Dial’s Skin Therapy Body Washes – They Smell Gooood!


Times are getting a lot better in my household because I’m actually getting the chance to bathe. Yes, judge me all you want but fellow parents know what I’m talkin’ about. Especially nursing (ahem, or pumping) mamas. Baths are limited when you’ve got a baby. And I hear it’s even worse with toddlers. I’m afraid, y’all. Very afraid. I got these for review and the other day I took a shower using them…


Um, wow. Coconut water is beyond popular these days. Personally, I find that it tastes like sweat but coconut water in a body wash ain’t too shabby. Especially when the fragrance is nice, subtle and clean. Ahhh yes. How I miss the days of smelling clean and not like baby barf.



This body wash reminds me of something that I’d wear if I was on a cruise or somethin’. There’s something about cruising that makes you want to smell like the ocean and palm trees. Whatever palm trees smell like. Dial also has the Skin Therapy Body Wash with Himalayan Salt.



This one is a little more floral than I’d like but it’s not overwhelming. Both body washes seem perfect for my dry skin. They’ve got hydrating properties and their scents are definitely Spring and Summer friendly. Way to go, Dial! This brand has come a long way from their golden hand soaps. Remember those? They were total staples in my elementary school classes.

And yes, I can remember things like that. 😎

Price: Around $4.99 for a 16 oz bottle.
Availability: Currently available at grocery, drug and mass retailers nationwide.
Is it worth the money?: Yah! I mean, it’s less than $5 and it’s a nice and hydrating body wash. If you’re in need of something new for the shower/bath, I think you’ll like these.

Soooo, does anyone else think that coconut water taste like sweat?

  • kazari

    Huh. The Himalayan salt one makes me raise an eyebrow, because –salt? what’s that supposed to do?? In a body wash?

    But I am interested in the coconut water one…I do like the way it tastes (and I love coconut smell) and find it amusing that it’s suddenly a health drink or something in America when us Asians have been drinking it for yonks as just…a drink.

    • Brittany

      Ha! Good question, I think it’s more gimmicky than anything. Coconut water has been big in the islands too so Americans are way late to that.

  • Lavendar

    Yeah, I used to think it had kind of a salty taste; but it’s grown on me now. Some brands are much better than others. I love it in smoothies. I’ll be looking for the Coconut Water body wash; looks like a must-try item.

  • Mmm these sounds fantastic! The Coconut one sounds really good. Tnx for sharing =)

  • Angela

    I am a mother who is currently nursing an 8 week old. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I nursed them both until they were 20 and 22 months. So I know EXACTLY what you mean about the whole bathing situation. I personallynhave never tasted coconut water, but I am very curious as to what it tastes like so I may have to give it a try. Haha. I think these body washes sound amazing. My husband is a big Dial fan (he loves the bar soap), but I may try to get him to switch over to this new body wash.

    • Brittany

      Yay for nursing for so long! Way to go, Mom!!