CVS Beauty Fashion Week challenge + win a $50 gift card!


Sooooo another Fashion Week has zoomed right on by and with her she dumped a ton of beauty trends that have beauty-obsesesd folx like myeslf going gaga.

Like last season, I’ve been trying to see if I can comfortably mimic some of those trends without lookin’, ya know, too cray cray. Aaaaand with the help of CVS/pharmacy, I think I can do it. If it turns out a total disaster, at least I’ll be covered with CVS/pharmacy’s 60-day Beauty Guarantee.

Trend #1:
Strong brows.



Considering I was born with massive brows, I’d say that I’ve been rockin’ this trend for a good 28 years now. For serious. Big brows are back and if you’re like me and yours need constant defining, check out Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Shape brow pencil ($7.99). Even a newb like me can fill in those sparse areas with ease. But remember – less is more.

Trend #2
Insanely bold lip colors.


Yas! Y’all know I love to rock a bold lip and will do so no matter what the season is. Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks are freaking ah-mazing. I’ll be reviewing them but in the meantime, how awesome is Vivid Rose? I scooped her up for $7.39 and got Neon Red for $3.69.


Hollerssss. It’s easy to hoard these because every shade is super pigmented and goooorgeous.

Trend #3
Blue eyeshadow


Say whaaaat? I didn’t see this one coming. I don’t have anything against blue eyeshadow. I just don’t wear it often. This trend has me being a bit more creative when doing my makeup in the morning. I’ve been trying to find ways to comfortably wear blue. I’m lovin’ this L’Oreal Colour Riche eyeshadow palette.


Not bad for under $8.

Trend #4
White/neutral nail polish shades


I love white nail polish. Like, luuuuurve. I just don’t wear it often because they can be a bit of a pain to apply. But if you find a good one like Sally Hansen’s Sheer Bliss ($7.79), you better rock it, sister.

Thanks to these affordable products, I hit 4 trends and stayed under $50. But remember, for every $50 spent on beauty at CVS/pharmacy, you get $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards!


Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win 1 $50 CVS/pharmacy gift card to snag some products that you were inspired by this past Fashion Week. Good luuuuck!

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  • Heather USA (@aitch77 FB: rosie areola)

    SO difficult to decide …. I guess I’ll go with White/Neutral nails since that’s what I’ve been incorporating most, until summer comes then it’ll be the other 3 trends too lol 😀

  • Alison

    I’ve got to go with bold lips as my favorite trend- even though I can only work up the courage to rock it every once in a while!

  • Bee

    Bright lips for sure. Even I have natural bushy brows so quite tired of hem.
    Bright fuschia lippies are calling me

  • carolyn

    Bright lips! I love them even though I can’t pull them off hahaha

  • I’m loving the bold lip!! I used to never wear anything but Vaseline on my lips and this trend has opened a whole new world of lip colors to me! Also, tysm for the giveaway but maybe a cool future giveaway idea would be to have somebody put together their own look and compete for prize money!

  • Chanelle (C.M.)

    Bold lips for sure!

  • Cindy

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Brenda Burgess

    I am loving trend #3 blue eyeshadow.

  • Rai

    I’m loving the Insanely bold lip colors trend.

  • Lisa

    I’ve just fallen in love with bold lipsticks and I LOVE white nail polish!

    I hope I win this. I go to CVS a few times a week just to wind down and browse the beauty aisle. LOL

  • I think I want to try the blue eyeshadow. It’s not a color I reach for often.

  • Emilee

    Loving the neutral nail polish trend!

  • Michelle

    I would have to say the bold lip color trend. I have a warm skin tone and I think some kind of orange or red color would be FABULOUS!

  • Lynley

    I love the bold lip best. Bright pinks work best for me!

  • Lia

    The bold lip colors–swoon!

  • johanna

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE insanely BOLD lip color

  • Brianna

    I love strong eyebrows!!

  • Liz

    Hard to pick, but I think I’ll go with the blue eye shadow. It’s not like that crazy frosted stuff we wore in the ’80’s. lol. They’re such beautifully blended colors now.

  • Kim

    Maybelline always nails it in the lip color and mascara dept. I love those new lipsticks!

