EB Gets Dolled Up

This work from home life with a newborn is somethin’ else, y’all. How do women do it and not go stir crazy? On the other hand, if you think stay at home moms don’t do anything all day, I challenge you to be one for a day. No lie. It is the hardest job I have ever done. Getting up and going to work is waaaaaay easier.

But if I did that, I wouldn’t have the chance to do silly things like put EB in tutu onesies and put huge bows on her head just for fun. Baby girl clothes are the best!! Moms with boys, do you all have this much fun dressing them up? Probably not, uh? I’ve seen the boy section at stores. Trucks, superheroes, animals and cargo. That’s it. Lame.

But the baby girl clothing world has endless options…

And lemme tell you, I never wanted my kids to be attached to the binky (aka pacifier) but some babies have a natural desire to suck. And they find it soothing. Plus, sometimes no paci results in this…

So now which one would you choose? Yeah. I try not let her suck on it allllll the time. Pacifiers are useful but they are so unsightly and get in the way of a baby’s cuteness. And teeth. Y’all know it’s true.


EB’s having an up and down week.


-She met her paternal grandparents and great-grandma!
-She’s 9 lbs! 5 lbs at birth and she’s gaining weight beautifully.
-She got a new swing that she absolutely adores.
-Baby acne is clearing up.
-We discovered that coconut oil heals and prevents diaper rashes.

-She caught Esposo’s cold. Baby’s 1st cold. It’s miserable for all involved.
-She had tummy issues thanks to me and my love affair with sweet potatoes.
Cradle cap is here. Coconut oil to the rescue!
-EB’s thighs aren’t thick enough for her cloth diapers. Booooo.

How do I have a 7-week old? Wasn’t I JUST pregnant? Oh, and in other good news – my child still looks like a girl even when she wears blue.


Yep. It’s the important things in life. 😎 Send us well wishes. Today EB and I have an appointment with a pediatric oral motor specialist. This is our last professional attempt to try and get EB to breastfeed directly. If it doesn’t work, I will continue to pump but only for a limited time (more about that later). If it does work, I’ll be elated and it means I’ll be able to get sleep. I’ve still only been running off of 2-3 hours a day. Whoooooooa.

Baby Question of the Week:

If you have or had a daughter, would you get her ears pierced as a baby?
-My Answer: I am so getting EB’s ears pierced at 3 months. She won’t remember the pain and if she grows up to hate the earrings in her ears (so unlikely), she can just remove them. It’s all cosmetic and unnecessary but it’s also one of those traditional things in my family. What say you?

Send Baby EB get well wishes!


  • Elle is so adorable!!! She is making me miss my baby days. I have 3 kids (1 girl age 11, & 2 boys ages 9 & 4). I had loads of fun dressing my daughter versus my sons. Boys have no cool clothes like girls. I got my daughter’s ears pierced at age 2 and I wish I did it when she was a baby. Girl go for it! I wish you the best in breastfeeding because I had similar problems too but it will work out.

  • Heather

    you are speaking the truth about that! After my daughter was born it took me all day to plan out a trip to the grocery store! I think the newborn stage is the most difficult but it does get easier as you get more used to it and they adjust to being able to wait longer :) And you are right; it is so worth being home with them as much as you are able to be. She is so beautiful! Getting up to pump in the middle of the night is actually harder than just nursing in my opinion; good luck either way!

    • Brittany

      You’re so right, Heather. And yes, pumping is a lot more work. It’s grueling alright..

  • She is the cutest! Aww!

  • Farrah

    Hi Beautiful Elle!! I hope you get better soon and good luck with the breast feeding . Not sure if the weather in O town is bad like it is down here in the Burg but if so, be careful out there Brittany.

  • OMG She is perfection, so adorable! :)

    • Brittany


  • Elle

    She is adorable and growing very nicely! And I hope you start getting more sleep soon and that latching works out, but I have a feeling you will both be fine either way. Boys do have a few cute dress-up options. In addition to the accessories (suspenders, bowties, etc.) I had a ball putting all kinds of hats, suits and sweaters on my son. I am currently trying to warm him up to the idea of a fedora, but now that he is big enough to take it off, dress-up takes a little more negotiation.

    • Brittany

      Baby boys in bowties are the cutesttttttt!!!

  • Your daughter is adorable. I pierced my daughters ears when she was 7 or 8 months.

