Clinique Chubby Wubby Lip Colour Balms

Clinique does it again. They’ve managed to create an amazing lip product that I’m obsessed with. Their Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms have been around for quite some time but now Clinique has some reformulated ones that are more…intense. Yes, girl…yes! Intense color is definitely my preference when it comes to lip products. And um, let’s face it – when have you ever seen a super pigmented lip stick thingy like this? I haven’t!


Soooo, I mean, what IS this stick of wonderfulness? According to Clinique, these lip balms are a blend between a moisturizing lip balm and a full coverage lip colour. And that definition is pretty dead on to me. I usually always apply a lip balm before applying any a lipgloss or lipstick but with these, I can just put it on and go.


At $16 a pop, you get a good amount of product.




And no, love…you don’t have to worry about having a massive sharpener for these. Simply twist that little silver knob at the bottom and you’re good to go.


There are 5 gorgeous shades of these but I’m highlighting my favorites…


Curviest Caramel is a soft pink that also leans more on the nude-y side. I didn’t think it would work well with my complexion but it’s pretty darn spectacular. I’ve been able to rock it confidently without a lipliner and all. Woot!


Plushest Punch is a gentle magenta and this is my favooooorite. I find it to be a great everyday color. It also seems to be a bit more glossy than some of the other shades. Which is a nice little perk. 😎


Heftiest Hibiscus looks orange at first glance but but really it’s more of an orange-y coral. It works well for me and it’s such a nice shade to have in the bunch.


Grandest Grapes almost looks like Plushest Punch but it has more purple in it. It’s darker and richer and I find it to be a gorgeous pop of color on days when I’m not doing too much with the eyes.


Mighest Maraschino is a red and bay-bee, it is really red. It’s got some blue in it so I think it’ll work well for all complexions. It’s the perfect “intro to red” for those who aren’t ready to wear super glossy red lips.

So let’s see, these are…
-Long-lasting (I can get good wear for about 4-5 hours)
-Nicely pigmented
-Easy to find
-In a number of diverse shades

Cost: $16/ea
Where To Buy?: Clinique counters and

Have you gals tried these yet? Pretty impressive, uh?

  • I like these! The regular Chubby Sticks are too sheer to be interesting to me, but I’ll definitely swatch these when I see them!

  • Dayum these babies are pigmented! I think I’ll get one for my sister soon :) They’ll be a nice intro to lipsticks hehe!!

  • Caitlin

    I love Mightiest Maraschino on you! I may have to pick up Heftiest Hibiscus for myself. Really nice coral-red.

  • Joanne

    I too am obsessed with these. I bought two of the original ones when they came out earlier in the year (one of which I used up and have just replaced) and the Mightiest Maraschino for the Christmas party season. They are all my lipstick requirements in one very handy package. But then I am a lifelong Clinique fan so maybe I’m biased!

  • Brittany has pretty lips!


  • gio

    They are all so pretty! Plushest Punch is my favourite too!

  • Mai

    I quite like the look of Grandest Grape. I’m really fond of the Chubby Sticks since it means I don’t have to worry about sharpening them!

  • Amanda

    :) I love these alot, as a Clinique Clinical level consultant, I was so excited when they hit the counter! These puppies are fun, I am very fair with dark chocolate hair, grandest grape is my fave shade, its rich a plush!

  • I loved your review! Really appreciated that your showed what some of the colors look like when applied, it is sooo helpful!

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  • Valerie C.

    Very nice! I’ll have to try these :)

  • I LOVE these! They look like they go on really smooth!

  • Lavendar

    I love all the colors you showed! Definitely will be picking up a couple of these.

  • Wow these are pretty! Grandest Grape is my favorite because I love purple so much! I’ll have to check these out for myself.

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  • I actually thought these were called Chubby Wubby … I would have probably bought them too :p

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