  • Marissa

    i have always loved bold lips. now im also liking the white polish.

  • I love the bold lip, I haven’t tried it yet due to a discolored front tooth, but I love it.

  • I love both the strong brow and bold lip color trends. I really love a bold lip with a neutral eye, bold liner, and long lashes!

  • TraciB

    Trend 1! Doesn’t require much effort on my part, I was blessed with thick brows.

  • Bold Lips . . . White nail color is such a pain to do . . .

  • Vanessa S

    Bold lips….

  • Tiffany

    I’m a sucker for nude nails, so classy and clean!

  • Bright lips and bold brows! But especially bright lips :)

  • I’ve always loved blue eye shadows…very complimentary on my brown eyes. But I think the trend I’m most excited about is the bold lip color. I tend to stick with a more “neutral” lip palette, but I’d like to experiment with some bright, bold hues.

  • Adj

    Love the bold lips in vivid rose!

  • I’m with you on the brows. My brows are naturally quite full too, so I’m loving that it’s a trend. :-)

  • Kweenie

    All about the strong brows. They set the tone for the rest of the face.

  • Supriya

    I am loving the bold brows! I just think brows make or break the face!! :)

  • Kiy

    I LOVE the bold lip color! I usually go for nudes/neutral colors, but I really like the hot, bright colors.

  • milaxx

    Hard to pick just one trend. I always love a bold lip, but as a glasses wearer I like playing with colorful eyes I use them either as a liner, or over the lid with a dark brown or black in the crease to tone it down.

  • lesleyk

    Bold lips! Those lipsticks are gorgeous!

  • Lavendar

    Absolutely loving the bold lips!

  • Dimitrea

    I’m loving the bold lip color.

  • Anjali

    Definitely the bold lips! Something new for me too.

  • marta

    Bright lips and neutral nails

  • Jessie C.

    White/neutral nail polish shades

  • I’ve been trying to work on my brows, so that trend is on par with what I’m doing now! I am a little afraid of the blue eyeshadow and bold lip, but I’m going to try to rock it (though maybe not together?)

  • Jessica

    Definitely BOLD lips,(i like them all year round) I’ve been rocking the darks/reds this fall/winter but I’ll punch it up with pinks and fuchsia this spring :)

  • I’m 100% into the bright lips. I’ve been collecting new lippies for months now. So this is the trend I can’t wait to go fully into for spring/summer.

  • Bold lips! Always a favorite!

  • Deborah K.

    Spring will be here soon! What’s better than more new makeup?

  • Krystle

    I really want to learn how to make my eyebrows look thick and soft like all the girls now. Eyebrows are def my fave trend.

  • Victoria

    Love the bold lips!

  • RoxyWTF

    I’m struggling with brow definition. I either look like a Telenovela actor or a failed evil villain.

  • That bold lip trend is caaallllling me!

  • Tory C.

    I LOVE bold lips! Especially since I wear glasses so you can’t usually see my eyes.

  • Sandra Olivas

    Thx for the chance!

  • Sandra Olivas

    Loving bold lips

  • meero

    i’m loving the bold lips! i have plenty of bold colors already but there’s always room for more. those maybelline lippies are awesome!

  • Casey

    The bold lip colors are my FAVORITE! I love hot pink! <3

  • Brittany L

    The bold lip is my favorite trend. I would love to try it in a magenta color.

  • i’d def like to venture into bolder lip colors since i’ve been a carmex/ vaseline girl for so so long. my brows are strong (and have been strong) on their own since forever lol! adding anything else to them would be overkill.

  • Luv beauty trend #2, the bright and bold lip colors The colors you choose are gorgeous.

  • absolutely L O V I N G white / nude nails !!

  • Veronica Simms

    I’d love this! I’m definitely in need of some me time, and would love to pick up that white polish. Also, I’m a therapist and I’ve started having manicure time with my new female clients to break the ice, so it would be great to pick up some polish and beauty gadgets just for that purpose.

  • Eryka

    I like the neutral nails. Its a breath of fresh air.

  • Eryka

    I like the neutral nails. When you wear lots of nail colors like myself, it can be a breath of fresh air.

