That Time I Had a Spa Weekend At Disney World.


‘Scuse me for my disappearing act. I had a fantastic spa weekend at Walt Disney World. I posted about it on Instagram and I am seriously re-living every second. Disney knows how to treat a gal and I am counting down the days until I visit the Senses spa again.

Give me a few days, mkay? I’ll be around on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but my thoughts are mush right now so forming a complete blog post may be challenging.

Ciao loves!

  • Kelly

    Can’t think of anyone who deserves this more!

    • Brittany

      Oh thank you, darling!

  • Take your time! From Instagram is looks like it was an awesome getaway!

  • Angela

    Ooooohh girl! I was loving all those posts on Instagram of your pampering over at Disney World. I personally have never been to a spa, but I was so impressed with all the luxury you were experiencing. I think if I ever did indulge in my first spa experience, it would be nice to have one at the happiest place on earth, right? Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

    • Brittany