Oh snap..it’s the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette!

Many things make me happy. Paydays, surprise visits from friends, sales, Esposo’s good cookin’, glitter…you know things like that. But honey, nothing really gets me all giddy more than a new Urban Decay palette. I mean, honestly… No one makes a bangin’ eyeshadow palette like UD. Nobody. The Vice and Smoked palettes are still sleeping next to me. They’re going to have to scoot over because there’s a new palette in town.



POW! Do you see that? If you’re hip to beauty news, you have likely already heard about this one. It launched about a week and a half ago and it had us beauty guys and gals in quite the frenzy. Some of us were all like “WTF…who needs another Naked palette?”


And then there were others who were like, “Crap. I’ve already got both Naked palettes but I must.get.this.one.” And then there’s me. I was just drooling over the images of it online because that’s what I do. Drool over beauty products. Don’t be judgin’ me. Say hiya to the Naked Basics palette.


She fine, ain’t she? I will not compare her to the other palettes. We will just talk about her awesome features. Fair enough, right?

These shadows are ALL mattes. I freaking loooooove matte eyeshadows. I mean, adore. I got several emails from my brown girls questioning if these mattes were rich enough to pop up on darker skin, and yep…they are!


Venus is considered a demi-matte. It has very subtle shimmer but still applies just as well as the other shadows. It’s not exactly a white shadow. It leans more on the pearl side to me.

Foxy is a beige/faint almond shade. It is probably the least pigmented of the bunch.

Walk Of Shame is a pale pink. The 3 of these, I’m thinking will best work under the browbone. It seemed to have more chalkiness than any of the other colors.


Naked2 is taupe. It’s super pigmented so this is the shade that I would likely use on my lid every time I use this palette.

Faint is a rich milk chocolate and it works beautifully in the crease. It is super super pigmented.

Crave is a matte black. And what’s not to love about those?

The last 3 eyeshadows seem to be more pigmented but I’m okay with that as I would only use Venus, Foxy and S.O.S. under my browbone anyway. I prefer not to have super pigmented colors under the brow. A quick look I cranked out… The looks was far more vibrant in person but also note that I had gotten 9-10 hours out of wear time before I snapped this photo.



OVERALL: Considering I don’t own any of the Naked palettes (I know…how lame), I am really loving this one. This price point is significantly less as it only costs $27. It’s the perfect little palette for quick trips. I love that it doesn’t take up much space yet I’ve got 6 great shades that I can easily work with to crank out a decent work-appropriate look. Would I be THIS excited over this palette if I already owned the first 2 Naked palettes? Yes. Because this palette still contains 6 mattes and I find matte shadows the easiest to work with when I have very little time.

How much and where to get it?: This palette is $27 (original Naked and Naked 2 palettes are $50) and it is currently available at Sephora, ULTA, select Macy’s stores and UrbanDecay.com.

Whatcha think? Are you impressed with Naked Basics? 

  • As an owner of both naked palettes, yes..I NEED this. As beautiful as the naked palettes are, they are seriously lacking in the matte shadow department. I find myself having to reach for my single matte shadows to use with either palette..so I will definitely be picking this up :)

    • Brittany

      Sounds like you are the perfect candidate for the Basics. Yay!

  • victoria

    UD definitely responded to those who couldn’t wear the shimmer of the first 2 Naked Palettes, I’m already ready for Naked Basics 2 lol

    • Brittany

      UD definitely knows how to listen to their consumers. More than any other brand I’ve known. I’m not a shimmer gal so yes, these mattes are wonderfullllll.

  • Stacy Lackey

    Nah, I’ll be passing on this one. I’m not fond of all the lighter shades. They seem a bit chalky to me and if I’m honest with myself I’m sure I could find something in my massive collection that would be close to all of these shades. I’ll be having several seats and shopping my stash for a while.

    • Brittany

      Those first 3 shades are a bit tough to work with but the darker ones are silky and smooth. But yeah, I understand…sometimes you have to shop the stash and convince yourself that you don’t need any new stuffs. Been there!

    • LaToya


      I see nothing at all special about this palette if you are a dark brown skin girl like myself. Where in the heck would I wear those first three shades?!

      Can’t please us all I guess….

      • Brittany

        You’re right…all palettes don’t appeal to all beauty lovers. As I mentioned in my review, the first 3 shades are really ideal for browbone placement (or if you have a lot of eye space like me “the bridge). I probably wouldn’t get much use out of them anywhere else. On a good note, you can not get this palette and save up for another one. Ha! :)

  • I’m with Stacy Lackey-I’m going to pass on this. I already know I have dupes of the darker three that I would get the most wear out of and I need to control myself this holiday season ^_^.

    Out of curiosity, is Crave a renamed or dupe of Perversion? And is Naked2 anything like Buck? They look pretty similar…

    • Brittany

      I had to ask my blog sister Courtney of Phyrra.net about this one since she’s a UD encyclopedia. 😎 She says, “Crave is a brown black, not a black black. So in my opinion, no Crave and Perversion are not dupes. I don’t know about Buck because I don’t own it, BUT, from looking at UD’s website I think Buck is darker.”

      There you have it!

  • The shades are definitely must-haves! I want this! And I like it that the packaging is compact!

    • Brittany

      Nice and portable, uh? I love it!

  • Thanks for sharing this! I was excited when this came out and still plan to get it, although I’ve realized I have more similar shades to the ones in this palette than I first noticed. But still, the texture of UD shadows is so good, and these colors are so pretty and versatile, I think it’ll still be worth picking up :)

    • Brittany

      Plus it’s oooonly $27. No real bank breaker, ya know?

  • Looks great on you! I almost picked this up, but the shades were just too light. I wish it had some more darker shades.

    • Brittany

      I’ve been hearing a lot of that. I don’t have any of the other palettes but they’ve got darker colors, right?

  • ShantaFabulous

    I think I’m going to pass on this one. I hope they come out with a darker matte palette.

    • Brittany

      Now an all dark matte palette would be epiccccc!

  • I almost bought this yesterday! I’m still considering it pretty strongly though, I really love foxy but I already have one. My only fault is its sort of tiny, and I know I’d use it lots so it wouldn’t last very long.

    • Brittany

      Haha, good point. If you’re a neutral lover, I would imagine you going through this palette pretty quickly.

  • BooBooNinja

    You’re totally NOT lame!
    By your logic, I’d be lame too as I don’t yet own any Urban Decay and well… I don’t think I’m lame. :)

    This is a sweet lil’ palette. I think it’ll also be my entry into the UD Naked series, as soon as I’ve finished one of the nude/neutral eyeshadows in my stash.

    • Brittany

      We’re not lame. I’m just being dramatic. LOL!

  • Nia

    I just love ur sweet, cheerful yet so sweet post, that I hope I can add a directly link to it on my blog. Currently working on some UD posts that need some more work.. but u r just so lovely. Made me smile. I will def be reading more of ur posts <3!

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much, Nia!

  • Melissa

    I don’t plan on getting it. I’m sure I have those colors somewhere in my big collection.

  • I also love Urban Decay because it is a cruelty free brand. So it does have place in my heart.

  • shikha

    I just bought this. I too have brown skin, but plan on using the lighter shades to help blend/transition the colour I use in the inner eye to the middle of the eye. More like pat it in. Mine did not come with a brush. Very disappointed in that omission.

  • I’m not so much a eye shadow girl(more lipstick and polish) but this intrigues me. I think I’ll have to check it out.

  • I love this palette. It really does have everything that you need for a day or evening look.

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  • I want it sooooo badly!! Hope to get it soon! (: