3 Reasons Why Using Natural Skin Care Products Can Transform Your Skin


As a beauty blogger, I like to review allll kinds of products; from the indie brands to the huge well known brands and everyone in between. But can I be honest? I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to the products that I use daily. If you check my medicine cabinet, you’ll probably see me usin’ some natural brand or all natural product. It’s just how I roll and how I’ve been rollin’ for years. Of course, I’m not above resorting to non-natural products either. I am of the belief that you have to use what works for YOU. And honey, I’ve come to find out that natural just works. And here’s why.

Sometimes less is more. I’ve come across some amazing moisturizers that contain all kinds of ingredients that promise to transform my skin. But you know what I also find transforming? Coconut oil. It’s cheap, easy to find and doesn’t make all of these promises about what it’ll do to my skin. It’s simple and sometimes simplifying our skincare routines without a ton of added ingredients is what we need.

Natural ingredients have healing properties. Don’t believe me? Buy yourself a bottle of tea tree oil and dab a bit of it on a pimple. I’ve tried my fair share of pimple poppin’ creams, gels and masks and nothing works as well as tea tree oil. I can say the same thing about baking soda, lavender oil and jojoba oil. I’ve never come across a commercial product that not only feels good on my skin but treats it gently too.

Natural ingredients can be gentler to use on problematic skin. Of course this isn’t the case for everyone but as an acne sufferer and with me constantly battling ezcema, I’ve found more success with products that contain natural ingredients than anything else. Coincidence? I think not. Sometimes nature knows best.

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  • Stacy

    I have recently started using natural products in my beauty regimen. I have eczema and crazy sensitive acne prone skin and I have been on the quest for good exfoliator forever. I could never find a product that wasn’t too harsh. Recently I discovered that baking soda was a great exfoliant and I have been mixing that with my cleanser and it works wonders. Then I follow that up with tea tree oil on my pimples and moisturize with a little vitamin e and my face is happy! I’ve also been doing the same for my lips with homemade sugar scrubs. :)

    • Brittany

      Yes!!! I LOVE baking soda. It works wondersssss!

  • Tam

    Tea tree oil is the bizness! I only recently discovered it, after running out of my Boo-boo zap by Benefit. I didn’t repurchase, so I decided to fill the tiny cylinder container with tea tree oil instead. It turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve made skinwise. My method is to dab it on a pimple after it’s popped with a q-tip, and hold it there for a minute. Not only will the surrounding redness and swelling go away, but it heals in a way without leaving a scar! No dark marks! Amazing, and will never be without.