  • kazari

    I have a boy! and you’re right, dressing them up isn’t nearly as fun, though you do comfort themselves with trying to make them look all GQ for special occasions (which he will promptly poop or spit up on, but it was fun for that hour).

    What worked best for his cradle cap, however, was (after doing the standard treatment with softening with oil and then combing it out during a bath) to take a really thin lotion like Jergens and put it directly on his scalp after his bath. Killed that cradle cap dead.

    And pacis aren’t bad for babies, supposedly they help prevent SIDS. Mine never really liked them, but they help him sleep. I just take it out after he falls asleep…..and later on, if Elle is still attached to hers, you can get an orthodonic paci and maybe wean her off?

    • Brittany

      I didn’t even know they had orthodonic paci’s. Whoooooa!!!

  • Miranda

    You don’t have to tell me that little girls clothes are 100000000 times cuter than boys! Boooooooo!! I’m due in June with my first…a little boy who will be in plaid until he starts buying his own clothes :)

    • Brittany

      Aaawww! Yay for your impending bundle!

  • Lavendar

    Elle is sooo adorable!!! Awww, I feel you on the breastfeeding woes. I experienced that twice, both times ending with pumping until I couldn’t even get much from that either. My problems were from lactation; my second was almost 10 lbs when he was born and was eating his hands up when he was delivered. Talk about latching…ouch!

    I got my daughter’s ear pierced as soon as she had her doctor agreed, which I think that was around 4 months. I cried more than she did. She yelped for a good 30 seconds, took her bottle, and settled down. I was surprised actually. She didn’t even tug at her ears afterwards and never indicated that they were hurting while they healed. I was so relieved, and she looked so precious. It’s like a tradition in my family too, so I know what you mean.


    • Brittany

      Elle is a thug so I don’t even see her crying. Just more annoyed. Ha!

  • Elle is sooooo beautiful. I gave my munchkin a paci and got rid of it when she turned one — I think. It seems so long ago. Anyway, there was absolutely no fuss. I just threw them away and she never missed it.

    As for the ear piercing, it was right around the 7/8 week mark. Her pediatrician pierced them. Be prepared for lots of crying, but it didn’t last too long.

    Finally, do what you can with breast feeding. People lay so much guilt on if you don’t or if you stop. Whateva! I had to stop because of the brain hemmorhage I had after the pregnancy, but I would’ve stopped if I was too exhausted. You’re no good to that princess if you’re not a present mom.

    Continued blessings in the best journey of your life.

    • Brittany

      Yeah, people judge you if you feed your baby formula and they judge you if you breastfeed. You just can’t win! I’m learning how to do what works best for us. Thanks for the support!

  • What a doll baby! I got my babies ears pierced at 3 months. She didn’t even cry…. I did!

    As far as paci…. if she wants it just give it to her! It will keep you sane! You can start weening at 1 1/2. Only at home, then only at night and then nothing. It was actually not to bad to get my baby off of it.

    • Brittany

      Aaaaawww! LOL @ mommy getting choked up but baby bein’ cool. That good ole paci is definitely keeping us sane. I stopped worrying about it. It comforts her and that’s all that matters at this age.

  • Silka

    Congratulations, your baby girl is beautiful. I am from Latin America, specifically Panama, and here the ear piercing takes place the very next day they are born.

    • Brittany

      Thank you so much! A lot of my Latina friends say they got their ears pierced either the same day or day the day after they were born.

  • Susan

    I wanted to have my daughter’s ears pierced when she was a bay but my husband said no. He was afraid she would swallow one. By the time she was 3 she was begging for earrings. I had the doctor do it and he said he never saw a child sit so still. If I had it to do over I would do it as a baby.

  • Elle is beautiful! And I love that she is already wearing tutus :) I’m sure she will do great when she gets her ears pierced. And I love how you are balancing it all, go B!

  • Eryka

    Elle is too cute for words! Girl clothes are better which means you shop more! A friend and I just had the ear piercing conversation. She didn’t get her ears pierced until she was a teenager and she remembers it being painful, but she wants to pierce her 5 month old daughters. People where telling her not to. I told her to go for it. I had my daughters done at 4 months in the dr. office and she never showed any signs of pain or discomfort. Only a slight frown and I think that was from the sound scaring her.