Armitron Watch Giveaway!

Wellllllll, it’s a new year and yours truly needed to step her game up in the watch department. I used to be obsessed with watches, y’all. I mean seriously obsessed. But I go through phases with watches. One minute I need to haul every single one that I see and the next I’m all like, “Whatever…I don’t need to wear a watch today.” Armitron has reeled me back into my obsession and I’m glad because watches really do complete a look.


Esposo is a watch guy so he was all kinds of giddy about getting the opportunity to test drive this baby.


These pieces are the newest from Armitron’s Spring 2013 collection. We’ll rap on Esposo’s watch first.



Retailing for only $33, I like this watch because it’s nice enough to dress up and dress down. Because Esposo works in a pretty active field, he prefers watches that are pretty durable and can take a beating and still keep on tickin’. The blue face makes it wearable and the bling gives it a nice added touch of class.

And then there’s this gorgeous rose gold watch


I’ve had my fair share of watches but I’ve never owned a rose gold one. I’m a silver lovin’ gal and can get pretty stuck in my ways but ZOMG, I think I’m starting to love rose gold.


A bit on the fancier side, this is the kind of watch that I’d only want to wear for date nights, church, special events or Girl’s Night Out. I find it far too gorgeous to wear every day. It retails for $60 so it’s not too much of a wallet breaker.


The best thing about Armitron watches is that they are afforable and durable. Both of the watches retail for under $75 which ain’t too shabby if you are looking to step up your watch game. And because I love y’all, I’ve decided to give away a his and her watch set.

One lucky winner will win the following:



And if you’re lookin’ for more beautiful Armitron watches, check out their store on Amazon. In the meantime, press your luck to win these kids. Oh! And this is an International-friendly giveaway. Woo hooo!!

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  • zaara khan

    i live in pakistan!

  • The rose gold is gorgeous! I’m a silver loving girl too, but rose gold has always appealed to me as well!

  • Kelly

    Eastern Time Zone ova’hea!

  • Joanna


  • Selena

    Aw man, I’d love to win these as a valentines day prezzie for my hunnie

  • Brenda Burgess

    eastern time zone

  • Carol Mclemore

    I live in the eastern time zone.

  • Kelly D

    I am in the Eastern Time Zone

  • Eastern Standard Time Zone… (I am digging that rose gold something fierce!)

  • sheri

    These are beyond beautiful!! I would LOVE to win, I’m am a gold girl, but I think rose gold would look great with my coloring!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • pauline

    I live in the Western time zone and would like the set of watches.
    Happy to know that Baby Clumps is healthy and all is well. She is soo cute!!!

  • Jhanelle G.

    I live in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone

  • Heather USA (@aitch77 FB: rosie areola)

    I’m on EST

  • Sam V

    I live in the mountain time zone.

  • Nausheen

    Central time zone!

  • Cali-for-ni-a!! PST…

  • Anne

    pacific coast in the US <3 :)

  • Jennifer


  • Christi B.

    Mountain Standard time, love rose gold!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Amy Orvin

    I am in the Eastern Time Zone

  • The rose gold watch is so beautiful! I’m in the Pacific time zone!

  • Mary Taylor


  • Surendene Jeyaratnarajah

    I live in the Eastern Time Zone. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! 😀

  • Suzanna Gonzalez

    I live in EST :)

  • shenez

    AST is my timezone!

  • Ashley


  • Iliana R

    I live in the eastern zone!

  • Brooke S.

    Eastern Time Zone. Obsessed with rose gold as well. Hope to win a great set of watches for me and my boyfriend :-)

  • Katie

    I’m in Pacific Time Zone :)

  • I’m like you, I wear watches for awhile then go without one for awhile. We’re women so we’re allowed to do that. I live in the Eastern Time Zone and thank you for the giveaway.

  • Imani

    I live in the Eastern time zone. Beautiful watches. I think my boyfriend would love the silver and I have been eager to try rose gold!

  • ne-knopka


  • Bee

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m in CST.

  • I would love to give my hubby a watch. Been yrs. since either of us had one. Central here.

  • Valerie

    Eastern Standard Time!

  • Julie

    EST for me!

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  • Angela

    I live in CST.

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    I live in Eastern time zone!

  • Ann