A Month of Thanks 2013: Day 6 – Greeeeens!


I didn’t always like salad. And then I met Esposo who has turned me into a salad snob. I won’t touch iceberg and romaine. Oh noooo. I need my arugula, spinach and red cabbage. I LOVE greens so so much. I can eat spinach raw. I can eat it in a smoothie, for breakfast, steamed, on a train, on a plane…you get where I’m goin’.

I am so thankful for greens and how nourishing they are. How diverse they are. And how good they are.



  • Janet

    If you cook harder greens (kale, chard) like risotto, sautéing them with onion/garlic and then adding small amounts of chicken or veggie stock and letting it absorb, over a period of about 15-20 minutes, it is amaaaaaaazingly tender and delicious. Mmmmm greens.

    • Brittany

      Good tip! I’m gonna try that. Thanks!