  • Ceja

    I LOVE the bold lip color trend. I like colors that are extremely pigmented I practically own the entire line of MUFE Rouge lipstick line, and some Lime Crime, and Lip bar! INSANE!

  • Sherry B.

    I’m loving the bright lips trend!

  • bold lip color, bold nail color enter me for the contest I can always use more stuff

  • Michaiah Halley

    Thank you this would really help me to get my beauty products when I start college in the fall!

  • Shannon

    I am loving the bold lip! I rarely wear lipstick, but I’m all for trying something new!!

  • Monzi

    This is perfect! I’ve been really into drugstore makeup recently and would love to try some new stuff! Hope I win!!!

  • Monzi

    The strong eyebrows are IT for me! It frames my face perfectly!

  • Emily


  • JaNelle

    I’m loving bright bold lips.

  • TaNeisha Kemp

    Blue eyeshadow, of course! I also love seeing older women or the seasoned women do this.

  • Okay, I’m SO needing the insanely BOLD lips! Vivid Rose?!Maybelline?! YES PLEASE!!!

  • Kristi C. (@lov2read68)

    The insanely bright lips – way out of my comfort zone! So I’m playing with bright gloss layered over my tamer lipsticks as a way to work up to rockin’ a brighter lip color!

  • Lisa Brown

    Strong brows for me :)

  • Jennifer Pham

    Bold lip colors for sure! I’ve always loved that look :)

  • Elizabeth M.

    Since I’m part of the bold brow brigade, I’ll go with that look. lol But really, they’re all pretty cool!

  • I think that strong, groomed eyebrows are always necessary!

  • @PiratePigg

    Hmmm, I may have to check out the vivids lipsticks after all. :)

  • If all the trends, I am completely loving the BOLD lips!!! I’ve been venturing out of my safety zone and wearing bolder colors!! Woo hoo!!!

  • Teresa

    Ahhhhh I’m loving strong brows! I have very sparse brows naturally, so I’m always looking for a good brow pencil c:

  • Megan

    I love insanely bold lips! White nails are also pretty sweet!

  • kt

    I am just loving white/light nails lately. The problem I have is I don’t like a white creme and most of the sheer ones have too much VNL for my taste. I want a white jelly/crelly that builds to full opaqueness and keeps that squishy-ness. I guess I’m a little picky…

  • Golda

    I can’t wait for the eyeshadow 😀

  • Diane

    I have always been in love with white nail polish. I prefer the shimmer/metallic white to a matte, but I just love it.

  • Sam

    I LOVE white polish, but you’re right, it can be a real pain to apply and get it to look right. I usually draw designs on it anyway.

  • Trina

    I’m loving the bright lips! I’ve personally been too scared to try it but it’s definitely on my to do list.

  • Suzanna Gonzalez

    I love all the trends but you can’t never go wrong with a bold lip color! Trend #2 :)

  • I love the nude color trend!

  • Miranda

    Definitely the white & nude nails!

  • Ashley

    love the white/ neutral nail trend.

  • I would have to go with the lipsticks. It seems bold lips is the current trend.

  • Blue eyeshadow, I know I can’t pull it off but I love it.

  • SamV

    I am loving bold lips.

  • I like the white polish. I remember rocking it back in high school. May try it again.

  • I’m a nail polish freak so I’ll be rocking the white nails often.

  • Mary Cloud

    Neutral nail polish shades
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  • Suz

    I’m Team Bold Lips as well. I grabbed 4 Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids shades the other day, and will be heading back for more. I always leans towards lips over other products, but have vowed to try to pay more attention to my eyes this year.

  • Carolyn N.

    I’m digging the white or neutral nail polish!

  • Emily G

    I’m loving the bold brow trend, I never did my brows until I realized what a difference it makes!

  • love the strong brows…working on making mine stronger by steps…

  • I LOVE the strong brows trend. BB Cream has gravitated from Asia, particularly Korea, and the Koreans have been rocking strong, straight brows since forever as well. Besides, we all need definition.

  • Tam

    While I already do the bold brow, I can’t wait to wear the bold, bright, neon-ish lip color. Since we’ve been doing the nude thing for a while now, the colorfully juicy lips are right up my alley. Lip color is so easy to be on-trend!

