Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit

My poor nails. They look a hot mess dot com. I’m not apologetic about it either because you it beez that way sometimes. A few days after Elle was born I cut off all of my nails, removed the nail polish and haven’t really had the chance to do any nail pampering. Which kinda makes me sad but dude, baby girl requires lots of time.

Buuuut, I had a little help with my Mom and sister and since I’d rather not waste a good product like this gel manicure starter kit on my nubs, I figured my sister would be a fantastic model.


Have y’all seen these in stores yet? Sally Hansen released these back in November 2012 and nail polish lovers have been goin’ crazy. These kits come at a good time. You know, with the whole gel nail thing sweeping the nail world.


Priced at $69.99, you would think this kit is like ridiculously expensive, but nah…it works out to be priced well. Think about it: a gel  manicure generally starts at a good $25 but with this, you can do TEN manicures and Sally Hansen says that they’ll last 2 weeks at a time. Not bad, dude. Not bad at all.

What comes in the set…

•Cleanser Pads
• Base Coat
• Color (choice of three shades)
• Top Coat
• Remover
• LED Light
• Application Accessories: Cuticle stick, buffer and alcohol cleaning pad

As of now the sets come in 3 different colors. I’m hopin’ they will sell the gel nail colors individually. 3 colors is a great start but I’d be more likely to use this regularly if I had a good 20+ nail polish colors to choose from.

The best thing about the kit – the fact that it comes with a LED light.


These things can be pretty pricey alone so it’s great that it comes with the kit. Plus, you can use it over and over again with all gel nail polishes. Instructions are easy peasy too…


The key is to apply thin coats of each polish. A thicker coat may result in the gel polishes lifting in a matter of days.

My sister’s nails before:


Her nails after:


Impressive, right? The shine is impeccable and while I didn’t apply the polish as perfectly as I would have liked to, the outcome was still nice. 3-4 days later and her nails are still shiny with minimal chipping. 2 of  the gel nails ended up completely coming off but we think that may be attributed to poor application. Still. Not bad at all.

While not ideal for crazy polish fanatics like me, these are great for guys and gals who don’t want to do their nails all the time. I can’t wait to try this out on my toes. While I’ll polish my nails regularly, I don’t even want to tell you how often I change my toe nail polish. HA!

Price: $69.99 or less
Availability: Drugstores, Target and Walmart. I see it for $64 at

Whatcha think? Are you a gel nail lover or would you rather rock traditional nail polish?

  • I haven’t used gel polish… yet. However I’m interested in using regular polish between the gel base adn tops coats, to help nail art last longer.

    • Brittany

      Now that’s an idea! I may give that a whirl.

  • Lol I’m with you there on the toe polish. I only use my RCM gel kit for that, since I’m like you and have to swatch or change up my polish all the time. Although I did recently get a gel mani done in a plain nude colour and it’s been great as a base for nail art! I just clean the nail polish off when I get tired of it and the gel underneath stays impeccable. Then I paint over it again and again :)

    • Brittany

      I am so going to have to do nude nails then..

  • Wow wow wow that looks like a wonderful starter set! I wish we’ll have that down here! It’ll be fun!!!

    • Brittany

      Hopefully it’ll make its way to Thailand soon!

  • I have a gel nails kit, and I really like it. Gel nails are a great base for nail art, too, since the regular polish is removable with non-acetone remover without harming the gel!

    • Brittany

      Yes! Very good point. Perfect for those who love doing nail art on a regular.

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of this. Looks cool. I need a way for my polish to last more than a day!

  • I don’t think I could ever handle gel manicures…I change my nail polish colors like a mad man.
    As for my toes…umm…lol

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  • Wow I didn’t know a product like this was on the market. This great news! I’m over-joyed. Can’t believe the great value, 10 manicures in this little box, for one low price! Btw the red nails looked amazing! Soooo glossy and gorgeous!


  • Oh, now why did I have to read this amazing article? I was happy to have my gel nails done in a salon. I saw this kit at the drugstore and dismissed it, thinking that it couldn’t possibly compare to what it done at the salon. Was I wrong! It’s a relatively small price to pay for incredible results. A bonus–with gel coating, my nails grow like wildfire! A great read!

  • I’ve been wanting a UV lamp for a while… maybe this will be a good cheap way to get one.