A Month of Thanks 2013: Day 5 – That feeling I get when I run.

Run B Run

I’m not an athlete. Far from it. I didn’t really get into an active lifestyle until college. And it was post-college where I met running. I’m not the running “type”. I’m an amazon woman with big boobage and I don’t fit the running model. But honey, I love to run. I am so thankful for it. When I run I’m not thinking of the calories that I’m burning. I have no stresses. I just run. I don’t care about speed. I have my own mini goals and try to reach them. I feel like an Olympian at the end of a run. My body feels wrecked but mentally I am on a high. I love that feeling. I love how strong I feel.

Wish me luck! I’m running (will probably be doing a great mix of walk-jog but whatever…) a 5K next week!

  • so excited for you! it’s the best feeling to get up and active. proud of you!

    • Brittany

      You’re a total inspiration, mama!

  • just_kazari

    Oh goodness! with a baby, when do you find time to run? I’d love to know! (I really ought to exercise…haha)

    • Brittany

      I go after I drop her off from her sitter. It’s hard to find the time but I try!

  • I just started running and I’m falling head over heels for it. But if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of sports bra do you wear? Because as a fellow busty person, it’s been extremely hard for me to find a good one :(

    • Brittany

      Right now I’m wearing 2 because I can’t afford the one that I realllllly want. Running with boobs is HARD.