy you have started caring for your skin.