Makeup Wars: My Top 3 Favorite Oils

This week my Makeup Wars sisters and I are talking about oils. Weeeee!!

Cosmetic oils

Oils are totally a fad and er’thing now but honey, when I was growing up, oils were staples. Just like the butters. Brands think they are being all innovative by dumping naturally extracted oils in their products  but I’ve been using these oils in their original origins for yearsssss. I hoard many because they all have their uses but my favorite are these three…

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Yes, girl. Yes. Coconut oil is the TRUTH! I use it daily and on every part of my body. Coconut oil gets slathered all over after a shower. I use it in my hair. I use it to remove makeup. I put it on my baheh, I use it to lubricate the nips after pumping (TMI nothin’…if you’ve ever put your nip in a baby’s mouth or in a flange, you know how badly the nippies need to be soothed afterwards) and I use it to moisturize cuticles. And if I’m craving an omelette or green smoothie, I’m using a teaspoon of coocnut oil. We don’t use PAM cooking spray. We use coconut oil. And don’t even get me started on coconut milk. Basically, El Coconut needs to run for President so that I can be its Campaign Manager.

Maracuja Oil

I hadn’t heard of maracuja oil until Tarte released it. And then I fell in love. It’s far from cheap if you get it from them but it’s worth the investment because this is one oil that doesn’t feel…oily. It’s amazing! I can slather this stuff all over and don’t feel like I can slip and slide down the tile floors. Elle’s super dry skin loves maracuja oil. Her skin sucks it up and while it won’t leave an oily film, it still feels nice and moisturized. Tarte also sells a version of this in a roller ball dispenser.

Best idea ever because now I can oil up on the go!

Argan oil


I first learned of argan oil when I was aimlessly scrolling on TV and got trapped by QVC. Josie Maran was talking about her argan-infused products and I made my first purchase and then fell in love. To be such a light oil, argan oil is powerful! A little goes a long way and like maracuja oil, it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I also really adore argan oil because it plays nicely when placed in other products. I’ve even mixed my BB cream with this stuff and it didn’t cause any problems.


Honorable Mentions:
-Jamaican black castor oil
-grapeseed oil
-olive oil
-sweet almond oil
-jojoba oil

Check out some of my Makeup Wars girls’ favorite oils.

Do you have a fave?

  • Maracuja oil is fantastic! Tarte is really on to something with that oil. It really makes my skin glow!

  • I forgot grapeseed oil! That tarte oil is awesome.

  • my favorite oil would have to be jamaican black castor oil, although the scent is strong it has done wonders for my skin and hair. my honorable mention is tea tree oil, a definite must for those of us with dry scalp

  • My daughter gets horribly dry skin too and we use a prescription gel, it really only seems to stifle the problem rather than fix it. I’ll have to try the Tarte on her or maybe toss her some coconuts! 😉 PS I love love love your babyyyyy

  • I am so excited that you posted about Coconut Oil! My Mom literally just got me a huge jar and I didn’t really know what to do with it…clearly, I can use it for everything! That is fabulous that you can use it to soothe after breastfeeding!!! I am expecting baby #2 in 5 months and plan to breastfeed for a year like I did with my first baby. :) Off to go experiment with coconut oil…

  • I still need to try coconut oil!

  • Great picks! :-)

  • MaryB

    I love oils. I used them 25 years ago and I use them today. My favorite is hazelnut oil. It’s slightly astringent, like grapeseed, but it’s not as drying. Light and non-greasy and about perfect for my combination skin.

    Passionfruit (aka maracuja) and argan are also quite nice. I do prefer to save money and support small business by ordering those from smaller e-tailers. Nothing against Tarte or Josie Maran – I just can’t afford the name brand when the “generic” oil is exactly the same stuff.

    It took some searching to find the oils that work well for me, but it’s been worth the trouble. Heck, these days I even make my own rinseable cleansing oil, and my skin has never been so well-balanced.

  • I might try the Tarte product. I was not aware of it!

  • Ava

    I’ve become an oil fiend this year! Nothing works better for me in during the fall and winter months than the classic Neutrogena Body Oil. It absorbs quickly into damp skin and comes in a scentless version if you prefer. I also love Josie Maran’s 100% argan oil for face (even my oily one!) and I like to keep a small bottle of Caudalie’s all purpose Divine Oil in my handbag to slick on my hair, body, or hands when needed. Divine Oil also makes a great spray on cuticle oil in a pinch.

  • I have been meaning to get some coconut oil for ALL reasons. I have not. You have just inspired me to freaking get it!!

  • Oils are a definite essential in my skincare routine. :) I love actually love several oils: Coconut Oil, Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, Josie Maran Argan Oil but Nude Skincare’s ProGenius Oil is my current holy grail. :)