Who needs more money for beauty splurges? I dooooo!

Times are hard yo. But I don’t have to tell you that. Those gas prices keep climbing and the cost of spinach these days are crazy. Fo reals. I’ve become even more frugal (which I thought was impossible) by doing little things like putting Elle in cloth diapers and cutting my cable. I am also a HUGE proponent of shopping at thrift stores. I was doing it before it became popular in a song. Ha! And I’m all about selling items I don’t use to get some cash. Like those old CDs that I have from the 90’s…yeah. Those can go. I’ve practically gone digital when it comes to listening to music so who needs a CD?

Magpie does!


If you’ve got a stash of CDs and DVDS that are just collecting dust, you could be sitting on a goldmine. I’m serious! Selling your old unwanted goods online can have you racking in some money, honey. And even if it isn’t a significant amount, who doesn’t want to get $10 from movies that you’ll probably never watch again?

Magpie is cool because it’s simple and it costs you nothing to ship your CDs and DVDs out to them. There isn’t any wondering about how much you’ll get paid because after putting in barcode information, you instantly get a price as to what your item is worth. Esposo and I already have a stack of DVDs that we’re going to go through to see if we can sell ’em and get some extra money.

I think I can survive without watching Home Alone 2 on DVD again. And I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix sooo yeahhhh.

Anyone else thinkin’ about saving money by selling CDs and DVDs?


*This post contains a paid link.

  • I’ve got to check that service out, looks good! We have tons of games for game systems we don’t have anymore, and plenty of movies.

  • Awesome idea! I just recently started blogging about my trials of being fab on a serious budget!

  • Lion King and Clueless are two of my fave movies. I’m so nostalgic now!

    • Brittany

      Best movies, ever right?

  • Angela

    This is the first time I have ever heard of this, and I am excited! I honestly have TONS of DVD’s and CD’s just laying around taking up my valuable space. And you are right, I bet a lot of mine are on Netflix. This service sounds pretty easy, sounds like I got me a new project on my hands.

  • Cia

    Great post but how do they dispurse the money? Hopefully through paypal. I would love to do it but I am not into giving out my SS number or credit card number to get paid lol times is ruff but being hacked is worse lol…yes im paranoid

    • Brittany

      Through PayPal would be amaziiiing!