butter LONDON doesn’t just sell polishes. But you knew that…right?

So butter LONDON makes more than just nail polish. Did you know that? I knew but then I forgot. They do nail polishes so well that I’ve never really had to the desire to spend my money on any of their other products. Years ago I tried their lipgloss and it was so insanely fragranced that I vowed to never try any of their Lippys again.

Butter London

Well, that was forever and a day ago and I couldn’t NOT try these samples that I got in the mail. I’m no fool. bL has lips, cheeks and eye products but when you visit their site, you’ll see that it’s really the nail products that they display.

Butter LONDON Cosmetics

Not that I’m complain’. There’s a reason why I collect buttahs. But let’s take a closer look at some of their other beauties.

The Wink Eye Pencils are a lot like the eye pencils from many other brands. Nothing fancy but the formula is nice, smooth, build-able and it doesn’t budge. Like at all.

Butter LONDON Wink

My swatch of Cheerio (a gilded yellow shimmer) stayed put a few minutes after application. I don’t really know how to wear yellows well, but honey, I’ll be trying because this is gorgeous. It goes for $18.

Butter LONDON Cheerio

bL also has a nice selection of creamy eyeshadows. Okay, so honestly…I’ve never been a fan of these type of products. My lids are insanely oily and I have the toughest time getting these creamy products to adhere. Still, Sun Kiss WINK Cream Eye Shadow is nice and muted gold that will complement many skin tones. It also goes for $18. And back to the Lippys…

Butter LONDON Lippy

GOOD NEWS! They don’t smell like flowers on speed anymore. Yay! The subtle whiff of vanilla didn’t trigger a headache and all was well. It’s a thick gloss and like many sheerer glosses like this, the color in the tube does not translate on your lips.

Butter LONDON Lippy Twee

Yeah. I kinda hate when that happens. If the tube is pink, I want pink, bro! But hey, Twee is cool with me. The added moisturization kept my normally ashy lips in check and for that, I am grateful. Such awesomeness will run you $20. And then there’s Chuffed…

Butter LONDON Chuffed

I won’t spend too much time here because we already know how much I want bL to run for President, but yeah…this full coverage, shimmery bright orange is stunnning.

Overall, I think butter LONDON does well with cosmetics. The price points are a bit higher than I think they should be, but fans will appreciate the diverse colors, great formulas and nice collections that they come out with.

Have you tried anything other than nail polish from buttah?

  • I never knew they had eye products!! I want that yellow liner!

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it stunning?

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  • Tara

    I went to Ulta to see the Lolly Brights Collection in person and oh man, that Cheerio eyeliner is insane! One swipe of the tester and I was in love. The formula is amazing! The color is amazing! Amazing amazing amazing! I also tried the two colored mascaras in the collection – Cheerio (yellow, matches the liner!) and Chav (the most beautiful robin’s egg blue + a splash of vividness). I ended up getting both colored mascaras and the yellow eyeliner. LOVE all three! I finally put my I-regret-not-getting-that-LE-Chanel-yellow-mascara-last-summer to rest, lol. 😀

    As for how to rock yellow liner… I googled “yellow eyeliner looks” or something similar and found soooooooo many cool looks! I am kinda obsessed with yellow right now so my Cheerio liner is getting lotsa love. .< I would not have shelled out that kind of money if they weren't super unique colors with great formulas though.

  • Brittany

    Ooooh, I’ve gotta try those.