Beauty in Mommyhood – EB Is 2 Months Old!

*edit: We removed EB’s pictures. I didn’t feel comfortable having so many online.

Okay, it’s official. My child is growing up. Yes, it’s great that she’s growing and thriving but I really enjoy her sweet cuddly newborn-y self. EB is a really good baby. She doesn’t cry too much; mostly when we have stupidly missed her hunger and tired cues. But other than that, she does a great job at not driving us nuts with constant crying.

And when she does cry and I can’t figure out why I’m all like, “EB, you’re being such a crybaby.” And she gives me this look like, “Ma, do you want to make it better or shall I turn it up a notch?”

I’m starting to spot her little personality. She’s hilarious and has a wacky sense of humor just like me! She does this new thing where she’ll open her mouth to receive the pacifier and then spit it right out. And then she’ll whine just for you to put the paci in her mouth to start the cycle all over again. It cracks me up. She’s also starting to  babble. We are chit-chatting allll the time.

She’s a smiley baby too. Sing a song or talk in a high-pitched voice and EB will smile at you. It’s the sweetest little smile. She’s still sleeping through the night and only wakes up once or twice to get a bottle. And then she’s out again.

Honestly, I can’t complain about much because EB is such a good baby. She only has few meltdowns and that’s when I’ve eaten things that haven’t agreed with her. Which includes the following: dairy, curry, spicy food, sweet potatoes and beans.

Many of you have asked how breastfeeding is going and um, yeah no. I am an exclusive pumper – this means that I am a mother who only expresses breast milk for her baby. EB will nurse a bit using a nipple shield but quite frankly, the pain I get from that (think cracked nips) and confusion in trying to figure how much she’s getting is just not worth it. She’s latched a few times but usually ends up screaming minutes later. I have no idea why.

So yes. I spend approximately 19 hours a week total and pump about 250 oz worth of breast milk. Since she’s been born, I’ve expressed over 21 gallons of breast milk. Insane? Yes. Remind me to write a post about the up’s and down’s of being an exclusive pumper. I would have loved to nurse her directly but hey, I’m doing the best I can. I have small goals for when I will continue to pump. I want to last for at least 3 months, and then 6 months and then 9 months and then a year. Truthfully, I’ll throw myself a party if I can last 6 months. I will buy myself a diamond tennis bracelet if I can last a year. Pumping is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. Ever. Childbirth is 10x easier. Yuuuup.

How am I two months postpartum? Starving! All I want to do is eat. And I do. I have recently joined Weight Watchers and I’m becoming more active with taking walks with EB. My goal is to loose a good 10 lbs in the next few months. I’m pretty sure it’s feasible but when I tell y’all I am hungry, I mean starving…allllll the time.

I am becoming so much more confident in motherhood. I can leave the house with her and not be so…afraid. It’s tough living in a city without many family members to help with a newborn. I feel like it’s just Esposo and me most times and when he’s working around the clock, well, it’s just me. And taking care of a newborn plus a blog is anything but easy. But…I’ve been doing it. So yeah, EB isn’t the only one growing and I’m really happy about that. 😎

We’re in the process of finding a nanny or home daycare for EB and I can’t stop crying over it. I can’t work from home, I can’t quit my job and how I’ll put her in someone else’s care at such a young age is beyond me. But I have to do it. It’s just soooooo hard. Any tips, working moms?

EB Stats:

Weight – 10 lbs
Biggest Accomplishment – Discovering that chocolate gives EB insane gas. Prior to this, we would endure a few nights of insane crying and tummy troubles. We tried different bottles but nope, I was the problem.
Favorite Toy – EB got a swing that she adores. We love it too as it is great at getting her to sleep.
Biggest Hurdle – EB and I were sick with a cold for like a week and it was baaaad. But we got over it.


  • Aw, she is precious! It is indeed tough to parent alone, I tell my man that we are single parents because we do it all on our own. The toughest is saying no to social events because we can’t find a sitter. We’re optimistic though :)

    • Brittany

      Oh gosh yes. I’ve already turned down several events. It makes me sad but I really enjoy time with Elle so I try not to complain about it too much.

  • She is so beautiful! I can’t believe it has been two months. Time must be flying by for you and the hubby.

    • Brittany

      It iiiiis. I get choked up every time I think about how big she’s getting.

  • So precious :)

  • Mikki

    Elle is so beautiful! I’m glad that things are going well. As a working mom of 2 girls, it is difficult to trust them to someone else, but if you trust that person, it benefits everyone. You can go to work with confidence that your baby is in good hands and know that she will be very excited to see you at the end of everyday. Also, Elle will benefit from having a relationship with someone other than family, it’s good for her socially. And the person taking care of her will benefit from being in her company during the day and being there for you and your husband when you need it most.

    • Brittany

      We have a few contenders so hopefully we’ll find someone we can trust. It’s just going to be so hard to leave her that first time. :(

  • Aw, my oh my she is a cutie pie :)

    Hey don’t feel bad about not breastfeeding straight from the source … she’s still getting the benefits (bottle feeding is not as bad as people make it out to be).

