The Awesomeness That Is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen

Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance

If  you know anything about me,  know that I love Katy Perry. In today’s music market you have so many people trying too hard. Katy Perry has raw natural talent and I appreciate that. I can put her music on when I am happy, sad and when I work out,  when I’m on a road trip and her music is. Katy Perry came out with her third perfume ,Killer Queen, in August and I am so excited that I received a sample to review.

Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume

So I know you’re reading this and saying “Of course YOU’LL love it, Courtney.” But really…it is actually a good perfume. I own Katy’s other perfumes, Meow and Purr, and Killer Queen is my favorite. It is a more adult perfume than the first two and has a nice floral scent. I love smelling good, but I have to be careful about what perfumes I use because I will get a migraine by the simplest smell. Killer Queen doesn’t give me a migraine at all. Aaaand, it lasts all day.

Katy Perry

Oh, and I have been getting compliments on how nice I smell which is always good. Of all the awesome things about the perfume, the bottle is my favorite. Katy Perry’s first two perfumes were in the shape of cats, but this bottle is fit for a queen. Classy, right?

A 3.4 oz bottle goes for $64 at Macy’s and most big department stores. Spring is coming up soon and it might be time to change your signature scent. Would you give Killer Queen a try?

About the Author:

Courtney is the younger sister of Brittany and a 2012 graduate from Florida State University. Courtney loves listening to Katy Perry, nail polish, reading, and a good work-out. She hates peas, lima beans and negativity. She also ate deodorant once because her lovely older sister made her do it. [B’s Edit] Follow her on Twitter at @CourtNichelle.

  • Amijay

    I will! I also get migraines from strong smelling perfumes so that is definitely a selling point for me!

    • This is perfect because it is light enough to get give you a nice scent,but not overpowering to give you a headache.

  • Angela

    I am lusting after this perfume. I want it so badly, but dang, $64?? I will continue to find all the samples of this that I can.

    • It is a little pricey, but it is worth it especially if you are needing a new scent. The bottle is big enough to last you at least a year.

  • I heart KP, too! Love the upper octave she manages to reach with relative ease, and I’d love to hear her cover a Joan Jett or Heart song! I really want to try this perfume! I’m a fragrance wimp too ((one whiff and if it contains the mystery note of doom, it’s off to the migraine room!)) so it gives me hope that this could be a winner!

    • It is a nice clean scent so you shouldn’t have you migraine troubles. I would definitely get a couple samples first just to test out how your will react to it.

  • I really like this perfume right now- I put it in my January faves. I just wish it lasted longer!

    • I always put a little baby oil on my wrist then spray the perfume on the baby oil so it will last all day.