Baby Clumps is here!


…I mean, woooooow. I am just as shocked as you are. Elle came 3 weeks early and surprised us all.

By the way, it’s pronounced “El”. Not “El-ly”. Ellie is cute but you wouldn’t believe how many people have pronounced it that way. Which kinda sorta boggles my mind.


I’m so in love with her. Everything she does amazes me. I’m pretty impressed with myself too. And Esposo. I’ll share her birth story in the coming weeks but there really isn’t much to say. Water broke. Active labor for 5 hours. Pushed for 17 minutes. Birthed a babe on January 7th…5 days after my birthday and in a comfortable birthing center.


Baby girl was born only weighing 5 lbs so we’re working hard to get her to gain weight. She has to go to the pediatrician every other day or so. I’ve got a dream team of a midwife, doula, pediatrician and lactation consultant. And honestly, having the baby was the easy part. Breastfeeding is a whole ‘nother beast that is challenging but I am so dedicated to get down.


I am beyond sleep deprived but whatever. Baby Clumps is here and she’s healthy and some kind of awesome. She’s so tiny but so strong. She motivates me. Life is even more amazing.

Posts will be slow around here but for good reason. 😎

  • CONGRATS! She’s just precious! I am not surprised she’s already so stylish with her bows and cheetah print blanket! Good luck with everything!

    • Linda Ford

      What a beautiful baeby… I think she came early because she was ready. You are truley blessed…

  • Your little bundle of joy is so precious! Get well soon.

  • She’s adorable and I love the name Elle! Congratulations!!! <3


    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Stacie


  • Elle is so precious ^^ Congratulations!

  • OMG she is toooooo cute!

  • She is sooooo precious! Congratulations!!! Hopefully you can get sleep between every 2 hrs of breastfeeding!

    Maybe those people who pronounce her name wrong have never heard of Elle?

  • Congrats on the birth of Elle! She’s BEAUTIFUL! She also shares her birth date with my baby (who is 25, but who’s counting, lol). I look forward to seeing her growing into the adorable young lady I know she’s going to be. Congrats again!

  • kimone

    Omg Congrats! She is so precious. I can’t wait for my boy to get here too. We’ve actually been a week apart lolz and I’ve been stalking your blog like crazy for tips. Hope all is well and I’m glad she’s healthy

  • Niika

    Congratulations, she is sooo cute

  • Icy

    Congrats to both Mama Clumps and Papa Clumps!

  • Caroline

    Congratulations! She is beautiful and Elle is a very cute name. All the best to the 3 of you <3

  • gio

    She’s adorable! Congratulations!

  • Kay

    Congrats, Brittany! She is such a cutie!

  • Oh Britt she is all kinds of adorable!!! Congrats again and I know the breast feeding will work out, don’t stress, once you relax and enjoy the bonding time that only you can have with Elle it will be super easy. :). *hugs*

  • Bonnie

    Great job, mama! Enjoy your babymoon, and welcome to the world, sweet baby Elle.

  • Brooke

    Of course she is beautiful!! Good job mama! (And daddy, too!). love the pics, keep em comin!

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!

  • As a mom of an Ellie, I am not understanding. Elle. Ellie. Two different things.
    She is adorable, seriously seriously cute! Sooo tiny! You forget how TINY newborns are, and mine were not THAT tiny! I just want to scoop her up and smooch her all over.

  • Angela

    Congratulations! Elle is just lovely and quite fashionable already. I’m not a mommy, but I have really enjoyed reading about your pregnancy. All of the illness was worth it, because you have a beautiful daughter.

  • She is PERFECT, Brittany! So beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Happy for your awesome birthing and you know I’m here for you for all that breastfeeding stuff. You are very right, popping her out was the easy process.

    Here if you need me! Tons of hugs to you guys!


  • Lisa G

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Elle. Love the name, too! Breastfeeding was very difficult with my first baby, but if you’re determined it will happen and it is such a bonding experience. With baby 2 & 3 breastfeeding was so much easier. I’m still nursing #3, my only girl. Soak up every minute, they grow up so fast.

  • Ashleigh

    She’s beautiful! Congrats! And good luck with the breastfeeding journey. It’s like any other relationship…it takes time to develop but with time & dedication, it gets stronger.

  • Janda

    she is absolutely gorgeous!!! HI ELLE! Welcome .. CONGRATS to you and your husband :)

  • Congratulations!

    Welcome to the world, beautiful Elle!

  • Holly

    Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Congratulations, God bless your little girl.

  • Joanna

    She is so precious. Congrats to you and the hubby!

  • AHHH! I am so super excited and happy for you! <3 Thank you so much for sharing this joyous occasion with us and blessings to you and your husband!

  • OMG! She is so precious! Well done & congratulations, and best of luck to your family :)

  • amanda i

    omg congrats!! she’s adorable! wow sounds like you got a pretty easy/short (i say this lightly) labor and delivery!

  • Stacey

    Congratulations! She is adorable. Get as much rest as you can. Try to sleep when she sleeps and you will be alright.

  • She is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy for you with your beautiful little girl. My SIL’s name is Elle and I think it’s so pretty. Congratulations

  • Congratulations Brittany. She’s beautiful!

  • Syreeta

    Congrats. Elle is adorable. Get as much rest as possible.

  • Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I’m so happy for you two.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! she is beautiful

  • She is absolutely adorable, congratulations!!

