The Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Files: Breakfast Egg Scramble

Spinach and egg scramble

Did I ever tell y’all that I up and went gluten-free? I’ve been dairy-free for almost 8 months now but this gluten-free thing is new. Elle’s eczema got worse (yep, I’m still pumping and giving her my breast milk) and worse and her pediatrician said that I should try going gluten-free for 2 weeks to see if her skin cleared up. And guess what? Her skin DID clear up. And so began my gluten-free life.

I’m going to be featuring a few of my dishes with y’all in case some of you are also eating the same way. And  honestly, even after I stop breastfeeding, I think I’ll continue the gluten-free life. Reading Wheat Belly has enlightened me on a loooooot. Epsoso is also being supportive and limiting dairy and gluten too.


Even though I love my gluten-free cereals, I’ve been wanting to slowly cut processed foods out of my diet and have fresher ingredients ALL the time.

Can’t get any easier than this. I toss in 2 cups of spinach, 2 eggs and season with just a dash of salt and pepper. Sometimes Esposo adds smoked turkey and bam, a complete and tasty meal that only took 5 minutes to scramble up. For some added sweetness, I’ll have an apple or peach on the side.

And that’s that!

  • Ya know, I’ve been getting lots of eczema breakouts lately and now your post has me thinking it may be due to gluten. I think I’m going to have to try going gluten-free to see if it helps at all. And that scramble looks delicious!

    • Brittany

      Let me know if you end up going that route. It really isn’t THAT hard to do.

  • I’ve been considered lowering my dairy intake for awhile… but it’s so hard. :'(

    • Brittany

      Oh, I know. It is sooooo hard. I’ve been craving a cheese pizza for 8 months. LOL!

  • I’m pretty much dairy and gluten free at the moment – I’ve been on the paleo diet for like a month now and it’s been working great! I may have to add this recipe to my breakfast options :)

    • Brittany

      I love paleo options! I don’t think I’m 100% paleo though b/c I love my olive oil and nuts. :)

  • Love this recipe! Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals that can also be good for the skin. This is the best relief for dry, flaky and itchy skin.

    • Brittany

      I loooooove spinach!

  • This looks yummy…I am gonna try it out! I am also on a gluten and dairy free diet now because of Celiac so I would love to see more of your GF dishes! Also, after reading your post, it occurred to me that my daughter’s eczema when she was an infant might have been due to my gluten intolerance……it lasted for almost 6-7 months until I stopped breast feeding her. Wish I knew that before!

    • Brittany

      When you know better you do better, huh? I hated that my babe’s skin was all torn up b/c of what I was consuming. :(

  • Lavendar

    I’ve been scrambling my eggs with avocado and onion. Great substitute for my old favorite — scrambled eggs with cheese.

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