Beauty in Mommyhood – Elle is 4 Months Old!

*edit: We removed Elle’s pictures. I didn’t feel comfortable having so many online.

Dear Elle,

Hey there, big girl! Technically you’re 20 weeks old which means you are almost 5 months old. I was all late with getting your doctor’s appointment squared away so you won’t be getting your 4 month checkup until like uh…this week. I am SO excited (and nervous) to see how much you weigh. I’m hoping that you’re at least 14 lbs or so. I see you getting bigger and you are officially in 6-9 months clothing but I always wonder if my breastmilk is enough for you. People keep telling me how small you are and it bugs me.

They don’t know how far you’ve come. Every baby isn’t super chubby and it’s a bit insensitive to say things like, “Wow…she’s so small.” to parents of preemies and small babies. But whatever. I’m learning how to let it go. We don’t plan on introducing food for awhile so you’ve still got some months being exclusively breastfed. You do have your own little raspberry shop though.

You love blowing spit bubbles. It cracks your Grandma Clumps up. Speaking of her…she adores you. So so much. You’re so incredibly loved by so many people. Everyone is in love with your eyes. “They are so alert!” they say.

And it’s true. I’m not sure where you got your eyes from but I love looking in them. I’ll never forget the night I finished giving you a bottle and you stared right into my eyes. We looked eyes for a good 30 seconds and then you gave me the biggest smile ever. I love moments like that.

Last night I asked your Daddy what if he thought you cried a lot. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being A LOT, we both gave you a 3. You hardly ever cry. Your sitter says the same thing. I am so grateful we ended up with a cool and calm little girl. Your personality is so here and when you don’t have a constant smile on your face we know you’re sleepy or need some downtime. Your demeanor is so pleasant that this month we pushed it to the limits a bit by having adventures waaaay past your bedtime (success!) and taking a 4.5 hour road trip one day and returning the next (tragedy!). We’re trying to learn you and for the most part I think your Daddy and I  are becoming amazing parents. I’m so proud of your Daddy. He works a lot, yes, but when he’s here he wants a ton of Elle and Daddy time. He snuggles you and has you giggling up a storm when he kisses your tummy.

You love when he does that. We both sing to you and we’re amazed at how you watch TV like a big girl. Doc McStuffins in your favorite. Every time you hear the theme song your face lights up. And when you’re fussy and nothing is helping soothe you, if I bust out in “Doe A Deer” from The Sound of Music, you calm down.

Cheesy, but it works. You’re a music lovin’ baby and we want nothing more than to keep you surrounded by tunes. We took our first family road trip this month and it was challenging but you were so sweet around dozens of new people. You flashed smiles and definitely played the part. And you are a drool machine. It’s hilarious. Looks like we’ll be seeing some teeth soon! Your ezcema is still around and mama is trying a new concoction every month. Nothing seems to work. While I have eliminated most dairy products I still eat a few items with milk in them and so maybe that’s the cause. I don’t know. I’m always blaming myself for something when it comes to you. I want you to have a perfect life. I want the best for you.

Because you deserve it. Don’t tell your Daddy but you’re my best friend. Yep, my almost 5 month old baby is my BFF.

I enjoy every moment with you. Even the 2am bottle feedings. I love our weekend cuddles and Saturday adventures. I love taking you out on walks and watching your face light up when you hear a dog bark. The world amazes you. I no longer feel Working Mommy Guilt. Our time apart isn’t horrible because it allows you to learn in a different environment with a qualified caretaker and it allows mommy to continually work on her craft. I never wanted to loose myself in Mommyhood and guess what? I haven’t! You are #1 in my life but I still have a social life and passions. I am in a great place. In the next month or so we’ll be moving and you’ll be getting your own room…officially. I don’t know though…I still think I want you sleeping in our room. I’m not ready to be so far away from you yet.

Yep, I’m an attached mama. But you…and this face…

Baby with thumb in mouth

It lights up my world.