  • Heather

    congratulations! She’s a beauty already. The nursing and sleep deprivation will get better! you’ll get your groove in no time 😉 You are a dedicated mama already!

  • Shavonda

    OMG Britt-anyyyyyy!!!! She is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations love. I’m so happy for you and Esposo. Happy Birthday sweet baby Elle:) oh and side note, how exactly do you mispronounce Elle?!!!

    • Brittany

      “El”…like “el nino”.

  • Congrats on your beautiful baby! Glad to hear you had an easy deliver as well!

  • Congratulations! She is so beautiful. So glad you are both healthy!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! She’s sooo beautiful!!!!
    enjoy her <3

  • Congratulations! A pretty name for a pretty girl. :)

  • Janet

    Oh my goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL! Welcome, little Elle, and congratulations to the new Mommy and Daddy!!!

  • Ava

    Congratulations! Elle is adorable! It seems like it was just yesterday that you told us your were pregnant. My, how time flies!

  • So cute! Congrats new mommy! You’ll totally get used to working on less sleep. You’ll look down at that beautiful girl that you have and know it’s so worth it.

  • Awww she’s precious! My daughter was 6lbs and I thought she was tiny lol. Breastfeeding is so challenging. I went through some issues with it and wasn’t able to produce enough for her even after going to a lactation specialist, so formula it was.
    She’s gorgeous though, congrats and I love the hats! lol

  • Jennifer Ryder

    Wow, congratulations!! Elle is beautiful.

  • Elle est tres belle! (translated to She is beautiful in French) Congrats!

  • Congrats!! she’s precious!!! :)

  • Yay congrats on your beautiful new family member!

  • Congrats!! Thank you so much for sharing. As my husband I are working on “baby making” I’m always interested in people’s birth stories and experiences as new parents.

  • OMG She is absolutely PERFECT! Sounds like you had a dream birth as well. CONGRATULATIONS! The days ahead are some of the best!

  • Elle is so beautiful! Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

  • MsFarrah

    Congrats to you and Esposo and the rest of the fam!!!!!Welcome gorgeous baby Elle, I love her name she is beautiful Brittany!!!

  • Barbara Thompson

    Congrats to you and your esposo!

  • kkimberly2004

    omgggggg!!!!! she is so beautiful!!!! congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you and hubby! lol

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations to all three of you!!!

  • Cosmolude

    How adorable :) Congratulations!!

  • Awww congratulations!! Elle is beautiful!

  • Congrats to you so precious!

  • YAY congrats yay! what a cutie! and a lovely name :)

  • Memeeflye

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful.

  • Melissa

    Oh. My. Goodness. She is so beautiful!!! Congrats, I know you’ll make an amazing mommy and and much as I LOVEEEEEEE your blog I know Elle’s beautiful little face deserves your attention too 😉

  • Valerie

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations to you and your husband!

  • Liz

    Congrats!! She’s a cutie!

  • Reesa

    She’s so beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Dee Em


  • CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the Beauty World Baby Clumps 😀

  • kia

    awwwww! thanks for sharing pics! she’s beautiful!!

  • PinkyToes

    Congrats. She is gorgeous!

  • Janki

    Your baby is so cute! And, I’m so glad you opted for a birthing center. I always wanted to do that, especially since both of my births have been drug free and fairly quick.
    I had to chuckle about the “EL” vs. “Ell-ee” pronounciation of your baby’s name. My son’s name is Gabriel and it’s amazing how many people will call him “Gabrielle” (especially nurses for pedi visits). I picked a name that was not super popular but with standard spelling and am always floored by that. Don’t get me started on the various spellings I’ve seen (Gabrell, Gaberiel, etc).
    Is it me, or is baby Elle already rocking the best shade of lips EVER? I’m tempted to find a swatch of that color for a MLBB shade of my own.


  • Shan

    Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best. Elle is such a beautiful name for a future fashionista.

  • She’s beautiful. Congratulations.

  • Sam

    I am just now getting caught up on my reading for the past few weeks, and just saw this. Congratulations! She’s so incredibly beautiful! I’m really happy for the three of you!!!

    P.S. I’m the lady who won one of your Eucerin giveaways, and again, I just can’t thank you enough. You saved my life…or at least my skin :)

  • Mee

    Congratulations. She is beautiful and aptly named.

  • Victoria



    • Victoria

      lol forgot spaces

      Elle :) :) :)

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful and she has one of my favorite names! So glad your family is doing well!

  • LaWanda S

    Congrats!! She is beautiful.

  • Greenelady80

    OMG!! You had your baby girl on my baby girls (well she is three now) Birthday! Funny thing as well I had her without any drugs and she was also about 5 pounds. I hope you enjoy your baby girl as much as I am enjoying mine. She brings joy into my life everyday! Congrats!

  • Conrats to you and Esposo! baby Elle is just beautiful! Enjoy!

  • Jill

    Congrads, she is beautiful, I am very happy for you cherish every minute you have with her, they grow up to be 12 yrs old and wanting your mascara. then your shoes. I am very happy for you enjoy her love her cuddle her smile with her cry with her and pray with her. and most of enjoy her first smile, and Laugh her first step her first word her first everything video tape it all. keep us updated

  • Rozy

    the ultimate kawaii

  • Congrats.
    She is A beautiful Angel.

  • Oh my I am so behind on this awesome news, Congratulations to you both , Elle i deliciously adorable 😀 Enjoy tis time and get tons of pics! 😀