3 Cool Razors from Schick

Welp. I’ve been shaving my legs. It’s a big deal for me. Let’s get something straight…I’m not one of those women who have to have a hairless body. I’m a mammal. Hair grows and I refuse to spend my precious hours trying to get rid of it. A little leg hair ain’t never hurt nobody.

Leg hair that has your husband saying “OUCH!” when you play footsie with him under the kitchen table, however is a different story. So yeah. I’ve been shaving. Schick sent me a few of these razors to test out I really don’t have any complaints.

Schick Razors

I’ve played around with the brand Schick before and I am lovin’ everything about these. For one thing, they are so easy to find. Practically every drugstore or store like Target or Walmart will have the Schick brand. I was sent 3 different kind of razors so let’s do a quick run through of these kids, shall we?

First up is a new kind of Intuition.

You’ve seen these before, haven’t you? Schick very creatively decided to marry shaving cream and a razor and put them in a built-in soap brick…thingie. Yeah.

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment

I’ve reviewed this before and I still find it to be awesome! I’ve never been heavily dependent on shaving cream (hell-lllooo…that’s what conditioner is for) but my legs are insanely soft when I use this. It does a great job and slicking the skin and prepping it for a shave. Plus I just adore the inclusion of coconut milk. Coconut milk is my BFF!

And then there’s the original Schick Hydro Silk.

Schick Hydro Silk razor

I’ve been using this baby for quite some time. Those 5 blades are magnifique! In fact, I notice a huge difference when I use razors with 5 blades and when I use razors with less than 5 blades. The stubble comes around so much sooner. Schick was so awesome with the Hydro Silk that they recently gave us the disposable version of it.

Schick Hydro  Silk Disposables

Yas! Now I can toss one in my travel bag and not die a thousand deaths if I accidentally leave it at the hotel. Don’t act like I’m the only one that has done that. Hmph.

Are you shaving your legs this summer? I’ll still love you if you say no. 😎

  • Michaiah

    I love the Intuiton! I will use nothing else for my sensitive skin. I never get ingrown hairs with it ever! waxing breaks my skin out and cream hair removers irritate my skin so much *cough* Nair…. I am one of those girls who prefers to be hairless all year round just bc lol

  • The Intuition is a lazy girl’s BFF, am I right?! I LOVE it, in all caps. I just bought this Coconut Milk one tonight to try it and switch it up a bit form my normal Pomegranate pick. Any woman who shaves their legs every few days should own this. It makes life so much easier!! “A little leg hair ain’t never hurt nobody.”-YES!

  • Caitlin

    I’m in the process of lasering all my leg hair off. It’s completely awesome. I’m SUPER hairy, and my hair grows so fast that it is stubbly hours after I shave. But now, I have smooth legs for weeks and weeks after lasering, and hopefully permanently by the end of treatment. Best money I’ve ever spent on myself.

  • I love the colors of the razors.