Life With A Toddler…and a Shaved Head.

African American baby

I just realized that I never wrote Elle a letter last month. I am severely slacking. Oh well. Not stressing it. Because that’s my new mantra in life “To not stress the small stuff.” So what if I didn’t write her a letter last month. That doesn’t make me a bad mama. Just a busy one. Whatever yo.

Last week was a crazy week. Between Matron of Honor duties, a sick Elle and lots of work at work, I didn’t have much time to run or sleep. But I’m hoping things are a little better this week. I’m attempting to take it one day at a time. Just one day. I think I’m going to start doing a list of weekly goals. Y’know…just a list of attainable, practical and simple goals. I NEED to feel accomplished at the end of each week.

I’ve also got wedding brain! Esposo and I eloped and I think it was romantic, and fun and cheap but I don’t know…after being in my cousin’s wedding, I’ve been thinking about how I too want to a rock a gorgeous dress and have all our family members surround us as they support our love. But I don’t want to plan anything. I kinda just want to show up and have a beautiful affair. For free. Doesn’t David Tutera do pro-bono work? Ha! A girl can dream.

Here’s hoping to a great start of the weekend! I’m totally missing that hour of sleep but I’m going to tryyyyyy to go to bed early tonight.

Oh and I shaved my hair off again.

Short natural hair

Esposo wasn’t happy. But girls, I ROCK the short cut. And it feels good to literally wash and go. I think I’ll keep it until the end of the summer and then grow it out…*sigh*

Let’s see if I can crank out 2 posts this week. I have SO much that I want to share with and I hope that I have the time to get it out.

Have a fantastic upcoming week!

  • You totally do rock the short hair! You look glowing! Have a great week! :)

    • Brittany

      Thanks love, you too!

  • I love your short hair!!! It suits you and you do rock it.

    • Brittany

      Thank youuuuu!

  • You look beautiful with short hair! I would look hilarious with my hair cut that short, but you look positively radiant! I love your sentiments on how a perfect wedding day should go: show up and everything’s done! YASS to that and pro-bono David Tutera! I’m getting married next month and I’ve thought “Why didn’t we elope??” several times when the planning was getting out of control! I think the way to go is to have tons of MONEY and just pay other people to plan the whole thing. That sounds divine! Dream, dream, dreammm!

    Good luck on your weekly goals, Brittany! Here’s to a great week with time for running and blogging! :)

    • Brittany

      Riiiiiight???? Wedding planning seems crazy stressful and of course it’s all worth it when the bride walks down the aisle but OMG, the stress is just crazy. Eloping was fantastic but I still yearn for all of the wedding’y stuff. You can’t really win, huh? Ha! Thanks for the love, mama!

  • Faidah

    I love you with short hair! If my head wasn’t XXL, I’d have short hair forever! As Elle gets bigger I’m sure you will really appreciate your cut and all the time it saves.

    • Brittany

      Thanks chica! Are you kidding me, my head is massssssive. 😉 Definitely got to have a time saving hair cut with this busy body toddler.

  • Kelly

    I commented on the IG about your amazing brows-but girl, you are rocking that hair!

    Wedding planning is weird–you have all these plans, execute some (or all), have an amazing wedding, and then feel kinda sad when it’s done. Or at least I did. It was really weird for me. But I also learned a lot about my partner and myself, which was cool :)

    Last but most certainly not least, Elle is so adorable and I hope she’s feeling better!

    Hugs to you :)

    • Brittany

      Thanks chica. I’ve found a new brow artist who is just amaziiiiiing. I can’t take all of the credit. I felt sad after the wedding was done and I wasn’t even the bride. We had a great wedding party and I kinda mess everyone. Ha!

  • I have always wanted to shave my head but I definitely couldn’t pull it off. You look great and your little girl is adorable!

    • Brittany

      Hey…you won’t know if you can rock short hair until you just go for it. LOL!! Thanks mama.

  • Elle is SO CUTE!!! Oh my goodness. And yes, you do rock the short ‘do. I LOOOVE it!

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’!

  • gio

    You look great! Love the short hair!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • Elle

    You betta WERK!! The cut is fabulous, but the smile and the GLOW are everything. I’m supposed to be growing out this fuzzy fro to lock (for the umpteenth time) but now my scissor hand is itching after seeing this picture. And again I say, WERK!!