Keep shinin’, baby. I love you,

  • Farrah

    She is beautiful Brittany, congrats to you and your hubby once again. I can’t wait for my hubby and I to experience this:)

  • Kitty

    What a beautiful family!!!

  • I love reading these updates. She is so beyond beautiful, and you are right, her eyes are so alert and perfect. Try not to get down about people saying she is small, because she looks wonderful. I am so happy for you and this brought more than one tear to me eye!

    • Brittany


  • My daughter turned 4 months this weekend! Elle is adorable! People comment on how small she is too. She was tiny at birth and today she weighed in at 11 lbs today, and her doctor told me that its ok that’s she’s skinny and that as long as she’s putting on weight she’s fine! My daughter still fits her 0-3 month clothes.

    • Brittany

      Yay!! Elle was a tiny babe as well so I get extra upset when people say that. And I know they don’t mean any harm by it but it’s like, “She’s a lot bigger than she USED to me so shut it up!” I just put a 3 month onesie on Elle and a lot of her 6-9 onesies are a bit large on her.

  • kazari

    aaaaah, she is beautiful!

    And I wouldn’t let people’s comments about her get you down…all babies are within a certain range, and if she’s unusually small, the doc will let you know! People in general just have all sorts of commentary about your baby, haha.

    • Brittany

      This is soooo true. I’m learning how to have tougher skin.

    • Jd

      My son son is on the slim side. And he was born almost a premie, at 36wks 3 days so I too was sensitive when folks mentioned his size. He had some rolls but not those insane ones other babies had (what is in formula anyhow?)

      Your Babe is adorable. You’ll get ton of unsolicited advice. I just smile and say “thanks” and mentally put it in the garbage can. If your babe was chubbier, people would comment too. It’s like when you were pregnant, everyone (clerks at Walgreens, people waiting for a bus) is a obgyn. Now, they are all pediatricians too,

      • Brittany

        Thank you so much for your insight. You’re right about the unsolicited advice. It just won’t stop coming!

  • This was so beautiful and sweet :)

  • TraciB

    Absolutely precious. You are one blessed woman!

    • Brittany

      Thank you!!!

  • Ada

    She is GORGEOUS! An absolute stunner/head turner!!!!

  • Nikki

    How could one NOT fall in love with those eyes, coupled with that smile……CHILE!!!! She is beautiful, B!

    I know Mommies who use Whipped Pudding from for eczema. I’ve seen you do past reviews on some of their products. I live by them – organically handmade FTW!

  • Valerie C.

    Wow! Such a beautiful baby!! I have a daughter too and it’s such a blessing. Enjoy the baby days, I miss them :)

  • Angela

    What a wonderful way to document your daughter’s growth, and Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  • What a beautiful angel! She’s so gorgeous and I love your updates on how she’s growing and what you’re learning.

  • I don’t know how many times I teared up reading this post! She is so beautiful Brit. You and hubby Clumps are doing a fantastic job with Elle. She is definitely loved and knows it by the stares she gives you. God Bless! Hope to see you guys soon at The Makeup Show Orlando again.

  • Lavendar

    Beautiful post! Elle is obviously very happy and healthy. Her eyes sparkle like precious jewels.

  • Janet

    Tiny? Look at those beautiful chubby cheeks and her thigh and wrist rolls! That child is just perfectly sized! She’s making me want to turn to my hubs and tell him we need to start workin’ on baby #2…. :)


  • hey brittany
    I’m a long time fan, but i haven’t been on here in a couple of years… after the birth of my daughter i been so busy… My little one is 20 mos. and everyone still says she’s small… even though she’s chunky. I think people think its a compliment lol… But no your baby is ‘chunky love’ and is perfect and I’m sooo happy to see where your life has gone in two years… The best of luck to you and your wonderful family.

  • rosanna

    Oh my gosh!!! She’s sooooo pretty at all ages!!