Makeup Wars: Unique Spring Trends – Black lipliner!

The Makeup Wars gals are back with another post and I am super excited to feature this one. I’ve been catchin’ up on beauty trends and I am excited to announce that rocking black lipliner is finally a legit trend.


Yes!! ‘Bout time, right? For years, many of us would rock black EYEliner on our lips. I’m not even going to front and act like I didn’t. Black eyeliner and silver gloss blended together was totally my look in high school. It wasn’t until I hit college where I realized that rockin’ black liner on the lips didn’t compliment me. Or anyone for that matter. And so I let it go.


But after flipping through magazines and hittin’ the beauty blogs, I’ve come across so many articles that are announcing that black liner on the lips is finally in. I’ve seen it worn several ways.

There’s the thick liner with very little blending…


And my favorite, thick liner WITH red lipstick. Yes!!!


Fierce, right? I’m loving it and I am so glad that this trend is officially a trend. I know brown girls everywhere are rejoicing. I’ve even heard that some brands will be launching black lipliner. No need to use your black eyeliner for your lips anymore. I love how versatile this look is. It’s perfect for those of us who have to be all professional on our jobs but then it’s also great for after-work Happy Hour with the girls. I’m thinking black liner on the lips will be my signature look. I am just that much in love with it.

Whatcha think, gals? Are you feeling this look?

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  • Lisa


  • This is back? I remember rocking that in college! Yeah!

    • Brittany

      I knowwww!!!!

  • OMG, I love this look on you – especially the black lipliner with no blending at all, that’s my favorite look to wear personally.

    (happy april!)

    • Brittany

      Fierce isn’t it? I would love to see how you rock this.

  • That looks absolutely awesome on you! It would be really cool to pair that with the super bold eyeliner trends that are going on now too!

    • Brittany

      YES!!! I’ve got an event coming up. I am definitely going to try to rock this with a bold blue eye.

  • I always see liners that are for lips and eyes. It’s a relief to see that it’s so easy to pull off! You look amazing!

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama!! Next time you come to FL, I’ll take you to the Lancome counter. They have a makeup artist there who is awesome at achieving this look.

  • I cannot tell you how glad I am that the black lip liner look is back in style! I have for years been regretting getting the permanent lip tattoo in black, but now I can stop concealing it and let my black lined lips shine (so to speak) I think they look especially beautiful on you with the red lipstick! So sophisticated!

    • Brittany

      YES!! My mom’s friend just got the permanent lip tattoo. Jealousssss.

  • Kim

    I think I’ll pass. This one isn’t coming back for me. I secretly hope the most women let this one pass as well.

    • Brittany

      Aww Kim, really? Give it a try!

      • Kim

        I admit it. You totally fooled me with this one. lol. Happy belated April fools :)

  • Really accentuates your beautiful lip shape! LOVE!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • Maddie

    APRIL FOOLS!! :)

  • Brenda

    I hope this is your April Fool’s!!!! prank.

    • Brittany

      What? Whyyyyy? You’re not feeling the black liner trend?

  • New Ribena

    I’m not feeling this look…I thought it was an April Fools joke…

  • Jo

    I remember back in the 80’s rocking this look, great to see it back , although at 42 i will pass this time around 😀

  • Nickie

    April Fools!! Right?! Uhmm.. right? Please! Right! LOL

  • aaminahs mom

    April Fools!

  • I like the idea of this look, but I’m afraid it might be too harsh on my freckled face. Maybe a dark brown liner might work instead?

    • Brittany

      Dark brown would definitely work!

  • This adds such dimension to your look!

  • You know how when you kiss someone with red lipstick on and leave an impression? Just think how gorgeous the impression would be with the black liner too. I love this on you.

  • My west African sisters will be so happy to read this!
    Now did I miss an update or did you cut your locks???

  • This is an April Fools Day joke, right?? I hope so! eeeee

  • I can’t even believe how incredible that dark pencil makes your lips look! Why hasn’t this always been popular?

  • OSHH

    LOL, April fools, but black lined lips were HOTTT almost twenty years ago, like in ’96, how do I know, cause a young OSHH did that ish!!!!

  • It’s baaack! I remember this trend from the 70’s-80’s… do you think a white girl could rock this trend? It would be uber-fierce….or not.

    • Brittany

      Heck yeah, I would girl could rock this. This look is for everyone! I may even see if I can get my husband to try it.

  • Lisalis

    I admit…it took me a minute to get this. Part of the problem is that B is just so cute! Girl, you are giving us the full diva face with that red/black lip! But when I checked the other Makeup Wars:Unique Spring Trends, I could tell it was definitely an April Fool’s joke.

    • Brittany


  • Yes! I can use all my crappy eye liner pencils for this look! haha 😛

    • Brittany

      Um yeahhhhh! What an awesome idea!

  • OK… this one and the mono-brow ones are the best. you TOTALLY had me fooled yesterday, B. I was like… well… her hair is cute :) Love you, girl! Keepin’ it FIERCE, that’s for sure.

    • Brittany

      Hahaha, I love you – “her hair is cute”!! I LOL’ed for real.

  • Liz

    LOL! Love/hate it.

  • Angela

    I’m so late! I thought this was for real too. I was thinking I didn’t wear it the first time around & I’m not wearing it this time either! I noticed you cut your hair. It’s cute!

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    this was a joke post right? like april fools please tell me it was. this looks a hot mess.