Soooo About Eyeglasses…1 Pair? Or Many?


This post is  brought to you by Zenni eyeglasses and it has been a hot little minute since I’ve been shopping for eyeglasses. Once upon a time a very loooooong time ago, I actually spent hundreds of dollars on my eyeglasses. I did. I was foolish enough to think that I could only purchase my eyeglasses in the same little office where I had my office exams. It just made sense, right? Exam + purchase = a happy girl with her vision correction. And then I discovered Zenni eyeglasses and I have seen the light.

I remember when eyeglasses were primarily for people that actually needed the vision correction. Now and days, eyeglasses are a fashion accessory. Some people rock ’em…for no reason, actually. And hey, if that’s your thing, who am I to knock it? But seriously, if you’re going to spend money on non-prescription glasses, it could help if said glasses didn’t cost you an arm and a leg, am I right?

Zenni rocks because you can snag fashionable and gorgeous frames for affordable prices. The “nerd” look appears to be in style (which is crazy because when I was growing up, it definitely wasn’t a style…ha!) and Zenni has a nice selection of larger frames that will likely fit girls and guys of all face shapes.

I’ve managed to put 3 different frames in my cart and to my guys and girls that rock eyeglasses, riddle me this…do you stick with 1 pair of glasses or do you tend to switch it up a bit? I’m not able to do change my frames everyyyyyday, but I kinda like the idea of having a few bold frames and then 1 or 2 neutral and professional frames.

What say you?

  • I usually have two pairs at all times. That way I can switch up my look (one “professional” pair and one playful/trendy pair). And I’ll always have back up if I break one!

  • Mikki

    I ordered my last pair of glasses from Zenni and was so surprised how inexpensive they were. Unfortunately, they broke. But, no biggie! I’m going to order 2 more regular glasses and a pair of shades and will still pay less than I used to pay for 1 pair.

  • I recently purchased two pair from LOVE THEM! And I agree, I used to pay a couple hundred dollars for glasses! (When I started buying. My mom paid a little and we kept those same glasses for years! Ha!) But I now have three prescription glasses and I rotate them based on my mood :)

  • I have about 6 pairs of glasses, only one is conservative :) Go figure!

  • I currently have only one pair which is the right prescription. Good idea to get a spare pair (or a few!).

  • Celine

    This post couldn’t have came at a more perfect time. I just paid like $420 for my recent new glasses. So expensive to drop at once. I really don’t understand it. More and more I keep hearing of places where you can get 2 or 3 pairs for almost the price of one. But like you said, yes just easier to get them in the office where you have always gone. Funny too, I totally got the “nerd” look. Love it, so fun!

  • I just got glasses this weekend! Bummed I missed this post lol. I should return them (I can) and order new ones from here!

    • Brittany

      Haha!! Where did you order your glasses from?

  • I have one pair of glasses in my current prescription, but my last two pairs are close enough so I change it up when I’m in the mood for something different. However, even though my new pair happens to be a purple and blue cheetah print, I haven’t felt the need to pull out one of my more “conservative” pairs at all! I wear my plain, old frames when I work out, that’s about it!

    • Brittany

      Oooohhhh, I want some cheetah print frames!

  • I only have one pair of glasses but I ordered them through Zenni’s, and they have lasted me years!