Makeup Wars: My Beauty Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

6:00am: Rise and shine! I am so loving this “getting 7 hours of sleep” thing. Elle sleeping through the night has been the best thing to happen to my life. I am no longer a walking zombie. Life is good. I’ve got a good 30 minutes to do some Bible reading and listen to Dave Ramsey’s Podcast. Dang. When did I become such an adult? It’s weird.

6:30am:  Since my very awesome job laid me off, I’ve gotten super lazy in the makeup department. And it’s not a terrible thing either. Sometimes less is more. My morning routine is super simply mainly because after dropping Elle off at her, I’m going to run 5 miles or so. You know…gotta build up that endurance for the half marathon that I’m training for. Eeek!

Nuance Salma Hayek

Ohmigosh, Diary…that Josie Maran SPF is still #1 in my book. I use it almost everyday.

9:17am: I’m dead. Or at least I feel like it. I’m so exhausted. But the day has just begun and..okay yeah, I need a shower. I’m starting to smell myself.

Tuel skincare

I am loving this GREEN CLEAN invigorating body wash from Tuél Skincare. Best stuff ever. Can’t buy it again because it’s not in the budget. Boom. Did I tell you that I got my first Brazilian wax? It was…personal. Very personal. Then again, when you spread ’em to push a baby out, you’re a lot more free with your junk. Just sayin’. Also can’t get anymore Brazilians because DANG…those are expensive to maintain.

Skincare products

Ah yes, my post-workout skincare items. Excessive? Maybe.


I’ve got a few errands to run, so no intense make up look here. A powder, an illuminator from COVER FX, mascara, brows and a lip color.

 3:30pm: I’ve been home for about an hour and I think I may actually polish my nails before I go and pick Elle up.

10:32pm: Woot! Time to go out with my girls. Just kidding. It’s time to go to bed because I am beyond beat. Hey. Chasing Elle down is should definitely qualify for a second workout of the day. For real. The nighttime routine is super easy.

Nightly skincare routine

By the way, does anyone know of good nightly eye cream? I should really get in the habit of using one. Oh, and for body care? I go straight into the kitchen.

Coconut oil

Yeah, I know some of y’all are acting like coconut oil and shea butter are all new and revolutionary but yeah no. I’ve been using this stuff for decades, boo.

I know. Why don’t I have more products? Because I like to keep it simple. Less is more and motherhood has taken away time for me to spend 30 minutes in the bathroom. Naw bro. Can’t do that anymore. And I don’t want to because I’m lazy. Yeah.

Off to bed, I go. Check out the beauty diaries of my fellow Makeup Wars sisters!

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  • There’s nothing excessive when it comes to skin care 😉

    • Brittany

      Ah yes…true story. 😉

  • I love reading about your day!! Don’t forget about out little meeting this week!

    • Brittany

      And I already forgot. Thanks for reminding me, mama!

  • Great minds!!! I chose a day to highlight where I wasn’t a product junkie either!

    • Brittany

      LOL!!! Kelllyyyy, I’m serious. I don’t use a lot of stuff. I know. Lame.

  • I love that you go right to the kitchen for your nighttime skincare – so smart!

    • Brittany

      I loooove multi-purpose products.

  • Loved this style post, its always good to see what happens in peoples day to day lives :)

    Frankie Boo Blog

    • Brittany


  • EVERYONE needs coconut oil!

    • Brittany


  • You’ve got a streamlined routine that works for you–good job!

    • Brittany

      Thanks honey!

  • Coconut oil is a necessity! I do like the eye cream I’ve been using. It’s ultra moisturizing and cruelty free. Dr. Denese HydroShield Eye Serum

    • Brittany

      Coolness. I’ll check that out!

  • I JUST got some coconut oil in the mail! Cant wait to try it!

  • I like that you keep it simple. I wish I could get over the smell of coconut oil. I know it has so many uses.