  • Definitely need to try blue shadow more…goes awesome with pink lips!

  • Ashleigh

    Going to try white polish. I usually use white as a base to make colors pop but rarely wear the color alone.

  • Autumn

    Blue eyeshadow! Yay!

  • Cosmolude

    I love the bold lip colors. When I don’t feel like doing anything special with my eyeshadow, I always go for a bright or bold lip color.

  • Anne

    love blue eyeshadow :)

  • Lauren W.

    I’m loving the vivid lips! I just bought Shocking Coral from that line, and it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Nadine

    I’m in! I like all the trends!

  • Anna

    Not sure if I like the blue eye shadow trend… more into purple.

  • Latasha

    I think the blue eyeshadow because I can do a navy smokey eye or a wash of blue above the crease.

  • Ella Chris

    Those lip colors look so good on you! Love all the current trends.

  • Ada

    OMG! All I want to do now is to buy a bunch of lipsticks! <3

  • Liz

    Bold lip, for sure!

  • Dash

    The white nail polish!!

  • I can’t wait to try the bold brows!

  • beth titus

    Trend #2
    Insanely bold lip colors.

  • Nat

    Bright, Bold Lips!

  • amyc

    I like the bold lip trend the best!

  • elizabeth

    I like the blue eyeshadow. I have been trying it out recently. It actually works with brown eyes.

  • Sherri Jones

    Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Shape brow pencil

  • Ann

    I think the Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Shape brow pencil is great!!! Great eyebrows make a world of difference

  • Stacy K.

    The trend I’m lovin the most is the white/neutral nail.

  • Lindsay

    blue eyeshadow

  • Georgann Dreher

    Trend #4
    White/neutral nail polish shades

  • Vanessa Madrigal

    neutral nail polish.

  • Stephanie

    Strong eyebrows is my favorite.

  • hminnesota

    I like the Insanely bold lip colors trend.

  • The bold lip colors are hot!

  • Trend #2
    Insanely bold lip colors.

    I love how bright lip colors make my lips look fuller. They seem to get a lot of attention when I wear a bright color to work. Makes me feel like a celebrity.

  • erica weaver

    i need some longer stronger eyelashes

  • Bold lipstick!

  • I love Trend #3
    Blue eyeshadow
    the most!

  • aliciak

    I’m LOVING the bold lips!

  • Kari

    LOVE the bold lips and neutral nails. Still a little afraid of blue eyeshadow though!

  • Nancy Sloan

    Trend #1 Strong brows

  • CarolynH

    I’m pleased about the strong brows trend. I’ll be less self-conscious about them being too thick.

  • Alissa Lease

    Hmmm, I think the bold lip color would suit me. Interesting site. Thanks for the info.

  • Nancy P

    White/neutral nails. They look great with a tan!

  • estella miller

    I am loving the bold lips trend!!!

  • carla carr

    Insanley Bold Lip Color

  • Cat J

    after many years of dancing and having to wear bold lipsticks, i’m glad to see bold lips coming back into style. those new maybelline ones are gorgeous!

  • Linda F

    Strong Brows

  • I like the bold lip trend. I love a pop of color to my look..

  • For me, the white nail polish is the bomb! I have short nails and I find the whiter, lighter colors make them look a bit longer.

  • I was already into the other trends, but I have a sudden desire for sheer white polish.

  • Fred

    Trend #2-Insanely bold lip colors is my favorite.

  • Loremil

    bold lip color

  • Leanna French

    My favorite trend right now is definitely the white/neutral nailpolish trend! I think it’s extremely chic and neutral nails go with everything

  • Madeline

    I love these bright and bold colors :-)

  • irene

    love the bold lip colors! nice pop of color complements every outfit

  • Bold eyebrows for sure :)

  • I love the trend #4! love having basic nails

  • Blue is my favorite color and my wardrobe reflects this so I think the Blue Eyeshadow trend is great

  • Alison Matalanis

    Bold lip colors

  • BYN

    Great eyeshadow colors.

  • Andrea Darst

    Love the insanely bold lip colors

  • i wear blue eyeshadow often. then line the edge with black.

  • Stefanie

    Strong brows. They’re not for everybody and I don’t have them myself but I like them on certain people.

