Rejoice! Fashion Fair Has Made A Comeback!

So. What do you know what the brand Fashion Fair? And if you tell me that you’ve never heard of the brand, I’m going to freak out. Because…really? Actually, no. I’ll kind of understand because there aren’t that many higher end cosmetic lines developed with the brown woman in mind. I was sent these recently launched products and I couldn’t wait to feature them!

Fashion Fair

I vividly remember Fashion Fair’s iconic pink packaging from back in the day. While their counters were never bustling out of control like some of the other brands, Fashion Fair continued to provide brown women with products fit for us. A few years ago, the cosmetic line went through some rebranding and they are BACK…and better than ever.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics
With slick new packaging and gorgeous formulas and shades, I’m really going to have to keep an eye out on Fashion Fair. They are doing some big thangs and I want to know about it!

Fashion Fair Livid

Their range of eye shadows ($14/ea) are slim but they seem to cover the basics with neutrals, greys and blacks and other shades that can produce a mean smokey eye. I love everything about the shade Livid. This darkened lavender has a satin finish that applies beautifully to the skin.

Fashion Fair swatch

Sweet, right? I’m going to crank out a look using this shadow!

Fashion Fair Bold Lash mascara

In the mascara department, Fashion Fair has Bold Lash Mascara ($16.50) and I’ll do a separate review on that. My first impressions are positive though as the wand looks like it can do some major lash lifting. A good week’s worth of testing will confirm this.

Fashion Fair foundation
I hated that the True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation ($28) wasn’t in my shade but the good news is, Fashion Fair is giving us 18 shades to chose from. Yassss!! I’m going to drop by my nearest Fashion Fair counter to see which shade matches me because I am dying to see how well this foundation works. I love that it is free from oil, parabens and fragrances.

Fashion Fair Illuminating Powder broken

Good Illuminating Powders are hard to come by. And while she arrived to me smashed into pieces, I am going to find a way to repair her again and use the heck out of this Sun Soleil powder. It looks to be quite fitting for my complexion and reasonably priced at $29.

Fashion Fair lipstick
Girl. You knowwww I love a good red lipstick. I’ve been tangoing with IMAN Cosmetics’ Scandalous for quite some time but Seduction may take the cake. Fashion Fair seems to do darn well on the lipstick front. They have so many shades and they go for $16/ea).

Fashion Fair body kit

Fashion Fair skincare

Something I didn’t expect to see from them were skincare products. They have a ton for both face and body. Their Moisturizing Body Kits ($39) make for great gifts and with the combination of a body butter and body oil, it really is a nice value for a higher end brand. Plus, I found the fragrances to be mild, yet obvious without being overwhelming.

Hellooooo. Where have I been? Why didn’t I know more about Fashion Fair’s awesomeness? Why didn’t y’all tell me? They are certainly on my radar now and I plan to feature a lot more of their products in the future.


Any Fashion Fair fans in the house? What’s your favorite product by them?

  • I remember Fashion Fair as the brand my grandmother used…kind of nice to see them come back re branded with quality products. I’ll have to check them out!

    • Brittany

      I know! I think everyone’s Grandma was all over this brand. Haha.

  • pauline

    Please post some swatches and photos of the Fashion Fair collection. They need a rebirth. It is so hard to find info online about them.

    • Brittany

      I will! I want to do a good feature at the nearest counter here in Orlando.

  • Joanna

    Their foundation and lipstick! Especially their lipstick :)

    • Brittany

      Yessss! They’ve got some amazing goodies!

  • This line sounds super fantastic! I may need to get ahold of that shadow!

    • Brittany

      Such a pretty purple, right?

  • That eyeshadow looks so great!

    • Brittany

      It’s a gorgeous purple, isn’t it?

  • This eyeshadow shade looks gorgeous!

  • I love how pigmented that eyeshadow looks!

  • I worked at Macy’s for a whole two weeks before I got fed up and left but one of my favorite things was to swatch the eyeshadows from Fashion Fair on my break. The pigmentation was amazing.

    • Brittany

      Not way! I worked at and left Macy’s within weeks too!!!