My daughter’s middle name is Vaselina. After Vaseline Lip Therapy cocoa therapy.

Okay, I’m lyin’. Esposo would never forgive me. Although I am of the belief that if a woman has to go through the pain that is pregnancy, labor and delivery, she should be able to name her child whatever she wants to.


But I would marry the man that thinks otherwise. Ha! Okay, sooooo basically it was getting kinda chilly here in Central Florida. I say “kinda” because to us, cold is like 60 degrees. Meanwhile, I know some of you gals have been dealing with freezing temps for a good little while or so. And this Floridian feels foolish complaining about our winter because it really isn’t a winter, ya know? But still. The colder air does a number on my skin, hands and lips. And for that reason, this mini Vaseline baby has been a staple in my cosmetic bag.


Cute, ain’t she? Every dry skinned sista and brotha should have one of these. It just makes sense. I mean, yeah, I love balms like all beauty junkies, but there’s something nothing like Vaseline because you KNOW it’s going to work. Plus, I love how portable lil’ mama is.


Everyone and their mama had those HUGE tubs of Vaseline back in the day so I’m lovin’ the portability of this smaller one. And it says it’s for the lips but don’t think I don’t slather this on hands as well. But because I’m cautious about germs, I usually wash my hands each time I dip the fingers in the tub. I highly recommend doing that if you have any lip products that require putting your fingers in ’em.


Oh! The pores on my nose say, “Hiya!” So yeah. These are cute, adorable and practical. And only $1.99. If you spy these in your drugstores, I’d load up on ’em. Chances are you may be living in a cooler climate than me (unless you live in Caribbean, and if you do, I’m jealous) and you’ll be needing these babies.

  • I agree the woman should always be able to do all the naming 😛 it’s way too cold here right now, too.

  • .siri

    That’s adorable! And I rarely use that word when speaking of lip balm.

  • That’s adorable. And I rarely use that word when speaking of lip balm.

  • AuttyW

    I’ve been trying to find this for about a month and a half and can’t ! I’m definitely going to have to expand my search probably towards Tampa to find it! Bah.

  • I’ve tried the Vaseline Lip Therapy products before and they work sooo well. I didn’t know there was a Coco Butter one, can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Oh my goodness, that stuff is awesome! Something about the cocoa butter plus the Vaseline makes it so much better. My cousin actually carries the full-size jar around her as lipbalm in her purse lol.