  • Leidy

    Trend #4
    White/neutral nail polish shades
    I go crazy for nail polish! :)

  • I definitely have to say bold brows!! I have very hairy ones so I need constant upkeep too lol!

  • Donna

    Definitely the bold lip!!

  • CharityS

    Insanely bold lip colors.

  • Tish

    Bold lips are always in!

  • Dalores Lounds

    The white/neutral polish shades.

  • Tina

    The one I love the best is the blue eyeshadow!

  • Kirsten

    Blue eyeshadow. Carefully. It’s not a color that looks good on that many people.

  • Tracy W

    I love the blue eyeshadow trend.

  • Bailey

    The bold lip is deffinitely my favorite of the four. It can add so much more to an otherwise average face or outfit!

  • Andrea

    I love the bold lip!! I’m a little too shy to wear it to work, but when I go out…va va voom! im rocking fuchinista from the Fergie collection from Wet and Wild. Love it!

  • Himanshi

    I would definitely go with bold lips! love em’

  • Angela

    Definitely the strong brow! I think brows just set your face off. I try to keep mine well groomed, but natural.

  • trend 4 i liked but they all great giveways

  • Shawna O.

    I’m loving the bold lip colors trend the most!!

  • I’m definitely a fan of bold lips!

  • jeevon kay

    Trend #3 Blue eyeshadow is my favorite. Blue is my favorite color and it certainly will bring out some color to my face

  • Mary W

    I am wearing a neutral shade right now. Didn’t think I would like it but I really do. Nice change from the bright colors.

  • Susan P.

    White/Neutral nail polish

  • Nausheen

    My favorite trend is the bold brows!

  • nelle

    I am loving the new bold lippstick trend, I love the pinky purple lip colors the best

  • joella

    I am really liking the blue eyes. Done right, they can make brown eyes pop!

  • Valerie

    Bold lip!

  • I love a bold lip. Love the new maybelline vivids.

  • Caitlin H

    You didn’t mention this one, but skin, skin, skin! Flawless but natural skin was ALL OVER the runway and that I am DOWN for!

  • Sadie

    Trend #4-White/neutral nail polish shades
    I like the neutral colors for spring.

  • Loving bold lips this season!

  • Oh my gosh, I am SO into embracing colors right now — especially in my eye shadow. The bold lips still scare me a bit.

  • Betty N

    Trend 4 white polish

  • H

    Bold lips all the way!

  • Erica P.

    My favorite trend is the bold lip colors! I love bold lips! Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  • I have recently become totally obsessed with well-groomed brows. I go to a threading salon and use a brow pencil almost daily!

  • Ashli M.

    I am so down with the strong brows. My eyebrows are so thick and full and I love it.

  • Margo

    Bold lips! I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone with lip colors.

  • Wendy T.

    Strong Brows!

  • mamotts

    loving the bold lips..a smile send a big message

  • Marta H.

    Trend #4
    White/neutral nail polish shades

  • I love the Trend #3 I always wear brown but would love to try the blue for a new look.

  • Nancy Reid

    I’m loving the blue eyeshadow! It’s so retro!

  • Kat

    I love the strong brows trend. Although if everybody starts wearing bangs like Michelle Obama, then nobody will see the brows!

  • Kelly Harris

    Loving the bold brows! My bone structure has always demanded a little bushier than in fashion and now that I am older they can sure use a bit of color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • R.Smith

    I love those blue colors.

  • I’m loving the bold brow trend! I’ve always had thick, dark brows that I don’t want to pluck to death. That makes me super happy that it’s “trendy” now.

  • LOVE a bold lip!

  • Sherry Scheurer

    Love the white/neutral nail shades!

  • Jaye

    I love the Bold Lips!! Thanks for all the great giveaways !!!!

  • Kelly Porterfield

    Love-Insanely bold lip colors!

  • Kristina Wilson

    Insanely bold lip colors.

  • Donna W.

    I like Trend #4 – I like light nail polish as I have nice healthy nails.

  • Julie Davis

    Bold lips

  • Asia

    Loving the strong brow trend. Finally, I don’t need so much upkeep! lol

  • Lynn

    the insanely bold lip trend…i m excited because i have some this year.