Reason #285 Why You Should Be Using Vaseline


Yep, it’s me again. Telling the world about the awesomeness that is Vaseline. Y’all know I’ve done this before. It’s what I do. Vaseline really could hire me because I go around bragging about them more times than I can count.

Through Popsugar, I was granted to the opportunity to not only be gifted with a nice box of goodies to use with my huge tub of Vaseline, but I was also inspired to do a video. Something I haven’t done since, well…uh, it’s just been awhile. Yeah. Obviously, it had to be one amazing product to get me to come out from under the “Ain’t Done A Video In Awhile” rock.

Did you know that Vaseline is fantastic at healing dry skin? So yes, it’s 75 degrees here in Florida, but when the temperature drops at night, my skin gets ridiculously flaky and dry. Vaseline is amaziiiiiiing at deeply moisturizing to heal dry skin. I reckon you guys and girls in snowy temps would so so benefit from the healing proprieties that Vaseline has.

Vaseline Jelly

And unlike other products, who shall remain nameless, Vaseline doesn’t sit topically on skin nor does it pass in and out of the top layer of skin too quickly. So yay for products that actually WORK when you apply them. Move out of the way, lotion water! I needs some Vaseline.

Check out my video to see how I used Vaseline. This has now become one of my favorite uses for the big V. And please be gentle, y’all. I’ll get my vlogging swag back. Oh, and please forgive me for using the word swag.

Pretty, cool, uh?

Other ways ways you can use Vaseline…

  • As a shaving treatment.
  • As a foot treatment.
  • As a makeup remover.
  • As a face treatment.

To get more information on the awesomeness that is Vaseline, check out their website.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vaseline Jelly through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Vaseline Jelly, all opinions are my own.

  • Amazing Post! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Vaseline is one of the most versatile and useful things you can get! I personally prefer Aquaphor, but it is very similar to Vaseline

  • OK, that hand scrub looked pretty amazing. And WHATTTT it can be used as a shaving treatment? I’m taking your suggestion to head to their website to check that out.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like putting it on with powder eyeshadow would make it crease faster. Do you think that’s the case?

    • Brittany

      Yeah, I’m not sure about that tip. Especially with my crazy oily lids. Eek!

  • Nathalie the Beauty Diva

    You are just soooo cute!!!! I use Vaseline all the time, its a great trick to treat lashes, I put some on every night before bed and it thickens your lashes and makes them nice and lush…. thanks for the additional tips, I will be trying that scrub today. xoxo

    • Brittany

      Yes! I use it on my lashes too. You would have thought that I would bring that tip up. Ha!

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