    I’m not a mother (just an aunty) so I can’t really relate with the ‘chest’ problems … but I do remember when my nephews + nieces were babies and everyone (including myself) wanted to spend all day with them … much to the annoyance of my sisters (the birth mothers). Yet, I didn’t get to see all my nephews + nieces (6 altogether) at there baby ‘baby’ stage … trust me your family feels like they’re missing out too …

    Hmm I can understand your apprehension about daycare for Elle, its daunting putting your precious baby into someone else’s hands … but there are good people out there and a benefit of daycare can be that children get to be around those of there age and express themselves better … so I’ve heard (?)

    Aw I love reading these posts, it gives me an insight into the joys and upheavals of motherhood, maybe one day I’ll have my own stories to tell.

    Stay blessed my dear :)

    • Brittany

      Bottle feeding is definitely awesome in that someone else can feed her. I’d go a bit nutty if I were her only source of nourishment. Mama needes a break too.

  • What an absolute cutie! She’s beautiful. Glad she is healthy and joyful.

  • kazari

    Aw, congrats once again on your cutie!! she is getting more beautiful everytime you post!

    I’m an exclusive pumper too (also I was the one who told you not to worry about the breastfeeding nazis if things don’t shake out that way…you do what’s best for your own child) and to be honest, I’ve found there are some advantages to this, mostly that you can pump on a schedule (as opposed to “on call”) and you can hand the baby and the bottle off to someone else like daddy or grandma to feed while you do other necessaries like shower or take a break for your sanity….it also gives daddy or other people a chance to bond with the baby too! (and don’t let anybody make you feel like by not breastfeeding, you’re missing out on an opportunity to bond with your baby….I was made to feel like that and I have to say, this is NOT true.)

    On continuing to pump, you can keep up your supply by pumping regularly every 3 hours or so, for at least 15-20 min….then later on as your breasts get used to the demand and your bb starts to wean, you can start stretching out the time….right now my son is 6.5 months and beginning to wean, and I pump about every 4-6 hours.

    Re: the latching then screaming, it’s likely a patience issue :) since the bb is used to instant gratification from the bottle, whereas at the nipple she has to work for the milk. haha

    And for transitioning back to work………this is hard :( but have the nanny or caretaker come and spend a little time with the baby before the big day comes, so the bb gets used to the new caretaker, with a little longer without you each time. It’s always so hard, I know!! Good luck!

    • Brittany

      Yay to a fellow EP’er! THat whole “no bond with your baby if you’re not breastfeeding” thing is such crap. Elle has such a darling gaze when she looks as me as I feed her. I definitely feel a bond with her.

      And you’re right – she’s so used to the bottle flow that having to work at the nipple is probably ridiculously frustrating. *sigh*

      Thanks so much for the tips!

      • Ellen

        I’m come from a bottle fed generation and speaking for myself and my friends that I’ve observed, we’re all very bonded to our parents (oh and we’re all very intelligent and properly developed). As long as you’re feeding her and attentive to her, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bottle or a breast so breastfeeding nazis should zip it and mind their own business. :)

        • Brittany

          Here here, my sister!

  • Bex Miller (@luxiehoney)

    Awww I could coo over those pictures all day, she’s adorable :) xxx

  • Jennifer

    I’m usually just a lurker on these blogs but I had to post a comment after reading this post. Let me just first say that your daughter is such a cutie! I have a little boy who is four months old and I LOVE him to pieces but everytime I see a little baby girl dressed up with accessories I can’t help but to say “awwwwwww” in my head. LOL

    I wanted to give you some encouragement. I’m also an exclusive pumper. I tried so hard at first to get my son to latch on. I visited a lactation consultant multiple times, wore him in a sling, tried the shields (ouch!), got plenty of skin to skin time, but they didn’t work out. I was so hard on myself because I felt like I was doing something wrong…how could all of these other women get it to work and I couldn’t? Finally I just allowed myself to be okay with pumping only and started bottle feeding with the breast milk. I am so glad I did! My son’s growth and developement is great and I know that he’s getting the best nutrients possible (not to mention the cost savings).

    Also, I know that this is not always the case but I have heard stories about some mothers having a hard time getting their children off of the breast and onto a bottle when it’s time to return to work so just consider that a hurdle that you’ve already crossed.

  • T.R.

    Not a mother but I have one…:O) but you’re doing fine Brittany. Just be gentle with yourself and yes laughter is great because children are just so darn amazing when their personalities show through.

    That first pic of Elle is priceless. You should do a caption this post..LOL I had a bunch pop in my head.

    “Really ma. Really…how many times have I got to tell you ‘the wipes WITH aloe vera'” LOL “…and lay off that chocolate. You just gotta train the parents to do right.”

  • Winni

    She is BEYOND gorgeous! Good job pumping! You are such a great mama. :)

  • gio

    Aww she’s a cutie! :)

  • oh my goodness! elle and gammy… i love it! she is PRECIOUS, B!

    • Brittany

      Gracias chica!

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  • She’s a beautiful baby. Thanks for the update. It’s great to know that you and Elle are doing well :)

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