Makeup Wars: Green, Baby. Green!


This installation of the Makeup Wars is alllll about greens. I wanted to crank out an awesome green look but I’ve been down and out with a terrible  cold. Aaaand, Baby Clumps has a cold too. So yeah. We’re pretty much a wreck. I didn’t want to sit this Makeup Wars out so I thought I’d feature 4 beautiful variations of emerald polishes from 2012. Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Readdddyyyyy?


This pine green is on the ‘dustier’s side of being a sparkly emerald but he was still too gorgeous to leave out. It’s the kind of green that actually LOOKS green (and not black) when you’re rockin’ it on the nails.


Live & Let Die from OPI’s Skyfall collection is an absolute winner to me. Look at how stunning that kid is! Just when you think green polishes have been done a thousand ways already, we get this beautifully rich green with with a dose of shimmer.


From Zoya’s Ornate collection (which was one epic collection, by the way) we’ve got Logan and this is by the far the greatest example of emerald. Logan is sparkly, shimmery and just…amazeballs.


Under Mistletoe is a gorgeous green from the Julie G.’s holiday collection. It isn’t as pigmented as the others but it is stunning.

As much as I love green eyeshadow, I’d much rather wear it on my nails. It’s hard to make green look complimentary without looking over the top. At least for me. But who knows – maybe I’ll get creative in the coming months.

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  • Lovely picks! Zoya Logan always has a special place in my heart <3 So pretty!

  • You could totally rock some green shadow. What are you talking about? You would look amazing. Still tho, those green nail polishes look beautiful!

  • Those colors look great one you!

  • Great picks! I am LOVING Logan; it really looks emerald green.

  • I am ridiculous because I wanted that “Live and Let Die” polish just for the name only, because that is one of my fave bond themes ever! The fact that it is a sweet green only makes it better!

  • Lorraine

    These are gorgous! I had forgotten about Live and let Die, now that is one unique green. what is the name of the very first shade pictured? that is my favorite of the bunch- the one you called pine green. Did I miss the name listed?

  • That Zoya is so pretty!!! Great choices! :)

  • Logan is gorgeous!

  • Green is so perfect with your skintone!!

  • Oooh I love these polishes!! They are gorgeous. Pantone has opened a whole new world of nail polish to me now. I love the Zoya a lot.

  • I definitely think nails is the easiest place to wear green! You have some awesome picks, I love that Julie G polish!

  • Oooh I love the pine green! My skintone looks okay in deeper greens but pure barf in the lighter ones. LOL

  • Awesome selection of greens! I love green nail polish!

  • OSHH

    Funny I just got my nails a shade of green this past Sunday, but it’s more like the shade of an m & m green. China Glaze polish.

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