Makeup Wars: 3 Travel Tips for the Beauty Obsessed


I could write a book about Traveling While Addicted to Cosmetics. I mean, honestly – it ain’t easy trying to decide which nail polishes, blushes and eyeliners to bring on a 2-day trip. And don’t even get me started if I’m traveling for more than 2 days. I’ve hit the highways and airways enough to finally know how to pack efficiently. Plus, when you keep loosing your luggage at airports or have that $26 lotion spill out over your new sandals, you learn a thang or two.

And yes. Those things have actually happened to lucky ole’ me.


So first things first: Use travel-sized bottles


Yeah, I know it seems like an obvious tip but there have been plenty of of times where I’ve been lazy and thrown an entire bottle of shampoo in my luggage. Aside from adding to the weight of the luggage (which sucksssss if you’re flying), you risk the chance of  something spilling over. Your favorite body wash doesn’t come in a travel size? Purchase a smaller bottle or re-use one. Label them accordingly and POW – smaller bottles.

Don’t forget the Qtips!


I know. I’m so obsessed with these things. We already know how awesome they are but they double as makeup brushes, exfoliating tools and eyelining. Taking Qtips with you means you can likely leave some other beauty stuffs behind.

Keep the essentials IN the travel bag


For the most part, when I travel, I don’t have to “pack” any of my essentials. Every thing is ready to go and all I need to do is add whatever extras I want to take. Plus, who really has the time to constantly pack and re-pack the essentials each time you travel? I’ve got my own set of cleansers, tweezers and makeup products that reside in my travel bag.

And if you learned nothing else, darlings – whatever you do, if you can help it, don’t take your most expensive beauty and skincare products when traveling. Just don’t. You’ll never forgive yourself if that Dolce & Gabanna lipstick you took to the Bahamas never made its way back to the States.


*sigh* On to happier times – check out what my fellow Makeup Wars chicas have to say about beauty bloggin’ travels.

Beauty Blogger Packing

  • omg @ lotion on the sandals. Did you cry? I would have bawled my face off over the shoes LMAO Love your photos!!!

    • Brittany

      Of course I cried. I still cry over it. LOL!

  • Celine

    I’m so very thankful for this post because I’m going on my first every trip this Summer. For Christmas, my friend bought me my luggage and how perfect that it came with a separate beauty bag! I said wow, you know me lol It was funny too because we are only going to be on the trip for a total of 3 nights, so at first everyone thought to just have a carry on and not check anything, but as we know you can’t have any liquids as a carry on which you know is basically a lot of skin care and makeup. I said if you think for a second I’m going away without any makeup, your sadly mistaken LOL So we are checking now haha I know, I must be a diva LOL Are you saying I shouldn’t bring my holy grail Dior lipstick that I love? haha

    • Brittany

      I’d definitely leave that lippy at home, mamacita. :)

  • I forgot the Q tips!

  • Great tips! I have a travel bag that I keep stuffed and stashed with things like the essentials (band-aids, tweezers, cotton pads, contact case, etc.) It certainly makes things extra easy.

  • I love that you like to keep a travel bag stocked to go, too. I think we have learned it’s good to have a stash!

  • It is always a great idea to keep a travel bag stocked up. Such a time saver! :) I can’t travel without q-tips either!!! :) Great post!

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  • I forgot to mention I always bring cotton balls for makeup removal and Q-tips! I do love travel sizes and travel palettes! It’s so hard when you’re a makeup lover and you want everything available!

    • Brittany

      *sigh* Tell me about it!

  • I never learn. I always pack too much. And I never remember the QTips!

  • I never take any makeup product I can’t replace. It would be sad enough to lose it but if I couldn’t get another it would be the worst.
    I probably pack q-tips first! LOL

  • Like you I have several things that live in my travel bag ready to go. Sample sizes are perfect for travel!

  • I haven’t thought about carrying qtips. Smart!

    • Brittany


  • I forgot to pack q-tips!

    • Brittany

      …and you sooooo need Qtippies!

  • Those are great tips! I have small makeup items too, though they were hiding somewhere in my bathroom and I was too lazy to pull them out. But, I have that little UDPP, the same liners, and you’ve reminded me I need to find my portable q-tips!

  • I used to always keep my makeup bag pre-loaded, too! But now I get so many deluxe samples that it’s fun to rotate out products. Great tips!

  • Totally agree on the travel sizes. My Philosophy mini-shower gel (which I also used as a shampoo) was a lifesaver.

    I’ve taken along limited edition makeup products but have taken them along with me in my handbag. I didn’t pack anything which I couldn’t afford to use in my checked in luggage.

  • Jazz

    And that reminds me that I need some travel sizes for this weekend. I definitely need a travel size makeup remover 😀

  • I keep my essentials permanently in a bag too. It makes things so much easier!

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  • Neslihan

    I love the idea of the qtips in a travel size holder!
    May I ask , What brand of Q-tip holder is that?I really need one like that…

    Thank you,

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