Iman BB Creme – is it better than the rest?


I received this product to review so sooo very long ago. I’ve really been putting it through the ringer before I did my review. I wanted to be able to deliver a solid review to y’all. And so bam – here we go. Another BB Creme. Just about every brand that considers themselves to be somethin’ have come out with a BB Creme. Quite frankly, I’m over it. But if there is one to be excited about, it’s this one. And for one main reason…

The shade selection is brown girl-friendly! Finally, right? Brown girls everywhere have been hesitant about jumping on the BB Creme bandwagon because come on – most brands seem to neglect shades for those of us with darker hues. I realize that BB Creams weren’t created with those with dark brown skin in mind so I don’t take too much offense to it. But since it has become relatively popular here in the States, it was only a matter of time before a brand that produces products for brown folx would come out with a BB Cream. And so Iman’s Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 was born.


First, let’s rap about what this product SAYS it’s supposed to do:

  • EVENS with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched with Acai, Licorice and Grape Seed
  •  PROTECTS with SPF 15 & antioxidants.
  • HYDRATES with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A, E and C
  • COMPLIMENTS your skin tone with a hint of color in 5 perfect-match shades


Decent and and achievable claims, I’ll say. I do like that this one is paraben-free and the hydrating properties are great for those of us with dry skin. Consistency-wise, this one seems to be a bit thicker and not as watery as some BB Creams that I’ve tried. In fact, it leaned more on the tinted moisturizer side than anything.

There are 6 shades to choose from – Sand Light, Sand Medium, Clay Medium, Clay Medium Deep, Earth Medium and Earth Deep. I was Earth Medium and it seemed to be a decent match.


Perfect? Not really because I noted a bit of redness when it was on my skin.


-I love the shade ranges.
-It has a lightweight feel to it.
-It’s fragrance-free.
-Application is simple as I found it smooth enough to apply all over using my fingers.


-The price point is a bit UP there considering it’s a drugstore BB cream. It retails around $19.99.
-It didn’t seem to last that long on me. Within hours it seemed to have dissipated a bit. A powder on topped seemed to help it last a bit longer.
-May be difficult to find. Your best bet is to order online at


In this pic I have the BB Creme on just the left side of my face.


The BB Creme added a bit more color to my face but I don’t know…does it look a little TOO warm? Also, my dark spots didn’t cover up as much as I would have liked them to…


But does it work well in a pinch? Yuuuup. I have this BB Creme tucked away in my travel bag and find that this baby plus a powder is perfect for daytime and nighttime wear. So yes, I’m a fan!

The Beauty Basics

Price: Between $18-$20
Availability: and
Do I Recommend?: Yep! Especially for my gals who’ve been looking for BB Creams for their complexions. Chances are if you are a brown girl, one of these shades will fit you beautifully. 

Whatcha think? Any Iman Cosmetics or BB Cream lovers try this one?

  • $19.99 IS kinda steep, specifically like you said for a drugstore brand. BUT, I’m definitely feeling the fact that it’s Iman meaning I’m likely to find a shade that works for me!

  • DWJ

    Yeah I was disappointed in this one. I bought the same shade and it’s a bit ruddy/reddish on my skin. I’m not a fan and had high hopes. I also didn’t feel like it evened out my skin. I said I’d give it a try in the summer when I’m browner but I think this one might go in the trash.

  • I have not tried BB creams yet!! I keep picking them up and putting them back down again. Which is strange, because the product actually realy apeals to me in the sense that its light and easy to use… One of these days!!!

  • Just wanted to let you know that Maybelline has a BB cream that is great for darker skin. I am not a makeup person but I really wanted to try this BB cream that was being talked about so much so I tried the Maybelline because it is SPF 30 and had the shade of my darker skin. With people of color, the higher the SPF the better. Blacks I think should have at least a 30. (Don’t quote me on that though, but I think I remember reading that somewhere.)

    • cb

      Maybelline BB creme is in dark, but that’s it, it does not have any range for brown ladies or darker than brown…SPF 15 or higher for blacks. Clumps this is a good review I was waiting for it…$19.99 is high, but this is IMAN and she has range; I will try it :)

  • I”m still new at this makeup stuff. Never heard of BB cream but it sounds like a good fit for me. So it’s basically an on-the-go foundation? Or how is it different from foundation? I may want to buy, unless there’s a different BB cream you recommend???

  • MSJ

    I do like it, but won’t be one of my must haves. I tried three shades and ended up being the clay medium deep, although from the colors I felt like an earth medium would be a good match. The clay medium deep took care of the redness, and is a great match. On the earth medium, it looked the same as the left side of your face on me, a bit red. The clay colors seem to have a bit yellow undertones, better match for me. I think the tints are so light, that they are easy to match. I agree with the assessment that they are extremely light, almost nothing…I dust mine with a light face powder and it looks great! On price point…way too high…I support Iman, but would only get this on sale.

  • JRE

    i have this and i must say i like it! i got the earth medium first and realized it was too dark and gave it away to a friend. i ended up with the clay medium deep which is perfect. it has golden/yellow undertones so it works for me.i do brush a lil powder on it and blot some oily spot throughout the day. i have the maybelline bb cream also but find that it leave my face very oily. the L’oreal BB cream is just awful and i will leave it at that. i also have Sleek cosmetic bb cream and i love that one also. i can’t recall off hand what color i got it in. i dont wear make up at all so bb cream works perfect for me.
    sorry to be long winded! love you review