Beauty in Mommyhood – Elle is 6 months old

*edit: We removed Elle’s pictures. I didn’t feel comfortable having so many online. Technically Elle is almost 7 months old but I’m mad late with getting this up. My bad!

Dear Elle,

You’ve been around for half of a year. Wow! I value each minute and each day with you because I know that I’ll blink and you’ll be a teenager trying to get your sticky fingers on my beauty stuffs. Please slow down. I love you just like this. You’re so perfect. You really are. How did we get such a cool and calm, baby? Everywhere we go people are amazed at how cool you are. You have never had a fit in public (not really at home either) and as long as you have access to your thumb and can snuggle against my chest, you’re good to go. I love this about you. You are far from a high maintenance baby.

Your bottle can be either hot or cold and you’ll drink it. You don’t have to be held 24/7. You enjoy playing by yourself. When you wake up, you sing and babble versus screaming your head off. On days when I’m just exhausted, you seem to notice and make things a little easier on me. You’re a dream baby.

Folx keep telling me that it’ll change and one day you’ll become this evil toddler but whatever – I’m enjoying the now. And speaking of the now, SCREAMING is your new thing. You love to scream and I’m almost positive that I heard you say “Mama”. The best thing about you? Everyone loves you. Everywhere you go people want to get a closer look at you because you’re just so sweet. You’ve got this kind and wonderful energy about you. It’s captivating and you never disappoint and always crack a smile or laugh.

You started you on solid foods this month. Your first food was sweet potatoes and even though you make these hilarious faces, you actually do a great job at putting the spoon to your mouth and eating your food. We only give you a good tablespoon a day but you seem to enjoy it. Daddy and I enjoy making fresh batches of food for you. We both think it’s great to provide you with fresh veggies over the canned baby food. We really want to give you a good start when it comes to nutrition. Mama is still pumping to give you breast milk and I won’t stop until you’re at least a year old.

And guess what? We are still using cloth diapers! People told me that I would give up on them by now but nope I love diapering you in your cute patterned cloth. And you’ve never had a diaper rash so hey…maybe this cloth stuff is right on!

Mama guilt struck me again and I was starting to think that you were still small but your pediatrician keeps telling me how perfect you are. You’re just petite. Just when I  started to doubt things, you began sitting up. And then getting on all fours with the attempts to crawl. Seriously? I’ve got a baby that is about to crawl? Ohmigoodness…please stop growing so quickly, baby.

Elle Bits:
-You’re a little under 14 lbs.
-You’ve tasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots.
-We sold your swing. You don’t use it anymore and it was taking up space.
-Your feet finally touch the bottom of your bouncer!
-You love your new highchair.
-Your skin has been super itchy so mama has gone gluten-free to see if that is the issue.
-If you see someone put it in their mouth, you want it too.
-Your appetite is through the roof…you’re eating a lot more.
-You can hold your bottle.
-You like putting your foot in your mouth. Literally.

Thank you so much for being the light of our lives. Love you, sweet girl.


Your Mama

  • urbansista

    She is beautiful! Happy six (almost seven) months!

  • Michelle

    Love this, she is so gorgeous! My son is six and a half months now too, and its interesting to see how many things they are both doing right now! Ben has started crawling (and now he constantly tries to stand up while he’s nursing, why???). He also is still breastfed but is getting solids, a little, once per day. We started with avocado, then sweet potatoes, then carrots. More gets in his face and in his hair than in his mouth but who cares? I also plan to continue nursing til twelve months, then as long afterward as he wants.

    He’s screaming his head off just like Elle, and he doesn’t fuss (but he is busy and always wants to be in everything). He’s got both front teeth on the top and bottom. That really snuck up on me!

    At his six month appt this kid was 29 inches and 22 lbs. oh. My. Lord. And they said my breastmilk wouldn’t be good enough cause I’m vegan. Ha! It’s said because he’s going to hit the weight limit on his jumperoo in a couple months and he LOVES that thing.

    Love your little Elle updates :) keep em’ coming! She is just too precious, you are a violist doing a great job!

    • Michelle

      Lol, violist. OBVIOUSLY. Thanks, autocorrect!

    • Brittany


  • What a cutie! She is so beautiful.

  • how did that go by so fast? also, this makes me want to try cloth diapers! you guys are BRAVE!

    • Brittany

      It’s easier than I thought it would be. 😉 When baby Annelise comes trucking along, you’ll surprise yourself. 😉

  • kazari

    Oh my gosh, she is just the cutest!

  • She is SO adorable!! I look forward to seeing the monthly Baby Elle updates! They have been getting me so excited about my own Baby E who is due, as of today, in 6 weeks or less! Please keep the Baby Elle updates coming! She’s such a doll!!

    • Brittany

      Yay for your new baby!

  • Jennifer

    Oh!!! She is just TOO precious!!! I can’t believe she’s over 6 months old already!!!

  • Kelly

    too cute for words!!

  • Farrah

    Wow, time flies!! Seems as if you just announced you were pregnant, she is really growing up and fast I might add, she is gorgeous!! Enjoy this time while you both can.

    • Brittany

      I know….!! TOO fast. Thanks so much!

  • Jennifer Ryder

    She’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of the photos – I love them!!

  • stay__rich

    She is the sweetest thing!

  • Janet

    Okay, you need to stop with the pictures of epic adorableness, my ovaries can’t handle e cute! *explodes*

    Seriously, she is so cute, and clearly so happy and well-loved!

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  • Lavendar

    She’s obviously sweet-tempered and personable just like her parents. It’s so funny that she screams now. My youngest did the same thing at about 7 or 8 months. When he discovered he had the power to be loud, it was on then! He didn’t scream because he was upset or needed something; just because he could and liked to hear himself. LOL My niece was 17 pounds when she turned a year and the doctor said the same about her being perfect and petite. She walked early and had no problems; she just happened to be a tiny cutie like Elle. No worries Mama!!!

    • Brittany

      Yay for petite babies!

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  • Happy half birthday Elle! She is so beautiful and you are so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.

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  • Cheri

    Wow, I didn’t know you had a baby! Congrats. I didn’t know you cut your locs either (unless you’ve since reloc’d). I have followed your loc blog for a while but I haven’t been reading any of my favorite blogs for a while, over a year actually, because I, too, recently had a baby. AND I cut my locs too. Congrats!