A Month of Thanks 2013: Day 4 – Esposo’s Cooking

Quinoa Tabbouleh

I really don’t know what I was eating before I met Esposo. Clearly I was eating somethin’ because I’m not exactly a skinny girl. I know how to cook but I don’t like cooking. I just don’t. But I am so thankful for my wonderful husband because in the almost 2 years we’ve been married and the 1 year we dated, I have never had to prepare a meal. He cooks everything at home. And he serves me.

Yeah, I got it maaaaade.

  • How sweet of your hubby to be out there in the kitch whipping up this kind of food perfection! And how lucky are you?! I really like to cook so I’m the main “chef” in this house. I do love it beyond measure when my man proposes to pick up dinner from a fave restaurant so I can relax, read blogs, and paint my nails sometimes! I like this month of thanks post series a lot!

    • Brittany

      You’ve got a good man, mama!! We’re both lucky girls. :)

  • I love that we married men who cook. Your husband is awesome! <3 <3 <3

    • Brittany

      We picked good ones, huh?

  • Stacie

    You need to get esposo’s recipes and post them! That looks FANTASTIC!

    • Brittany

      Yes ma’am. Will do!

  • WWHHHHAAAATTTTTTT so lucky, girl! You DO have it made!

    • Brittany


  • Coco

    I love cooking, but the “curse” of being the one who likes to cook is that I wind up cooking even if I am tired, not feeling it, etc. I wish my husband had the skills to take over from time to time! You are definitely a lucky girl!!