Confessions of a Stressed Out 28-year old

Baby lips

This post will have absolutely nothing to do with beauty. I hope you don’t mind that. Sometimes I need to write about something other than a mascara, ya know? I used to write in diaries and journals daily. I miss those days. Even now if I wanted to write in a journal, I’d be consistent for a good week and then fall off the wagon.

Can I be honest? I mean, REALLY honest? I am crazy stressed out. I could blame the pressures of being a new mom but honestly, I think I was stressed before Elle Belle. I’m just one of those people who happens to always be on the edge about something: finances, job circumstances, weight, location, health. You name it and I stress about it. It’s just who I am. And stress isn’t always a bad thing. But lately, I’ve just been wiped out. Do you ever feel like you work too hard but at the same time you’re not working hard enough? It’s so tough to find a balance.

You ever want to get away? I mean, REALLY get away? Not worry about a thing and just jet to an island where the sun is plentiful and the only disturbance you hear are the waves crashing? I’ve been to Miami, Jamaica and the Bahamas…I know what paradise looks like. And man, how I’d love to visit again. But investing in a trip seems crazy when there are so many other expenses in my lane.

I’m not complaining. I’m grateful for every breath I take. I am thankful for my beautiful family, the opportunities that have come by way and the doors that I know will open for me in the future. I am confident and positive but hey I’m all about accepting ALL of my emotions and sheesh…I’m stressed.

I say all of that to say that posts may be slow and inconsistent. My only free time to really blog is after work and I’d rather spend time with Elle and prepping for the next day. And even after she goes asleep sometimes I want to sit in the dark and do nothing. Think about nothing. I just want to be.

Sometimes we DO so much. It’s as if we forgot how to BE. Be in the moment. Be still. Be quiet. And maybe it’s the Capricorn in me but I love the quiet. I need it sometimes.

Tomorrow I’ll put up Baby Elle’s 5 month update. And then after that, I’m just going to go with the flow. 😎



  • aaminahs mom/pamela greenlee

    Love your blog!(((HUGS)) that you got the priorities right, because that lil baby is #1. For those that don’t understand~ they have never been responsible for a cute little Elle or any child. Some people can, others have to go with the flow. I understand. But peep this ” if you gonna worry don’t pray, If you gonna pray don’t worry~ the Spirit won’t allow us to grapple with both. Love to you and Elle & SO. You are in my Bloglovin feed when you post I will catch it. :)

  • Nina

    Actually, you should sit at dark, with absolutely no sounds at all, take deep breath and relax :) Life is exhausting sometimes, with us all. Beeing mom x3, with our own business, husband working weeks away (mine kids are already 11, 14 and 17, so with them things are chilling already πŸ˜‰ ) but I felt so many times beeing too small and/or not capable to do enough, house was allways like under or after storm πŸ˜€ But now I can look back and say: We are still alive! My kids are growing normally (exception, they have spikey mouths) and my house is sometimes even looking like normal homes πŸ˜‰

    One thing, always before childs birthday partys, I was scared like I have never being: Will there be anybody or are partys going to be total disaster. I have never ever being affraid of grownups partys that much…

    • Brittany

      Yes, we are still ALIVE!

  • Bee

    Sometimes venting helps so much. Do it more often babes. We’re here to cheer u up.

  • kazari

    Aw, this is a normal feeling! I think whatever stress you might have before having a baby tends to get worse AFTER having a baby because now you have significantly less sleep and less de-stressing ‘me-time’.

    • Brittany

      I’m trying to learn how to juggle it all. *le sigh*

  • Shan

    Take a break B! I understand the feeling of going from one crisis to the next. Take care of you!!

  • B- you take all the time you need to take time for YOU and baby Elle. Life can be SO stressful and the fact that you have a job and a baby and a husband AND a blog is crazy! Slow it down a little and we’ll be here when you get back! Love you, sis!

    • Brittany

      This is why I love you. XOXO

  • Farrah

    Take the time you need to care for your family but most of all care for yourself. Take a day off from work, take Elle to the sitter and have a Brittany day. Go to your favorite restaurant, get a mani/pedi( I know you can do that on your own but it’s good to be pampered by others every once in a while) go to the park or beach and just relax and let go of all the cares and worries.

    • Brittany

      That sounds delightful. So simple but so needed. I think I’ll take your advice!

  • Aw, I’m sorry you’re stressed out. Definitely do what works for you and what you need to feel less anxious. If that means fewer posts but a happier and healthier you, you gotta do it! Sending you positive, unstressful vibes and hopes of winning a lottery so you can jet off to an island without worrying about the cost! :)

    • Brittany

      You’re the best. Thanks mama!

  • Amija

    Yeah, I looked up when baby was 9 months and realized that I hadn’t had a full nights sleep in 9 months! Having a baby is a beautiful thing, but it’s hard! It will get better as she gets older but then you’ll miss her being a baby! Just gotta enjoy the ride!

    • Brittany

      I enjoy her so much. But I so miss sleep!!

  • *hug* You’re doing an amazing job.

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • Kelly


    i've tried typing more but i'm feeling my share of burnt-out-ness and i can't get the words to make sense.


    • Brittany

      Oh, how I understand. :)

  • Do you ever feel like you work too hard but at the same time you’re not working hard enough? YES, YES, YES, maybe this is in our Capricorn nature.

    • Brittany

      It so must be a Capricorn thang.

  • Don’t worry, Brittany. You’ll get used to it. The stress you encountered before and after pregnancy is really challenging. I felt the same way too during my first pregnancy. Anyway, just relax and have some fun! To have a baby is really rewarding. Take care! :-)