3 More Reasons To Love Urban Decay…their brushes!

First of all, why am I just now discovering that Urban Decay has amazing brushes? I feel like it’s a little known secret. Do people know how great these brushes are? I mean, my goodness…I feel like shouting it from the rooftops! But I’ll settle for shouting it on my blog instead. 😎 I got these for review and can’t stop rolling them over my face.

Urban Decay brushes

They are just so wooooonderful and soft and just…I mean, whoa! What’s to review? Why can’t I just say: “These are awesome. Buy them.”? And leave it at that?

Urban Decay Good Karma brushes in hand

I guess I COULD do that. But y’all would hate me for it, uh? Welp. Okay then…let’s do a quick review of each brush. And let’s start with that Good Karma Blush Brush.

Urban Decay Good Karma blush brush

Cost: $32 from Urban Decay.com.
Intended uses: To be used for applying blush, powders, bronzers and highlighters.
Is it effective?: Absolutely! What a wonderful brush to use daily. It feels incredibly soft and allows for great distribution right up under or on those cheekbones. And did I mention that she feels realllllly soft?

Good Karma Shading Brush

Urban Decay Good Karma shading brush

Cost: $26 at UrbanDecay.com.
Intended Uses: To assist with contouring and applying eyeshadow on the crease.
Is it effective?: This is the perfect brush to use for really blending out that crease. Even if you don’t have much of a crease or have to fake one. Ahem, like I do. I love that the brush is stiff enough to really GET in the crease but it’s soft enough to eyeshadow a nice airbrushed look.

Good Karma Shadow Brush

Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow brush

Cost: $26 at UrbanDecay.com
Intended Uses: To apply eyeshadow of course, silly!
Is it effective?: Yep! But I like this more for applying powder/loose eyeshadows. This brush dipped in whatever you use to make your loose shadows creamy and then applied to the lid is glorious. It’s a stiffer brush so I didn’t find it as useful when applying pan eyeshadows.

Reasons #493, #494 and #495 to love Urban Decay. That is all.

Have you tried any UD brushes?

  • I agree, I’m surprised you don’t hear more about these. I like to use the Good Karma Shadow Brush to apply cream shadows.

  • gio

    That shading brush intrigues me. It sounds like a great crease brush.

  • i only have the brush that comes with the UD naked 1 palette, and i really like it! haven’t tried the other ones either. great post, definitely makes me want to try other ones :)

  • New Ribena

    I have used the good karma brushes for quite some time now and I realy love them

  • Cosmolude

    I’ll have to check out those brushes. I have the brushes from both Naked palettes and I really like them.

    • Brittany

      Yessss, the ones in the palette are just as good.

  • Angela

    I own the setting spray from Urban Decay and that is the only produvt from the brand I have. I find it just a bit expensive for my budget. The brushes sound amazing though.