5 Perks of Cloth Diapering. And my cloth diapering story.

Cloth diapers

When it comes to cloth diapering you’ll come across 2 kinds of people. Those that would never try it or those that swear by it. There are very few people in between.

And then there’s me. Y’all know I like to keep it real. So if you’re a mama, expecting mama or just like reading about cloth diapers (I was into that before I had kids….), carry on.

Rainbow cloth diaper

I always knew I’d give cloth diapering a whirl but soooo many people told me how HARD it was. And of course these were all people who had never tried it themselves. But c’mon…many people label me as this crunchy/hippie mama who had a baby in a birthing center and had her placenta encapsulated so doesn’t cloth diapering kinda follow that label? It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. And there are really so many reasons to love it!

Saves money

Duuuuh. Average diaper costs range from $.14 to $.23 per diaper. A newborn has to be changed at least every 2 hours. So in one day of newborn’s life you’re spending at least $2.00 a day in diapers. Meanwhile, our cheapest cloth diaper is $5 and guess what? It will last until our babe is potty training. AND…we can use it for consecutive children. Hells yeah!


Now I never claimed to be the most eco-conscious person in the world but dang, the thought of tossing out over 10 diapers a day just seems…wrong. I feel better knowing I’m freeing up some landfill space by not havin’ my babe’s poopy diapers slung all over the place.


Yeah yeah…call me vain but they really are. Plain white diapers with some random cartoon character on them? Boar-riiiiiing. Changing diapers will never be fun but I’m in better spirits when I’m changing a rainbow diaper.


Especially if your baby has sensitive skin like my babe’s. Cloth is gentler on her bum .


We prefer to use one size pocket diapers and they are awesome because you adjust the absorption by adding different kinds of inserts. You can also adjust the leg sizes on many diapers and this is a huge perk for smaller or larger babies.


But there are downfalls to cloth diapering too…

-Emptying a dirty diaper pail will never be fun.
-Touching poo is bound to happen.
-No one will want to change your baby because cloth diapers confuse some people (i.e. daycares)
-It’s a bit inconvenient on the go.
-Finding a routine can take time.

Cloth diapers for babies

I thought cloth diapering was something you did or didn’t do. That you either WEREN’T going to do it or you had a stash of 30 diapers before your child made their entrance in the world. But naw playa. After we went through all of the disposable diapers that we received from our baby shower, we slowly transitioned to cloth. We clothed at night and on the weekends. Then I found a sweet local mama who was selling a huge stash of diapers for a crazy awesome price.

And then it took forever to find the perfect wash routine.

But do I have any regrets? Noooope. Cloth diapering works for our family and I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers and gave it a whirl. We only wash diapers every 2-3 days and we’re saving hundreds of dollars on not buying diapers.


Brands We Own:

Charlie Banana
City Knickers Diapers

Approximate Number of Diapers:


Style of Diapers:

One Size Pocket diapers with snaps and aplix

Inserts used:

Charcoal Bamboo

Where did/do we purchase cloth diapers from?:

Local co-ops
Moms who make customized cloth diapers
Target (Charlie Bananas)
Second hand from local mamas

Cost Spent on Diapers and Accessories

Around $200

Accessories we own

1 small wetbag for diaper bag
1 wet/dry wetbag for when Elle goes to her sitter
1 large wetbag for traveling
1 diaper pail (aka trash can)
1 diaper pail liner
30+ cloth wipes (aka baby washcloths)

Any cloth diapering mamas out there? Or moms who tried it and didn’t like it?

  • okay, can we talk about how you are totally becoming my favorite?! I have loved you for beauty stuff for awhile now, but your “crunchy” mom self makes my heart super happy.
    Anyway. I refused to cloth diaper my first. all my friends were doing it and honestly, it just grossed me out. at 11 months with my second, we switched. his skin went nuts and disposables made it so much worse. it’s been a learning process for sure with all the types of diapers and inserts, but it is so much nicer than paying $40 for diapers every 3 weeks or so!

    • Brittany

      Dude, I am a mega crunchy mama. OMG…$40 every 3 weeks on diapers. That makes me ill.

  • kazari

    Y’know when I started out I considered this…but it didn’t fit into our lifestyle at all. We weren’t/aren’t poor but the initial start up cost is daunting (although yes, it saves money over the long run) and at the time we lived in an apartment with no washer/dryer.

    Overall, disposables works for us, but for the next kid (if there is one), reusable might be the way to go!

    • Brittany

      The initial cost is what prevented us from doing it. Which is why we didn’t go full-time CD’ing until fairly recently. We purchased slowly. I just couldn’t put down $200-$300 on diapers so I totally understand. Gotta do what works!

  • christy

    We cloth diapered and loved it. Our baby never had diaper rash and with our awesome diaper covers, we never had a leak. Plus they didn’t have that chemical smell that disposable diapers have. We even hung them out in the sun to dry on a clothes line which saved having to use the dryer all the time. I also think cloth diaper babies potty train easier because they can “feel” the wet when they get older. Both our children potty trained before they turned 2 years old and it took 3 days to train the first one and one week for the second child.

    • Brittany

      I wish we didn’t live in a condo b/c we would so be sunning our covers and inserts. And yesss, I hate that chemical-y smell of sposies. Especially when they are really wet. I may need to email you on potty training tips. 😉

  • Vonnie

    We did CD’s for 2.5 years all the way through potty training. Never bought a plastic diaper, nor pull up. It can be done! We found a home daycare that was down with cloth and it made life so much easier. Eventually, people get used to it. Have you heard of Imse Vimse diaper liners? Saved our life! We used them the whole time because you could just dump the entire pooped on liner into the toilet and flush. It hardly left any poo on the diapers either.

    • Brittany

      Noooo, I haven’t heard of those liners but I plan on buying a brand of liners pretty soon. I can’t deal with the poop. It’s just WAY too much for me. And that whole spraying it out in the toilet totally grosses me out.

  • I feel so out of the loop on this. Granted, I don’t have babies yet, but B… how do you CHANGE and clean a cloth diaper? Maybe I should just google it… :)

    • Brittany

      Haha, it’s okay, mama. You can toss them in the washing machine (that’s what I do) or hand wash ’em. Easy peasy.

  • Marie

    My 15 year old daughter is a bedwetter and she wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed at night.It is a shame that they dont make the other diaper covers like the ones shown in teen sizes for bedwetters.she would like to have something other than the rubberpants.