Makeup Wars: 5 Beauty Resolutions That I BETTER Stick To In 2014

Beauty Resolutions

I’m not the type to make annual resolutions (I’m a fan of smaller weekly and monthly goals) but when my girls thought of the idea to do beauty resolutions, I just couldn’t pass this one up. Part of me wants to blame my laziness and frugality on being a new mom but dude, my babe is almost a year old. I can’t use this “I’m a new mom and don’t have time for anything” spiel forever, can I? Soooo, here are some things that I blame to change and institute in 2014.

Wash my face every night.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I’ve gone to bed without washing my face. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this but I’ve made too much of a habit out of it. 9pm hits and the old lady in me doesn’t want to do anything that requires lifting a hand. At the very least I can invest in face wipes to wipe off the makeup IF I’m not going to bust suds nightly. But still…busting suds is better.

Wear a full face of makeup at least once a week.

In the 6+ years I’ve been into makeup, I’ve gone through 2 extremes. I went through wearing makeup every day like my life depended on it to not wearing anything at all. I’d like to meet myself in the middle and at least commit to wearing eye shadow once a week. I don’t want my skills to disappear on account of my laziness.

If nail polish starts chipping, remove it.

I know. I know. This is bad. I really should know better. Chipping nail polish is the worst but I’ve spotted myself rockin’ this like it’s a trend. And that needs to stop. ASAP.

Do weekly hair treatment

I’ve always been lazy in the hair department and for the most part my hair continues to look relatively healthy. But a lil’ weekly treatment wouldn’t hurt. I’m going to check out the natural hair blogs to see what nourishing treatment I can do to help with shine, manageable and all around hair health.

Spend $50 a month on new products

Back in the day, I spent well over $50 a month on makeup. And now I don’t spend anything. My priorities have changed and I was pinching pennies for quite some time but I think I can afford to invest in some new and pretty beauty baubles. Besides, I deserve it, don’t I? I work hard yo!


Check out the beauty resolutions that my girls have!

  • I vowed to spend less too. I also need to up my face and hair treatment game, at least a little. Great list!

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama!

  • Great picks! I hear you on the np thing. If I do ever get the chance to leave a mani on I never want to take it off and it ends up looking gnarly, especially in the Winter!

    • Brittany

      I know. ESPECIALLY in the winter!

  • I need to put a $50 budget on my list but that’s because that would be saving a lot of money. I should have put on – Review what you have before buying more!!

    Washing up is vital so get to it. I go through too many wipes since those are easy but at least my skin is clean and ready for night moisturizing.

    I think you should resolve to put up more pictures of BabyClumps!!

    • Brittany

      Haha!! I would so turn this blog into a Baby Clumps blog because taking pictures of her is easier than taking pictures of beauty products. 😉

  • I love your resolutions! You can do it :)

  • Celine

    This is actually a great/realistic goal set. I’m lazy on the face washing at night too, but not when I have makeup on. No matter how tired I am, I always wash my face at night if I have makeup on. Do you think its necessary to wash your face both day and night even if you don’t have makeup on? I’m also terrible for not removing polish when it chips too! I’m pretty good on the hair treatment part. I try to use my hair mask once a week in replace of my conditioner.

    • Brittany

      I think it depends on your skin. If I washed day and night, my skin would be crazy dried out.

  • I need to wash my face every night. I do 6 out of 7 nights but the one time I don’t haunts me! Honestly, all of your resolutions SHOULD be mine. :)

  • I am guilty of that too. I try to at least use makeup wipes, but sometimes I am too wiped out!

  • Love the $50/mo rule–I’m going to adopt that one!!

  • Ditto on the wearing full face makeup, remove peeling polish, and needing a weekly hair treatment. I need to do facial masks more too!

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