Makeup Wars: All I Want This Holiday Season Is…well, here’s a list!

| November 25, 2013 | 23 Comments

Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlist

ZOMG! The holidays are a comin’ and while I am so not ready for them (I’m far too stressed these days to really enjoy ‘em!), they’re comin’ anyway. I’m not gonna lie – I kinda miss the days of being able to give my parents a list of things that I wanted and actually getting those gifts. Welp. Those days are over. Ha! The married with kid life means if I want something, I need to save up and get it myself!

But ain’t nothin’ wrong with wishin’. And for this Makeup Wars post my girls and I are sharing our holiday wishlists.


I want a Vitamix blender sooooo badly. And I’ll never buy it myself because as much as I want it, I could think of so many other things I could buy with that money. But man – the things I would make if a had a Vitamix. The soups I brew, the smoothies I would…smoothe. I could do it all.

Naomi Afro Manikin

Look. I have a daughter. And I’m a Black girl. And I DON’T know how to cornrow. This does not bode well as taking care of naturally thick hair requires skill. With this manikin I could practice braiding and cornrowing so that by the time my girl gets too old for afro puffs, I’ll be able to put some adorable rows in her hurr (picture source).

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.50.23 PM

Clarisonic Aria

Yeeeep. The Aria has been out for over a year and I still want it. And  there’s an Aria with a Josie Maran Set. They combined 2 of my favorite loves. *squeals* I’d also take Clarisonic’s Pedi Foot Transformation Set. Or both. Whatever.

Formula X for Sephora nail polishes

I want them all. I don’t need EVERY shade. But I at least need 10. Or 20. I’ve heard so many great things about this brand. Word on the beauty blogger street is that Formula X for Sephora nail polishes give you complete coverage with only one coat. Say whaaaat?

Reusable Rainbow Snack Bags

I’m a grazer and eat a lot of snacks throughout the day. I have a few reusable snack bags but I want more. Plus I love supporting work from home mamas!

Jewelry Holder

Also on Etsy is this gorgeous jewelry holder that I’ve been meaning to buy myself. It holds everything in ONE place.This organizer would make getting ready in the morning so much easier.

Wool Dryer balls

Y’all know I’m a hippie so this really shouldn’t even come as a surprise. I already use some wool dryer balls but I hear that having even more is better. These things are great! They really do fluff up towels and cloth diaper inserts aaaaand you don’t have to run the dryer as long. I haven’t used dryer sheets in years so the wool dryer balls are a great alternative.

Boscia Mask Medley

I’ve reviewed Boscia’s masks before but I need to re-up STAT. I had no idea that they had all 3 of their masks in one nice little set. So sweet of them to think of me like that.

Mason Jars

Doesn’t matter the size. Or the color. I want more! I use my mason jars for everything but I’m noticing that I’m running out. So…I need more!

Repayment of my student loans

No explanation needed. A wishlist is a wishlist, right? :tongue:

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  1. The jewelry holder would be excellent. Everything in one place. Love it!
    Brooke @ Blushing Noir recently blogged about Makeup Wars – My 2013 Holiday Wish ListMy Profile

  2. Teri says:

    Nice list! I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a really long time too! Happy Holidays!
    Teri recently blogged about Makeup Wars: My Holiday Wish List.My Profile

  3. LOL about the student loans – I feel you :) The Vitamix is an amazing choice. xo
    Kristie Burnett recently blogged about Christmas Wishlist // Makeup WarsMy Profile

  4. Pink Sith says:

    Oh heck yeah. I now want those dryer ballz! I’m no hippie, but I really hate the dryer sheets b/c they clash with my fragrance free detergent. LOL Also, great idea for the practice head. You gotta have neat cornrows and parts, people will talk if you don’t. BTW I have the Ninja Blender and I love it!
    Pink Sith recently blogged about Makeup Wars – Holiday Wish ListMy Profile

  5. Why do Vitamix have to be so expensive! The cadillac of blenders.
    Perilously Pale recently blogged about Makeup Wars – My Holiday WishlistMy Profile

  6. Kelly says:

    I need to try a wool ball!! I had a friend try to make one and things went horribly wrong….
    Kelly recently blogged about Makeup Wars: Holiday Wish ListsMy Profile

  7. Vitamix is a Cleveland company and I’ve been hounding my friends who work for the brand to hook me up with a discount. I want one badly but even the Vitamix Outlet Store prices are out of my budget. *sigh*
    Alllacqueredup recently blogged about Makeup Wars – My Holiday 2013 Wish ListMy Profile

  8. jbrobeck says:

    I definitely should have put one of the Clarsonics on my list!
    jbrobeck recently blogged about Makeup Wars ♥ My Holiday WishlistMy Profile

  9. LOL! Yes! The repayment of student loans cracked me up! :D I am dying to try those Formula X polishes too!
    Laura MyNewestAddiction recently blogged about Makeup Wars: Holiday WishlistMy Profile

  10. MarciaF says:

    I love how varied your list is. You have practical and fun all rolled up in that cute dryer ball. I never shop Etsy but it looks like it would be fun (and addictive!).
    MarciaF recently blogged about The Beauty Blogazons $500 Holiday GiveawayMy Profile

  11. I need a new Clarisonic too!

  12. Chia-Yi says:

    i have the sephora x in hoodlum and it needs more than 1 coat. i also am eyeing more dryer balls. they keep getting misplaced and i’m thinking maybe some giant sized ones may work better with blankets. the josie edition of the clarisonic is so cute but sadly my face can’t take the clarisonic for more than 1-2 days/week :( i do love the foreo luna i picked up recently tho!

  13. T.R. says:

    I want the Vitamix too. Brit if you are so inclined QVC has it with 5 or 6 monthly payments. That way it doesn’t hurt so bad. I’m trying to see if they go to seven for the holidsys on one of their specials. If so I’m all in. I got my Kitchen Aid mixer stand like that on QVC. Just a thought. :O)

    Okay I knew nothing about these wool dryer balls and now I’m going to try them. Thank you. I LOVE ETSY!!! And that Afro Manikan to practice cornrowing. Ingenious I say. I might have to get one too.

  14. Raging Rouge says:

    You are the world’s most dedicated Mom, actually trying to train yourself to style your daughter’s hair… I love it! Great list, Brittany!
    Raging Rouge recently blogged about MAC Sheen supreme lipstick in PleasurefruitMy Profile

  15. Susan says:

    My husband just bought himself a reconditioned Vitamix blender from the Vitamix website. You get a 5 year warranty and the mixing container is new. You can also search the web for a free shipping code. He caught a sale so he got an even better deal. Go on the Vitamix website and look for reconditioned. Hope this can make a wish come true.

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