A Month of Thanks 2013: Day 13 – Nail polish

I’m a beauty blogger, yes, but I am far from a makeup collector. What I review I typically put to the side to share with my sisters or donate the gently used items to domestic violence shelters for women and children. I have no need to collect makeup. For what? No one really needs 200 tubes of lipstick.

But nail polish…

Butter London

Nail polish is different. This is the one thing I actively collect because nail polish really makes me happy. Polishing my nails is therapeutic. It just makes me feel good. Glancing at my nails during a rough day can instantly boost my mood. So yes, I am thankful for nail polish.


Little known fact: My water broke while I was polishing my nails. Crazy, huh? 

  • I know you love nail polish and polished nails because I often look at your polish collection posts and wonder how you sat there and changed your polish color 5 times. LOL

    • Brittany

      Dedication, mama. Dedication. LOL!

  • I love this post! I’m with you about polishing your nails being therapeutic. I recently started polishing my nails something I was not so into, but now with so many formulas, fast drying etc.. I love it! Every Sunday it’s my day to polish my nails:) Enjoy your day!

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it wonderful? It only takes a few minutes and it does so much!

  • Caitlin

    So, did you finish doing your nails after your water broke?

    • Brittany

      Haha, nope. I thought I peed myself, told Esposo and he thought we should go to the birthing center. Elle was born later that day. :)

  • I love seeing all your butter LONDON!

    • Brittany

      *drools* Me too. :)

  • I love it too & it can be calming to paint these nails of mine. I haven’t tried this brand, but have seen it at one of these department stores. Looks like you like it a lot–LOL! Very beautiful colors.

    • Brittany

      butter LONDON is amaziiiiing. Definitely one of my favorite brands.