Beauty Reads: The Beauty Detox Foods

Beauty Detox Foods

A true beauty lover doesn’t just play in makeup and beauty products. She reads about them too, darlings. And not just in magazines either. The oh so popular Kimberly Synder (celebrity nutritionist and author) is back with another book to follow up her The Beauty Detox Solution book. Check it out…

I received a copy of this book to check out and while I thought it would be a bit gimmicky and full of obvious stuff, I am so happy to see practical suggestions and recipes in this book. No, seriously. The recommendations are totally up my alley.

Beauty Detox Foods Book

The overwhelming theme behind the book is simple: eat better foods and your skin and body will thank you. Bam. That’s it. And while that seems obvious when you think about it, Kimberly points out what the good foods do for you and why adding them to your diet is beneficial.

She also talks about the not so good additions in our diets – mostly meats, dairy and wheat. To each his or her own and while not everyone wants to lead a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free life, Kimberly has recipes that omit meat, dairy and wheat and incorporating those once in one’s diet from time to time doesn’t seem too bad.

The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Synder

Although, I am totally down with the dairy-free thing. I’ve been dairy-free for almost 5 months now and while I soooo miss cheese, my tummy and I both now I am better without it.

My favorite part of the book? Reading about Kim’s love of green smoothies.

The Beauty Detox Foods

I’ve been talking about green smoothies for years now. I had the biggest aversion to them while pregnant but I am so making up for lost time. Between the recipes and insight on how helpful different fruits and veggies can be on your skin and overall heath, I’ve been lovin’ Kimberly’s newest book. It has a nice spot in my beauty resources section.

Have you folx checked out this book? Whatcha think?

  • Angela

    Makes so much sense. A lot of times I watch all these beauty gurus on YouTube andyou never hear them talk about their diet . When we eat healthier our skin looks better which makes our makeup look even better.

  • Tam

    I purchased her first book and read it cover-to-cover. I’ve assimilated a few things from the book, and I hope to put more of her suggestions to use. However, there’s no way I’ll be drinking juice from spoiled cabbage (she used the term fermented) to put my body in an alkaline state. I look forward to reading this book to discover whole foods that will accomplish that.