Makeup Wars: 5 Beauty Resolutions


Well y’all…it’s time to hold my self accountable. And doing a blog post about beauty resolutions is the BEST way to do it. And when I screw up, I want you guys to let me know, mkay. That’s what beauty friends are for. Okay. Sooooo…here we go.


Clean my makeup brushes regularly.

I’m not even going to tell you how often I DON’T clean my brushes. You’ll judge me. And it would be okay because I’d judge me too. So yeah, I vow to rinse those brushes off more often.

Create a better makeup storage situation.

My makeup storage is all over the place. I’ve got my everyday products that I have in a crate in my bathroom and then I’ve got more stuff allllll over the place in my beauty room. My nail polishes are housed beautifully but everything else is all kinds of messed up. This is why I need The Container Store to hurry up and open here in Orlando. Fo reals.

Learn how to maintain my brows.

It’s a well known fact that I’m a low maintenance brow gal. Unapologetically so. I have no desire to invest 5-10 minutes drawing, filling in and sculpting my brows. I like them naturally crazy and bushy. BUT – let’s not pretend that great brows can transform a look. I need to find products that will help my brows look more polished while making sure they don’t look too drawn-on and stenciled.

Teach at least 3 beauty classes for pre-teens and teens.

…and not a “This is how you put on makeup class.” but I want to share with them the importance of taking care of their skin and how they really DON’T need makeup. And if they do want to wear makeup, I’ll suggest age-appropriate products and shades. I didn’t teach any beauty classes last year but did so quite frequently in 2011. Plus, I loooove community outreach.

Read more international beauty blogs and websites.

Beauty is universal and as an editor, I want to stay up on the latest and greatest worldwide. I read a few beauty blogs outside of the U.S., but I want to read and connect with more bloggers. And then I want to feature them on Clumps and be featured on their sites. It’s like beauty penpal-ing!


I could add a dozen more to the list but I do so much better with small monthly and quarterly goals, ya know? Do you have any beauty resolutions for the New Year? Buy more? Buy less? Tell meeeee! Oh, and in the meantime, check out the beauty resolutions of my fellow Makeup Wars sisters…

  • I love your resolutions! You’re so inspirational!

  • Great resolutions! Love the teen makeup lesson goal! And congrats momma!!!

  • Stephanie Louise – All Things Beautiful

    I really want to start featuring blogs I love every month but I haven’t figured out a great system yet! I need to add that to my blogging resolutions, thanks so much for reminding me!

  • THAT IS A GENIUS IDEA. I should totally do some community outreach. I’ve been asked before, but it required me donating a full skin care for 50 teens….

  • Great resolutions. I love your teaching one – that’s such a great idea. Not everyone has a parent who understands like we do so you can really do some good by teaching. And a big congratulations on your 9 month project :)

  • Good resolutions! I should have the cleaning makeup brushes one on my list too. I’m terrible about that!

  • Great resolutions! I need to wash my brushes more too. And why the hell isn’t The Container Store EVERYWHERE yet? I have to drive 4 hours to get to one!!!

  • Great list of resolutions. I like that you want to teach beauty classes to Teens and Pre-Teens. I have been doing one every year right before school starts for my daughter and a large group of her friends. I started when they were 13-14 and they are all now 16-17. I think I had about 6 or 7 girls come the first year and last August I had over 20 girls here. I tell them what products they should be using and how to use them. Then they get to go through my stash as I help select products for their skin, hair and even makeup. Happy New Year!

  • I need to do #1 and #2 as well! This may have been a bad idea for Makeup Wars, now I have so many more resolutions!

  • Those are all lovely goals, especially the last.

    One of mine is also to clean my makeup brushes more often and throw out those which are really old.