Reason #245 Why Having A Baby Girl Rocks


Confession: I am obsessed with buying baby clothes. I can’t stop. And this is insanity because I’m not a shopper. Not for myself or for anyone else. I cringe at the thought of going to a mall or outlet. But shopping for a baby girl? It’s like a different kind of experience. Everything looks better in itty bitty sizes. Elle has received soooo many clothes from friends and family members so I really shouldn’t be buying anything. But I can’t help myself. Between consignment stores and strollin’ sites like Alex and Alexa, I just can’t stop drooling over baby clothes.

And designer baby clothes? ZOMGGGG! My bank account isn’t stacked enough to be droppin’ pennies on Roberto Cavalli dresses, but hey looking at these pretty dresses is free. Seriously.

Brace yourself for the cuteness…


This Torres Candy Stripe Prom Dress ($131.50) would be adorableeeee on Baby Elle. And I know I’m supposed to be anti-pink but I can’t take this cuteness. Can’t take it.


I’ve dubbed Elle Belle as a baby hippie and so this Catimini Floral Print Romper Dress ($75.50) is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Steep in price, yes? But precious and darling for Spring? Oooooh yes.


But how cute is this Monnalisa Pink Panther onesie ($22.48)? I didn’t even know the Pink Panther was such a cute little kitty. Ha!

Fellow mommies, grandmas, aunts and godmamas, are you too a wee bit addicted to buying baby clothes? Oh! And to my gals with baby boys, admit it – baby boy stuff just isn’t nearly as cute, uh? 😎


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  • Pamela

    The first dress is my favorite (but I won’t even spend $130 on a dress for me and I’m unlikely to get food or bodily fluids on it) but they are all very adorable! I have 1 nephew (and another on the way) who I love very much, but you are right. I glance longingly at the (always larger) girls section when I shop for him. Have fun!

  • I sooooo can’t wait! I have bee drooling over the little girl clothing. I still have 3 more months to go but I have been buying girl stuff here and there. It’s soooo much you can do. I thought I had a lot of clothes and shoes. My daughter is going to have everything. I might need therapy. LOL! I downloaded an app to my Android called Zulily. Now, why did I do that! OMG. They sell discounted baby girl clothes on there as well. *wipes sweat from brow* Great Post Sis!