Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick…whooooa!

I’ve been wanting to buy Too Faced’s Melted lipsticks forever. I tried to ignore them. I told myeslf that I would hardly use them and that they weren’t really THAT unique.

Too Faced Melted

I lied to myself. And last weekend, I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. I was trying to be modest and hoard them all but really it was the Melted Fuchsia that called my name. Have you girls tried it? Ohmigoooodness.

Too Faced Melted Fuchsia
I’m pretty sure this shade will look gorgeous on just about anyone who wears it. It is indeed a very BRIGHT fuchsia but it somehow flatters me as it has nice blue undertones. And as all of the reviews have claimed, these Melted thingies wear very well. Do yourself a favor and exfoliate your lips if you find them cracking. These babies tend to seep into every crack and crease. The smell reminds me of Play-Doh but it doesn’t bother me. Honestly, I’ll take Play-Doh scents any day over floral or vanilla scents.


Too Faced said that these lippies should have “the shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick.” Very interesting concept and one that I don’t think I’ve heard of before. The applicator has makes applying it easy.

Too Faced Melted applicator

I was shocked at how opaque this is, but that’s a good thing! It feels very light on the lips and really does last for quite some time. If you’re eating and manage to wipe your mouth, you will likely wipe off the color but yep, you’re left with just a little bit of staining.

It does surprisingly well and I’m trying to figure out which bill I shouldn’t pay so that I can buy some of these babies. Haha! Just kidding.


Seriously, though…at $21 they aren’t cheap but they are so worth the price and I don’t think I’ve come across a lip product that has gotten me THIS excited in soooo long. So yeah, girl. I’ll be wearing this lippy foreeeeeever.

Have you tried Too Faced’s Melted lippies yet? Check ’em out here.


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  • Kristy

    Love the melted violet. Haven’t tried the new colors yet!

    • Brittany

      I want the Violet so bad! It’s next on my list.

  • Kristina

    Oh yes! I only have one but it was so hard for me to choose between this and melted candy! Fuchsia looks great on you~

    • Brittany

      I’m thinking we need both. 😉 XOXO

  • gio

    Not sure about the scent, but the colours looks gorgeous! Love it!

    • Brittany

      Haha, Play-Doh not your thing?

  • Phyrra

    I don’t notice a scent with them, but my nose isn’t the best. I do love all the colors <3 I love you in fuchsia. Fuchsia and purple are my favorite on you

    • Brittany

      Thanks honey! I can’t wait to get the purp on my hands :)

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  • Tara

    It looks gorgeous on you! I am convinced: Fuchsia is the bright shade that everyone can wear and look beautiful in. It’s fun while being so flattering! I am so in love with the Melted lippies! LOVE! That dreamy formula! *swoon* I am in the process of collecting every single color. 😀 I need them all but the beautiful brights like Fuchsia, Candy, and Violet are first in line! <3

    • Brittany

      I agree! Fucshia is for everyone. Violet and Candy are next on my list, too!

  • Rebecca

    That’s a great color on you :)