LORAC Pro Palette 2…love, love LOVE!

LORAC Pro Palette 2

I know. That’s pretty much the craziest blog title ever but hey, sometimes keepin’ it simple is easiest. And simply put, I am so in love with LORAC’s Pro Palette 2. I did a post of their original PRO Palette back in 2012 and yes, while I still think it was great, LORAC is giving us richer shades and spectacular eyeshadow formula.

LORAC Pro Palette 2 outside

We’re seeing similar shades from the previous palettes but I am loving the the inclusion of the rich Navy and Plum. Seems simple but I don’t know, those additions alone, to me make the palette far more smokey eye friendly.

Closer looks of the shades…

LORAC Pro Palette 2 lighter shades

LORAC Pro Palette 2 shades


Comparisons of the 2 palettes with PRO 2 palette on top…

LORAC Pro palettes

The palette is available for purchase at Ulta.com and I’m pretty sure it will head to the physical stores soon and maybe Sephora? Either way, I think it’ll be a big hit for those that don’t have the original PRO palette. Is it a necessity for those of us that already have that one? Well, c’mon…I’m a beauty blogger.

LORAC Pro Palette 2 packaging

I can find ways to justify many purchases. But in all seriousness, I think this palette is definitely more versatile than the first PRO palette so yeah…you beautiful people can draw your own conclusions.

LORAC Pro Palette 2 on brown girl

Not a bad look using Cool Gray a base, right? I did a video of this baby. I am still so impressed with myself, y’all. Last year I think I did one…maybe TWO videos. This year already I’ve done NINE! Heyyyyy!


Think you’ll grab this palette or naw?

  • I am lusting after this new palette from Lorac and you are making me want it more, but I must wait since I just ordered the neutral matte palette from Viseart. I adore the look you created!

    • Brittany

      Isn’t it fabulous? And yeah girl, I totally get you…no need to order this if you’ve already got something fantastic on the way. :)

  • Kelly

    BBBB!!! a few notes for ya:

    1. that navy? gorge!
    2. we dont’ have cable either but i’ve been entertaining myself with the following shows:

    Orphan Black (amazon prime)
    Covert Affairs (amazon prime)
    Sherlock Holmes (i think amazon? this is more my husband’s jam)
    White Collar (netflix)
    Downton Abbey (again, more my husband’s jam)
    House of Cards (netflix)

    hope those help!!

    • Brittany

      So what’s this Orphan Black thing? I’ve heard soooo many people talk about it I’m making a list. Thank you, thank you! And girl, I have finally watched House of Cards. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEASON 3!!!!

  • What a great palette! And I’m loving that look. :) (Although, I think I need more coffee, because I read “smokey eye friendly” as “smoker eye friendly”! LOL)

    • Brittany

      Bahahaaaa! You scared me for a minute. I wrote this post while sleep deprived and thought that I made an error. HA! Get your coffee, mama.

  • This one is right up my alley, I love cooler shadows.

    • Brittany

      Me too!! I feel like you can do so much more with this palette than with the first one.

  • Definitely on my list!!

  • Those shades are so drool worthy! That navy shade catches my eye every time.

    • Brittany

      I knowww!! It was that shade that sold me on the palette. HA!

  • Mine just arrived in the mail–so glad you like it so much, I need to dig in and try mine!

    • Brittany

      Yaaaaay! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • Mai

    I was a little wary of the palette when I first heard about it but I’m happy they included the Plum and Navy, it really makes the palette stand apart from the original!

    • Brittany

      Right? Without those 2, it would really be just like the Original.

  • Oooh that palette! I could think of a billion ways to use it!

    • Brittany

      I know, girlfriend. It is definitely a gem.

  • Hey, Miss B! I love that this palette has neutrals AND brights.

    • Brittany

      I knowwww. You’ve got to get it!

  • I’ve been meaning to pick this up. The first one is one of my all time favs and I think I like the shades in this one even more!

    • Brittany

      Aren’t they lovely? I can’t get enough of this palette.

  • I’m about to become your Lorac Pro 2 twin! Lovely palette and I love the look you did.

    • Brittany

      Yaaaay! I can’t wait to see your review of this!

  • I so need this ASAP. It looks amazingness!!! Love everything about it!!!

  • I own 1, but I definitely like the looks of 2.

  • Great review. I was on the fence about this palette but now that I’ve watched your video I may add it to the list.

    • Brittany


  • Looks versatile but it is a NAW for me, I have about 30 palettes I need to get through and love my neutrals more than anything.

    • Brittany

      Oh come on, sister. You can never have too many palettes. Says the girl with too many palettes. 😉

  • I need this not at all, but you’re right about those top 4 shades pulling me in! That navy is calling, calling to me. I’ll see if I can hold out until Ulta puts out one of those coupons that can be used on Prestige products!

    • Brittany

      You know you’re a budget shopper when you try to buy this palette using one of their non-prestige coupons. So yeah, I totally get it. Ha!

  • I just wish it had a darker matte brown!

    • Brittany

      I knowwww! Why oh why would they leave that out????

  • i have this and i absolutely loooove it

  • It’s a shame I don’t even have the original palette. I’ve been lemming this Pro 2 so bad so I may cave in soon!

  • I need it in my life!

    • Brittany

      Yep, you do!

  • Fantastic palette. Love the look you created.

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • I need this palette so bad. I have #1 and it’s a holy grail for me. I have it in my shopping cart but waiting on a deal. lol

  • Yeah! If I had the moolah I would totally pick that up. Not only are the shades pretty, but I really like LORAC shadows! You look amazing in that purple shade!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • I liked this one better than the first as well! I can’t get enough of it!

  • Want, want, want!

  • You know, I totally dig this new palette! I love the colors more than in the first version.

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